10 Space Saving RV Accessories Under $100

10 Space Saving RV Accessories Under $100

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These Space Saving Products Are Both Useful and Affordable

Real estate in your RV is always prime space. Here are a few space saving gadgets we recommend to free up space in your closets, kitchen, bathrooms, and more. Plus, these items are all affordable and under $100!

1. Space saving hangers ($25, Amazon)

I like these space saving hangers because they are not only slim, leaving more room in your closets, but they also have non-slip edges. This design is perfect for keeping your clothes on the hangers while you are moving down the road with your RV. They are also plastic, which makes them lightweight, so you are not adding more weight with each piece of clothing you need to hang up. You get 30 to a pack, which is just about right for your RV closet space too.

2. Fridge egg tray (About $32, Amazon)

This fridge egg tray is a neat product because it will slip directly onto any existing fridge shelf. It is nice because it lets you buy a dozen eggs and still have some place to put them, even when you still have a few eggs left from your last dozen. It also keeps eggs from banging around in bins when you are traveling. And it doesn’t take up precious fridge shelf space.

3. Shoe rack organizer (About $59, Amazon)

This space saving organizer isn’t just for shoes. It is a convenient piece; you can rearrange the shape and size, plus you can store anything in the bins. I like it because you can lay the organizer on its back and put it under your RV bed (if you have one that raises up for underbed storage).

This keeps all your shoes or other items separated and easy to find. Plus, the closing individual lids keep items from shifting and spilling out. And you can add labels to the covers so everything is easy to find. In addition, it doesn’t require any special tools. You just snap it together and start using it.

4. Magnetic knife holder (About $26, Amazon)

People have told me this isn’t safe, but I have used my magnetic knife holder for over two years and I find it much safer than filling a drawer with knives I need to reach into. I just put my knives and scissors with the hilts up, blades down. I push them down the magnetic holder until the hilt touches the top of the holder. They never move, fall, or shift during our RV rides.

This magnetic knife holder frees up drawer and counter space when you don’t use other space-hogging holders. You just need to make sure you find a sturdy wall to attach it to. The magnetic holder is also good for tools; just put the handles up, not down.

5. Magnetic spice rack (About $26, Amazon)

I love my spice rack! I keep spices on the front of my fridge and they don’t shift at all. I have 12 on each door and this keeps my most used spices easily on hand. They are easier to find instead of trying to dig through the cabinets.

The spice rack has individual labels you can put right on front and clear windows on each spice holder so it is easy to identify the spice. It also saves me space in my cabinets. I’ve been using them for about three years and they have put no scratches on the fridge either.

6. Wall mounted desk (About $100, Amazon)

This desk is great because you can put it away if you are not using it and save space. But even when it is not in use, you have a usable chalkboard space for menus, grocery lists, etc. Also, it closes nicely and keeps supplies inside and safely tucked away.

You can also put this desk over a bed so you can fold it out and use it as a desktop from your bed. Just look for a sturdy wall to anchor it to.

7. Wall mounted shoe rack (About $24, Amazon)

This isn’t just any shoe rack. You can mount this rack on the inside of a cabinet (or other storage doors) to hang tools, clean rags, and maybe even shoes. This rack can also create hidden storage under your bed or on the inside of your closet doors (just make sure the depth is right for the screws, so they don’t stick out the other side).

8. Drying rack (About $27, Amazon)

This rack has so many uses!  It is made of stainless steel, so it is still lightweight but can handle heavy objects. Roll it out over a sink and you can place items on it to drip dry into the sink. You can also use this rack to expand your counter space by putting it over open spaces between shelves or counters. (Just turn the metal rods the right way for support).

The rack rolls up nicely and stores small, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space when you are not using it. Also, use it as a trivet to let items cool off or defrost foods on it quickly because air can circulate.

9. Collapsible silicone (About $12, Amazon)

Anything made with silicone is very lightweight, so you aren’t adding extra weight to the RV. And anything you can get that is collapsible will save you lots of space.

There are collapsible silicone measuring cups, spoons, drying racks, laundry baskets, bowls, strainers, funnels, and the list goes on. Even if it isn’t collapsible, silicone baking dishes can remove weight from your RV. If you are thinking of replacing an item that takes up space in your RV, consider a collapsible version.

10. Clip-on table tray (About $30, Amazon)

Don’t have room for an end table or a coffee table? I don’t either! But this little table makes it easy to have a drink and a snack on your sofa. Or use it to keep your remote or reading glasses close by. The hinges on this tray will let you adjust to several arms sizes. You can also set it on your bed and use it as a little dinner tray. Just put a pillow under it and secure the hinges around the pillow.

The legs fold up under the tray so you can store it away under or beside your bed (or sofa) when it is not in use. You don’t have to move it to travel either.

I hope you enjoy some of these space saving gadgets. I know they have made my life a lot easier and roomier without a lot of cost involved.

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