10 Ways to Decorate Your Home by Reusing Old Items

10 Ways to Decorate Your Home by Reusing Old Items

Decorating your new home or updating the design of an old one can seem like an expensive affair. You may find yourself drooling over beautifully decorated rooms on TV, magazines, and Pinterest only to discover that the design comes with a hefty price tag. Fortunately, there are many ways to amp up the style of your space without breaking the bank. Here are some ways to reuse old times and turn them into beautiful (and functional) pieces of decor.

1. Old Maps to Creative Storage Boxes

image ©  pexels

image © pexels

The rise of GPS may have rendered old maps obsolete as a navigation tool. But they can still be used to add a creative twist to your home decor. Old shoe boxes are a great way to add extra storage space to any room in the house. Amp up this storage solution by wrapping the shoe boxes in old maps. 

2. Binder Clips to Fridge Art

image ©  unsplash

image © unsplash

Add some personality to your kitchen by adding creative art to your fridge. To do this, all you need are some old binder clips, magnetic strips, and your favorite photographs. You can also hang up notepads, mini calendars, to-do lists, and basically anything you want on these clips. Don’t want to hang anything on your fridge? Simply attach the clips on any other plain surface or wall. The design possibilities are endless!

3. Old Newspapers/Magazines to Lamp Shades

image ©  PickPik

image © PickPik

Old newspapers and magazines are a great source for DIY decor pieces. One such project is to use old newspapers to create decoupage lamps. Here is a tutorial to learn about basic decoupage techniques. You can use this technique to decorate the base of the lamp, the shade, or both.

4. Empty Wine Bottles to Art Pieces

image © Marco Verch Professional via  Flickr

image © Marco Verch Professional via Flickr

Empty wine bottles is an item that we all have lying about the house at some point or another. Instead of throwing them away, turn your empty wine bottles into amazing pieces of art. Wine bottle decorations are all the rage right now so get on the bandwagon. Use flexible LED light strips to make your wine bottle decorations really pop.

5. Dresser Drawers to Creative Bookshelf

image ©  PXFuel

image © PXFuel

Updating the decor of your old house doesn’t mean throwing out all your old pieces. For example your old dresser drawers can be turned into an artistic bookshelf. You can use paint and other design ideas to really bring the bookshelf to life. Here is how you can replicate this design for your home.

6. Old Boots to Charming Vases

image ©  PxFuel

image © PxFuel

Have an old pair of boots just lying around your closet? Put them to good use by turning them into charming vases. All you need to do is line your boots with wax paper and fill three quarters with potting soil. Plant your favorite flower (or herb) and then fill the rest of the boot with more potting soil. Add a dash of water and you’re done!

7. Vintage Suitcases to Coffee Table

image © Ian Collins via  Flickr

image © Ian Collins via Flickr

Vintage decor can breathe life into any room design. Use your old suitcases to make artsy coffee tables, side tables, accent pieces, and more. Just stack the suitcases on each other and you’re good to go. For a more bespoke coffee table, follow this tutorial

8. Wooden Ladder to Tower Rack

image ©  Pexels

image © Pexels

This next DIY proves that anything, if used creatively, can be beautiful and functional. If you have an old dusty wooden ladder lying around in your backyard, don’t throw it away. Instead, use it as an artistic towel rack in your bathroom or laundry. This towel rack is perfect for saving space in smaller bathrooms while adding personality to your space.

9. Old Porcelain Plates to Vintage Accent Piece

image ©  PxHere

image © PxHere

Accent pieces are a great way to add color and style to your space. Use old china vases, plates, or even silverware to create accent pieces that bring your space to life. For inspiration, here is The Thrifty Couple’s idea to create artistic glass plate wall art. You can replicate this design or create an accent piece of your own.

10. Old Door to Elegant Headboard

image ©  PeakPx

image © PeakPx

Rustic design never gets old (pun intended!). Bring some of that design into your bedrooms by reclaiming old doors into stylish headboards for your beds. Take a look at how great this 90 year old door looks as a bed frame. You can use aging techniques to bring some of that rustic charm to your doors if they don’t look quiet as worn as you like.

In Conclusion

Decorating or redecorating your house doesn’t have to be an expensive ordeal. All you need to do is put on your creative hats and look at the old items lying around your house with new eyes. Take inspiration from these ideas and more will follow in no time. 

Biography: Sara, an interior designer who loves creating artistic and eclectic spaces for her clients. She has a passion for turning vintage items into modern design pieces for homes and more. In her spare time, Sara likes to travel, read historical fiction, and play with her two dogs. 


cover image © unsplash

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