10 Valuable Winter Storage Ideas You Need On Chilly Days

10 Valuable Winter Storage Ideas You Need On Chilly Days

Winter storage need not be a problem. With these ingenious ideas, you’ll see that you can definitely win over winter when it comes to minimizing clutter and mess and maximizing your storage space!

Winter Storage Ideas To Up Your Organization Game

Mess-Free Home With These Winter Storage Ideas

Organizing clutter and evaluating our storage strategy is a constant—we are always adapting to our ever-changing lifestyles and schedules, like the demands of a new school year or the crazy tumult of the holidays. Winter is just another time for us to take stock of how our household reacts to the season of bulky winter coats, wet and dirty boots, and errant mittens taking over the whole house.

Luckily, we are always up to the challenge of finding the best way to store and keep our winter clothing, lest we get overrun! Here are some great ideas I’ve found. I hope they inspire you to tackle your winter storage dilemma.

1. Boot Storage With Built In Bench

modern-mudroom-interior-new-home | Small storage ideas for home

There’s always another way to maximize your mudroom! You can fit your winter shoes into the space beneath the built-in bench. It’s a no-brainer and a breeze to make.

2. Clear Plastic Shoe Organizer

Yet another reason why you need to stock up on a clear plastic shoe organizer. These little pockets are everything! Hung up inside a cabinet door or in your mudroom, you and your family can easily stash away scarves, hats, and gloves while still keeping them visible.

3. DIY Coat Rack

close-coat-rack-modern-home | Home storage ideas for winter

How cute is this? But it’s also pretty useful—clip up your mittens and scarves and hang the whole rack near the door, so everything you need is a grab away as you head out the door on cold mornings.

4. DIY Under The Bed Organizer

Try mounting old drawers on casters to store all your sweaters and winter coats. This way, they’re rolled away and out of sight beneath your bed, but ready to be thrown on once the air starts getting crisp and chilly.

5. Drip Tray For Shoes

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s melted snow and mud getting tracked all over my clean kitchen floor! Avoid the hassle with this pretty and functional DIY drip tray.

It’s so easy to make you’ll probably end up making one for each member of the family (now there’s an idea—why not personalize it?)

6. Magazine Rack Behind Door

If you have kids who constantly leave mittens and hats everywhere, consider giving them a “dump zone” by way of this wire magazine rack mounted inside the hall closet. They’ll never lose anything—how’s that for amazingly useful winter storage?

7. Pool Noodles In Boots

Good-quality leather boots are an investment. Make sure you keep yours in tip-top shape ready to take on the harsh weather outside by storing them properly. Cut a pool noodle to size and use them to maintain your boots’ structure.

8. Tights Or Scarves On A Hanger

hanger-beautiful-scarves-on-white-background | Home storage ideas

Sometimes the best winter storage hacks are the simplest: Have you ever considered knotting your scarves and tights this way on a large hanger? Pull it out from the back of your closet when winter comes and you have your entire collection within arm’s reach.

9. Old Crates As Boot Storage

If you're into the rustic look and recycling is your thing, why not assemble old crates into a functional shoe storage system that's full of vintage vibe?

Bonus: Old beverage crates with compartments work for scarves, too!

10. Upcycled Can Mudroom Storage

knitted-cup-holder-woolen-yarn-ball | Home storage

Large empty cans get a new life as mudroom storage center! When mounted on the wall, they become great little cubbies perfect for storing anything like crocheted headwear and other snow gear.

Aren't all of these winter storage ideas so easily DIY-able? I hope these ideas help you keep your cool despite the stress and mess of the cold weather season! There's no reason to dread the dreary weather because you have all the clutter under control.

Which winter storage idea do you need in your home right now? Let me know in the comment section below.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on January 26, 2017, updated for quality and relevancy.

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