Midsummer Bible Bundle FREEBIE and GIVEAWAY!

Midsummer Bible Bundle FREEBIE and GIVEAWAY!

This week a slew of Bible bloggers got together and are offering a Midsummer Bible Bundle, and there are some amazing things in here. To go with that, I’ve put together a giveaway that goes perfectly with my Bible lessons. So keep reading and see all the awesome goodies.

Creation Story Bundle giveaway

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What’s in the Midsummer Bible Bundle?

There are two aspects for this. First, every contributor included a free or greatly reduced cost item. You can find it all by heading over to the Midsummer Bible Bundle.

  • Fruit of the Spirit lesson (always a great lesson to review with kids)
  • Sermon notes for kids (I LOVE this! So useful right now during the quarantine)
  • ABC Scripture Memory cards (26 verses to memorize with your kids)
  • Abraham Chosen lesson (this is a fun unit)
  • Integrity Escape Room (I’m totally downloading this)
  • Psalms 1 little kids Bible study (so cool)
  • Summer kids ministry games (I wonder if I can adapt any of these to youth group?)
  • Fun in the Son Bible verses (always good to find new ways to learn Bible studies)
  • Russian Easter celebration (ooohhhh, this is cool, I love seeing how different cultures learn about God)
  • Books of the Bible cards (this is mine, as you know, it’s free once you sign up for my newsletter)
  • How has God prepared you for the Coronavirus (great if you’re teaching virtual Sunday School)
  • Psalms 2 Bible study (another Psalm Bible study, great to get)
  • Fruit of the Spirit lesson plan (another great idea for this Bible lesson)
  • Road to Salvation poster (oh this could be great to hang in a Sunday School classroom)
  • A Perfect Tree (a cute Nativity story, perfect to save for Christmas)
  • 20 Day gentleness and self-control verse calendar (this would be perfect for a child struggling with self-control right now)
  • Printable scripture study guides (I’m always on the lookout for another Bible study)
  • Men of the Bible game (I love using games for review, and this could be fun to play with)
  • Moses lesson and file folder games (Moses is always a popular topic on my blog)

That’s quite a lot of free or almost free material you can get. I suggest clicking through to Midsummer Bible Bundle and see which fit your teaching style and your kids. I see a couple I want to pick up even though I’m no longer teaching younger kids.


But wait, there’s more at the Midsummer Bible Bundle

Days of Creation Bundle for Sunday School or Children's Ministry Genesis

A lot of the people are spotlighting a new product they have. These aren’t free products, but show more of who the blogger is. Some of them are products I’ve used, or I’ve bought similar products from them.

  • Digital Bible Object Lesson Package (I’ve reviewed two books in this series: Walk This Way, and What God is Doing)
  • Bible House Hunt (this would be awesome while stuck in quarantine)
  • 12 lesson set on the Apostles, Ruth, Christmas, and Holy Week (I’ve used a couple of her crafts in several lessons: Jesus walks on water, and Jairus’ daughter I think)
  • Psalms 1 Inductive Bible study (I love inductive Bible study)
  • 4 Week series on building faith (it’s always fun to see teachers using pop culture to teach the Bible)
  • Encouraging Bible verses posters (I love printable mini-posters I can use)
  • Days of Creation Bundle (this is mine, and that’s what my Bible study giveaway is)
  • Scripture memory cards (always helpful for kids)
  • Fruit of the Spirit workbook (always great to send home for kids to keep learning at home)
  • Caroling Through the Psalms (okay this is such a cool idea)
  • Remain in Me Bible study (an extension of her freebie on the Fruit of the Spirit)
  • Esther a Woman of Courage lapbook (lapbooks can be such a great way for people to learn)
  • 24 Preschool Bible lessons, 12 from Old Testament and 12 from New Testament (She’s made some amazing Bible at home packs, I highly encourage you check this out)


My first Creation Story Unit for kids giveaway

A few weeks ago I finally finished all of my Days of Creation lesson ideas, which led to the Days of Creation Bundle.

Included in that bundle you’ll find:

That is my first giveaway. Someone, anywhere in the world can win that bundle.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

My Second Bible Study for Kids giveaway

Creation Story unit supplies giveaway

There are a lot of materials you need to put together all of these fun Creation Story activities. This giveaway is only for the Continental United States because I’m mailing a lot of stuff.

In the box you’ll find:

  • cardstock, so you can print off those board games
  • jello (for a couple of the activities)
  • printable shrink drink paper
  • popsicle sticks
  • play dough
  • paint and paintbrushes
  • glue stick
  • material for the Creation sensory bin or Creation story bag, various toys and pom poms
  • food dye

a Rafflecopter giveaway

put together the Creation story unit with this fun giveaway


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