5 Organization Tips for the Kitchen

5 Organization Tips for the Kitchen

The kitchen should be a relaxing and functional space for your family, but the reality is that its easy for clutter to build up if we arent diligent. Keeping the kitchen tidy and working well for you can be a time consuming and often difficult task, but it doesnt have to be that way with these organization tips for the kitchen!These tried and true organization tips for the kitchen will help you organize your kitchen and make it work for your unique situation and needs. - Image of tidy kitchen with white cabinets.

The kitchen truly is the heart of the home. Our days start and end in the kitchen. We cook, eat, clean, do homework, pay bills, talk, laugh and live life in the kitchen. Because we spend so much time in the kitchen, its important that it works well for our family, our unique needs and unique space. While no two kitchens work in exactly the same way, we can all benefit from these simple and powerful organization tips for the kitchen.

Organization Tips for the Kitchen

Kitchen Organization Tip 1 Start Decluttering One Area at a Time

Trying to declutter an entire kitchen can quickly become overwhelming. To make it easier, start by sorting out just one area at a time.

  • Split decluttering down into more manageable tasks.
  • You wont find it as overwhelming.
  • Youll feel great as you tackle different small tasks along the way.
  • Consider spreading decluttering out over a few days to make it easier it doesnt have to be done all at the same time.

Personally, I like to start small. Decluttering the kitchen utensils is a great place to start. Seeing success can really motivate you to keep going.

Kitchen Organization Tip 2 Organize Items by Frequency of Use

Once youve decluttered, reorganizing a kitchen doesnt have to be difficult or expensive.

Think about how you use your space. Its useful to organize items in terms of how frequently theyre used. The things you use on a daily basis, such as the kitchen utensils you just decluttered, for example, should be easy to reach.

Store plates and cutlery that you use regularly on lower shelves in a cabinet, moving special occasion dining ware to an upper shelf.

If you can, its also helpful to have storage drawers in your kitchen. They are more functional and give you more usable storage space than traditional cabinets. And they arent just for kitchen towels and cutlery. Deep drawers are great for storing holiday items and small appliances too.These tried and true organization tips for the kitchen will help you organize your kitchen and make it work for your unique situation and needs. - Image of dishes on kitchen shelf.

Kitchen Organization Tip 3 Group Like Items Together

Youll also find it easier to group similar items together. Set storage areas for specific purposes, such as all bakeware is kept in one area and pots and pans are kept in another. Keep all silverware together. Keep all cups together, and so on.These tried and true organization tips for the kitchen will help you organize your kitchen and make it work for your unique situation and needs. - Image of kitchen ladles on hooks.

Kitchen Organization Tip 4 Make Use of Wall Space

Making the most of wall space for organizing is particularly helpful for those with a small kitchen, but its great for anyone who wants to maximize their space. When theres limited storage space available in your kitchen organization can be challenging and clutter can seem unavoidable. However, you can free up a lot of counter and cabinet space by hanging various items on the walls or inside of cabinet doors.

Take advantage of the vertical spaces in your kitchen to increase your storage and organizing space.

  • Add shelves on walls
  • Add hooks on walls
  • Add shelves above the doorframe
  • Add shelves or hooks on the side of cabinets
  • Add a pot rack hanging from the ceiling

Aprons, pans, and cooking utensils can all be hung on the wall with simple and inexpensive hooks. You can even find shelving which incorporates hooks into the design. With these, you can easily store cookbooks, pictures, aprons, and dish towels so they are up and off of the countertops.

Safety tip If you are planning on hanging aprons and dish towels on the wall, make sure theyre at least a couple of feet away from the stove!

One of my favorite organizing blogs, The Seana Method, has an entire post dedicated to how hooks can organize your space!

Kitchen Organization Tip 5 Use Repurposed Items to Organize

You can save money and the environment by using repurposed items to organize your kitchen. You can repurposed bins or baskets from other areas in your home. You can also repurpose items that you would otherwise throw away or recycle:

  • Spaghetti sauce jars can be used to organize dry goods in the pantry.
  • Shoe boxes and boxes from the warehouse store can be used as organizing bins.
  • Plastic food containers that have broken or lost lids can be used to organize
  • Plastic packaging like comes with containers of organic lettuce can be used as organizing bins
  • You can see all my favorite repurposed organizing ideas for the kitchen and entire home

These organization tips for the kitchen will get you well on your way to a well functioning kitchen. Ive shared all my favorite Kitchen Organizing Ideas and theres something for everyone and every situation.

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