MDW 2021

Hello. My Memorial Day Weekend was pretty low-key and close to home…like most of my holidays over the last few years if I’m not in Florida with my family. I did get to spend some wonderful quality time with Finn and my friends which is something that I’m very grateful for.

Overall, I was feeling a lot of low-level anxiety this weekend about house and work stuff. My HVAC unit hasn’t really worked great since I bought my house last August and I found out Friday that I need to replace the whole system. I also discovered today that I think Finn’s tub upstairs is leaking into the downstairs ceiling so a call to the plumber is in order tomorrow. Taking a deep breath and taking it in stride but worrisome nonetheless. I always try to be real here and some holiday weekends are just…okay.

That being said, I really did try to make the most of it. <3


homeland creamery

Finn and I were up bright and early on Friday morning to drive about 100 miles to Julian, NC to tour Homeland Creamery for a partnership that I’m doing with the National Dairy Council. I woke up that morning to my AC not working on a 90 degree day so much of my drive there and back was on the phone with HVAC companies and my parents. Once I got home, the whole afternoon was spent dealing with that situation.

The good news is that Finn and I had such a lovely visit to Homeland Creamery that I’m excited to share with you in future blog and social media posts. I guess it’s also good news that I’m the proud new owner of a new, energy efficient HVAC unit that is being installed next week and hopefully will give me zero troubles for many years to come.

Finn was so wiped out from our morning activities that he fell asleep on the couch while I was working with the HVAC guy. I had to wake him up at 4p!

After a trip to Wal-Mart for some needed household supplies, Finn and I spent Friday night on the couch snuggling and relaxing with a movie.


We had a slow start to our Saturday and then hit the pool around 11a for some swimming and playing before nap time. I joined a neighborhood swim club a few months ago because it’s less than half a mile from my house and I knew that given Finn’s activity level and love for water and being outside that it would be a great way to entertain him this summer. So far he loves it and I do too! It’s so relaxed, family friendly and not fancy…and I love that!

Finn took a solid nap after the pool and then we headed over to my friend Patti’s house for a late afternoon hangout. She and I did yoga teacher training together 10 years ago and are still friends to this day. Her children are grown but she and her husband were amazing hosts to me and Finn. We played in their backyard, visited a neighborhood playground and then came back to their house for snacks and more games inside. Finn was beside himself with happiness over all the activities and attention.


bob Revolution stroller running

After three days in a row of zero workouts (not even walking) I was determined to MOVE MY BODY on Sunday morning. I psyched Finn up with snacks, cars and books for a stroller run and got 4.5 much-needed miles in. He doesn’t love the stroller on the regular these days which makes it tough to get out for runs or the walks with the dogs that used to be our everyday routine.

One of the most challenging things about single motherhood has been workouts. They are always the first thing to go and it’s been a huge (and good) lesson in letting go for me. I used to be able to at least count on a daily walk but at this age/stage I sometimes go days without any kind of “real” workout. I try to be as active as I can with Finn at the playground, pool, park, etc. but my mind misses the workouts more than anything else.

Dorie organized a last-minute cookout on Sunday afternoon at her house. Finn had a blast!

charcuterie board

I have to take a moment to brag on the food because it was so insanely delicious. We started with a cheese and charcuterie spread that Dorie’s daughter put together.

grilled shrimp

The main protein was grilled shrimp with the most delicious garlic herb butter sauce.

healthy cookout

I roasted a ton of veggies (onions, peppers, carrots, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, squash, zucchini, eggplant and broccoli) and we also had a mango avocado salad and a quinoa chickpea salad.

Here’s my plate of the mains + there was a second round of this and many trips to the charcuterie spread.

jen eddins peanut butter runner

Such a lovely evening with my two best friends (Virginia was there too – in town from med school) and my boy.


Finn and I lounge and snuggled in bed until around 8a. After breakfast and some house stuff, I had a babysitter come and watch Finn while I taught my normal Monday 10:30a class (our nanny took the day off). I am glad that I decided to teach and not get a sub because class was busy and really great. So many small and promising glimpses that we will get back to pre-pandemic yoga one day soon.

I made lunch for Finn when I got home and then he informed me he was ready for his nap. He certainly was because he slept for almost two hours. After his nap we baked chocolate chip cookies and then went for a nature walk.

nature walk

We visited the trails that I used to frequent daily when I was pregnant and Finn was a baby. We walked two miles together and heard woodpeckers and crickets, saw a family of deer crossing the trail grazing for their dinner and looked for dinosaurs.. It was perfect.

I spent a lot of time today reflecting on what service means to me. I was moved to tears by some of the posts I read on Instagram and I feel immense gratitude for those who were courageous enough to give their life for our country and our freedom. I am committed to serving my community with the gifts and means that I have to offer, and to helping light the path for others to do the same.

I am typing this post in the dark with a snuggly three-year-old next to me who was having a hard time settling down tonight. So much of life is out of our control, including getting a three year old to close their eyes and go to sleep, haha. I am continually making an effort to refocus myself toward the good, the abundance, the hope, the love and all the freedom that I have to use those things. It will all work out exactly how it’s supposed to as long as I keep showing up and trying my best in the moment.


How was your Memorial Day weekend? Did you travel? Did you stay close to home? Did you have travel plans? 

What homeownership headache, improvements or projects have you dealt with recently? 

How are you feeling right now? 

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