17 Simple Ideas for Bathroom Organization

Looking for simple bathroom organization ideas? Here are 17 ideas to get the bathroom ready for the new year.

I am in the middle of an organizing whirl.

Is it just me or can anyone else here appreciate the satisfaction of opening up a drawer or a cabinet or closet and seeing piles of stray post-it notes or paper or containers of half-used hand lotion or paper towels.

And after an hour of sorting and rearranging and tossing and cleaning?

That drawer or cabinet or closet looks like it stepped out of a magazine.


It’s just so fulfilling.

I moved to the bathrooms yesterday.

Need a little inspiration to embark on your own satisfying organizing journey.

Here are 17 simple ideas for bathroom organization (my favorite is number 4) .

Bathroom Organization

17 Simple Ideas for Bathroom Organization

1. Find a trash can with a lid

We have one just on the other side of this toilet (it’s kind of shy) and it’s a game-changer.

You just step on the pedal and it lifts up the top. Buddy kept getting into the trash until we came up with these new trash cans that tuck everything away and keep everything nice and neat.

This one has over 40,000 reviews on Amazon.

bathroom organization tips

2. Organize drawers

This is one of my favorite tasks. I just cleared out these drawers in the bathroom.

Here are some simple ideas for drawer organization:

  • take everything out of the drawers first (it’s so much easier to organize if you start with an empty drawer)
  • throw away anything that’s damaged or expired or dried up
  • get rid of duplicates if needed (some I moved to a cabinet for guests)
  • sort items so like is grouped with like (for example– I put toothpaste and toothbrush together and hair brushes and hair clips together)
  • wipe down the drawer and clean all the extra product and dust off the bottom
  • put everything in its place in flexible organizers (these are my favorite that we use all over the house)

how to organize a bathroom

3. Use baskets for storage

Towels and washcloths and extra hand towels are stored in baskets under the sink.

Stacks are added when they are washed.

(total aside: is there anything better than clean-smelling towels fresh out of the dryer?)

Then there’s a towel rack next to the bathtub for used towels to air out and dry.

bathroom organization ideas and tips

4. Sort towels

I went through all the towels in the bathroom and got sorted them into two piles: those that needed to be donated to our local animal shelter and those that could be saved.

For the upstairs bathrooms, I have white towels that are interchangeable between either room.

These are the towels I’ve ordered on repeat (they hold up so well in the wash and feel so fluffy after all this time).

You can see how I organize the linen closet with all the towels here.

I ordered these monogrammed hand towels for the twins’ bathroom and they are SO CUTE and affordable.

Also—one last tip for the bathroom. I was using white washcloths to take off my make-up, but then I stayed at Leslie’s house in Waco and she had the most amazing make-up washcloths that were dark to hide the make-up stains. So I ordered a set of my own.

You can see the make-up remover washcloths I ordered here.

5. Pretty dishes for rings and jewelry

I keep pretty containers by all the sinks to keep rings or jewelry when we are getting ready.

It’s so much easier to apply hand lotion without your rings on.

A pretty soap container is a must, too.

Those were just a few of the ideas I used for this bathroom.

Everything is neat and in its place.

It’s so satisfying.

Here are some other simple ideas I found for bathroom organization

  1. Add over-the-door hooks on the door to hang towels and robes
  2. Hang hand towels from hooks instead of towel bars
  3. A tiered tray on the countertop is a pretty way to store bathroom essentials
  4. Add a pull-out mirror so you can see the back of the head to check on ponytails and buns
  5. Use a lazy susan in the back cabinets to make everything easier to reach
  6. Add a tray to the counter to keep everything organized in one place
  7. Place a narrow rolling shelf next to the toilet that pulls out
  8. Use a corner shelf in the tub/shower area to add extra storage for shampoo and conditioner
  9. Add organizers to the inside of cabinet doors for even more under cabinet storage
  10. Use the rings on your shower curtain to hang a shoe organizer for extra storage in the shower
  11. If there’s not enough counter space, hang an organizer directly onto the mirror
  12. Add pretty containers for cotton balls, q-tips, and make-up brushes

Are you organizing right now?

How is it going?


I’d love to hear any tips and ideas you have.

We satisfied organizers have to stick together. 🙂

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