As a teacher, I am always on my feet

As a teacher, I am always on my feet

I need comfortable shoes, but when it comes to shoes, I am a converse girl. I have been wearing them since high school, and I will never be able to quit them.

Recently, on a trip to the Thrifty Shopper, I found a NEW pair of grey converse, my size. Best part – I scored them for $5.99! You cannot beat that price. I see them quite often, but usually they are never in my size. If you’re a fan of Converse, you definitely need to check out Thrifty Shoppers. I can guarantee if you check back enough, you won’t be disappointed.

A recent excursion to the North Syracuse Thrifty Shopper landed me another brand new pair of name brand sneakers. This time I scored Vans. When I say brand new, I truly mean that. The tread on the bottom has zero markings. The rubber stamped backing is still crisp and new. And the laces are pure white with the starchy new feeling still on them. I am not sure why someone would get rid of a brand new pair of Vans. But, I’m grateful to have been passing the shoe rack at the right time!

They also come with built in orthopedic inserts. This converse gal may become a part-time Vans gal, too.

I spent $4.99 on the Vans sneakers.
Price Comparison: Retail Converse: $49.99 vs. Thrifty Shopper Converse: $5.99 Retail Vans: $65.99 vs. Thrifty Shopper Vans: $4.99 About the Author
Michelle Fava is a wife, mom, teacher, DIYer, and lover of all things second hand. She loves repurposing treasures, and finding creative uses for everyday items, to be used in her home and classroom. My thrifting focus ranges from clothing, to kid’s toys, to décor, to jewelry. Follow along to get fun ideas for you home, classroom, family, and personal enjoyment!

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