Going for the Liquid Gold: Willow Sends Breast Pumps to Olympic Athletes

Here’s another reason to get pumped for Tokyo. To support breastfeeding during the Olympic Games, Willow has offered to send the brand’s Generation 3 wearable breast pump to Olympic athletes, coaches, training staff and onsite support.

Although organizers of Tokyo’s events had banned athletes’ families from attending the Games due to Covid-19 safety protocols, they’ve now made an exception for Olympic participants with nursing children. In response, Willow is offering to send them the pump and has made this their message: Being a breastfeeding mother and a world-class athlete do NOT need to be mutually exclusive.

Athletes and other busy moms love the hands-free technology and full mobility of this wearable pump. The Willow all-in-one breast pump fits inside your bra with no external tubes, cords or bottles, so it’s great for on-the-go, even if where you’re going is the Olympics!

The pump is spill-proof in any position, so you can lie down, bend over, jump on a Zoom call, tend to kids or train for your Olympic sport while pumping that liquid gold. Check out the Willow breast pump on their website and learn more about their generous Olympics offer on this Instagram post.

—Eva Ingvarson Cerise

Featured image courtesy of Willow


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