7 of Best Birthday Parties That Come to You

Ahh, the kiddie birthday party circuit. Year after year it runs the gamut from bouncy houses to a crowded table at some entertainment center with lots of noise and people. If you’re looking for something a little different, consider having unique party entertainment come to you. Whether it’s a petting zoo or the most bubbles you’ve ever seen, this will be the year your guests remember. We’ve found our favorite mobile birthday parties in Dallas-Fort Worth, so keep reading to see them all.

photo: Gabby Cullen

The Bubble Truck 

You’ll get one hour of the most amazing bubble fun to be had. Colored bubbles, games, and, for an extra price, unicorn bubble squirt guns! 

Find out more: bubbletruck.com

Kona Ice

Ideal for a hot summer or fall day, have the Kona Ice truck come to your bash! Kids can choose from 10 flavors and mixing is a must! 

Find out more: kona-ice.com

Oba Farms Petting Zoo

Have the farm delivered to you! They have plenty of different packages, but no matter what, you’ll get 10 animals for kids to pet and feed. 

Find out more: mobile-petting-zoo.weebly.com

photo: Courtesy Camp Crafty

Camp Crafty 

Dallas native and owner Lilly Neubauer will bring everything you need for fun and creative crafts like name bracelets, rock painting, sunglasses or even embroidery for tweens.

Find out more: campcraftyparties.com

DFW Ice Cream 

An ice cream truck that’s just for your party? Yes, please! It doesn’t matter if you pick a cart of the classic truck, you’ll be able to treat your guests to classic ice cream bars and treats. 

Find out more: dfwicecream.com

Game Truck Party

This fun party truck is a gamer’s dream. Choose between laser lag or a video game theater that arrives right in your driveway. 

Find out more: gametruckparty.com/north-dallas, gametruckparty.com/north-tarrant-county 

Pamper Me Cute

If your kiddo wants a spa party, Pamper Me Cute is the way to go! You can choose to have a spa party or a glitz and glam party, and they even do sleepovers! 

Find out more: pampermecute.com