40+ Exciting Backyard Activities for Toddlers

40+ Exciting Backyard Activities for Toddlers

What toddler doesn't love swinging in the backyard? | www.sahmplus.com

Who says toddler entertainment has to be difficult?  Though parenting toddlers isn’t an easy job, break up the monotony with these fabulous backyard activities for toddlers.

It has been said that  the most important years in a child’s life are the first 3 years.  These early years, especially the first five, are when your baby’s brain develops most rapidly.  As the parent of a toddler, this means you’re going to want to instill good habit early on.  The habits you’re likely to want your toddler to learn are likely healthy eating, visiting the library and reading, and instilling a love for the outdoors.

Playing outdoors isn’t solely about having fun, but teaching your children to stay active, healthy and fit.  For that reason, you may want to encourage your child to play outdoors if you’re not already doing so.

If you want to increase your toddler’s appreciation for the outdoors (and do more than simply taking a walk), check out these popular backyard activities for toddlers.  You’ll find you have nearly unlimited options at your disposal to keep you and your toddler from being tired of playing outside (unless you’re in Florida, when it’s often too hot to play outside).   This is mainly because toddlers are easy to please (unless they’re in one of their moods).  This means that whatever backyard activity you organize, your toddler will likely enjoy it.

Keep in mind, though, toddlers aren’t unlike adults and older children.  They can get bored with the same activities.  To prevent this from happening, arm yourself with a wide range of different backyard activities your toddler can try.

Toddler with bubbles - great outdoor activity for toddlers

Backyard Activities for Toddlers

Outdoor activities for toddlers are some of my favorite activities.  We should all be spending more time outdoors anyway, right?  So why not start your little ones learning to entertain outside in their own backyards?

Swing Sets

What toddler doesn't love swinging in the backyard? | www.sahmplus.com

I don’t know many toddlers who don’t enjoy swinging!  Both of my kids thoroughly enjoyed being pushed in a swing for way longer than I liked standing in one place.

Swing sets come in all different sizes and styles. Most swing sets don’t usually just come with swings.  Many come with slides, monkey bars, and more, which makes purchasing a play set the perfect investment in regular backyard activities for toddlers and beyond! Because of the variety of sizes or styles, you can get something on a budget or spend lots of money on something elaborate.

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What toddler doesn’t like splashing in a pool?  Okay, maybe there’s a few, but I bet most love a good splash or swim in the pool.  That’s not to say you even have to have a full-sized pool in your backyard.  Swimming and splashing in a kiddie pool is a great choice in backyard activities for toddlers, plus it’s generally safe under supervision.

Aside from swimming and splashing, add some bonus pool accessories like swim rings, beach balls, or small floating toys to encourage gross and fine motor activities in your toddler.


Digging in the sandbox is a great backyard activity for toddlers

I bet your toddler loves playing in the sand!  This is something I generally can’t keep either of my kids away from for any length of time.

Playing in sand is not only a wonderful sensory experience for toddlers, but it’s great to help them develop other skills, like cause and effect.  The great part about sandboxes is that they can be relatively inexpensive (as well as the sand to put in them).

As with anything else, sandboxes can also be more elaborate and expensive.

Plus, you can purchase a variety of sandbox toys to mix up the play every time.

Other Backyard Activities for Toddlers

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Don’t forget to make local friends and set up group play dates with other toddlers.  As much as your toddler may have fun playing with you, it helps to give them opportunities to play with other children as well.  Set up a group play date and incorporate one of these backyard activities for toddlers to help your toddler hone in on his social skills as well.

If you are looking for additional toddler-friendly outdoor activities or supplies, you may be able to find what you need online or at one of your local retail stores. For an affordable price, you should be able to find bubbles, water balloons, kites, balls, and t-ball equipment. These items may help to create a fun, but memorable backyard experience for your toddler.

Do you have any other backyard activities for toddlers?

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