Best Wide Width Shoes for Women

Best Wide Width Shoes for Women

Where to Buy Best Wide Width Shoes for Women

You know how I know how impossible it is to find the best wide width shoes for women? Because I have double wide feet. Do you have wide or double wide width feet like I do? Maybe you even call yours fat feet. Either way, you know that finding the best wide womens shoes can be nearly impossible.

I mean you might find fashionable shoes, but they are neither comfortable nor wide width. Or you might find affordable wide width shoes that are comfortable. However, they are a million miles away from fashionable shoes for wide feet. Therefore are not the best choice for your extra wide feet.

Young African American Woman talking on cell phone outside in New York City, wearing orange red jacket, flower patterned skirt, black boot shoes, carrying laptop computer, standing by stone wall wearing wide width shoes

I realize that women searching for Narrow-Width Shoes face similar challenges. Like the woman wearing narrow booties above.

Best wide width shoes

After years of living with the quandary of where to find the best wide width shoes that are also fashionable, comfortable and affordable, I finally realized this: If I could find fashionable wide width shoes that were also comfortable, I probably could justify the price tag.

Think about it this way: women with extra wide feet like I do have these feet for life. You need to treat your feet right. If you wear an extra wide width AKA WW, XW, EE, 3E or wider, it makes sense to invest in good quality shoes. Sometimes you get what you pay for, and you pay for quality. Plus, good-quality shoes tend to last longer than the cheap flea market variety. This post focuses on the best shoes for wide feet women.

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Beautiful overweight woman in pink ruffled dress walking on city street

How to Save on the Best Wide Width Shoes

If you’re on a budget, you may be able to keep the cost of buying what I deem to be the best wide width shoes on the lower side. And what are the best? The ones made with wide feet in mind–and not just in wide widths. And you want to shop at stores that understand about extra wide footwear for ladies.

For example, for me it’s a no-brainer to buy shoes at Nordstrom. Nordstrom has excellently trained shoes sales staff. It’s one of the best wide width shoes stores.

Shop the Nordstrom Anniversary sale when it happens

What’s even better is to shop at Nordstrom during its anniversary sale. You’re bound to find great prices on shoes, whether they be women’s clogs in a wide width, extra wide dress sandals or women’s wide width walking shoes. Whenever possible I stock up on the double wide width shoes that Nordstrom tends to carry. I’ve had good luck finding wide width shoes on sale at Nordstrom Rack, too.

Also, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized how important time is when spending money. I discovered that ordering shoes and having them sent to my home–where I could try them on at my leisure–was the best way to proceed when shopping for shoes. I’ve even got my husband and two daughters ordering shoes this way!

Always Read Reviews on Extra Wide Footwear

Whenever shopping online, I always read the reviews. I realize that not everyone has the same feet that I do. However, when I hear complaints about toe boxes that are too narrow or heels that slips, then I know the shoes are not right for me. This saves me from spending money–and wasting my time–on extra wide footwear that’s likely not to fit my feet.

I’ll also leave reviews when I find shoes that work well for my extra wide feet. I’ll do the same with shoes that don’t quite work. I feel it’s my karmic duty to give back to other women with wide feet like me. It feels good to share information on comfortable women’s shoes as well as the ones that I didn’t like.

Make Sure You Get Free Shipping

Here’s where the money part comes in. I will only order shoes from sites that offer free shipping both ways. Not free returns, though. Because the phrase “free returns” doesn’t always mean free return shipping. (Read the fine print before placing your order.) Some shoe sites will give you a label to send things back. That is seemingly free. But the fine print says they’ll deduct some amount from your refund to cover shipping. That’s not free.

Same thing with free exchanges, which may not mean free shipping when you exchange your shoes. It could mean you’ll be charged a “restocking” fee (like big box stores sometimes do when you return electronics).

Crop shot of an attractive woman wearing jeans with stylish ruby red flat shoes sitting on a stairs, her hand grab a reusable isolated water bottle. Plastic-free, No straw, Eco, Zero waste concept.

Where To Buy Extra Wide Shoes

Rockport Cobb Hill Collection Cobb Hill Natashya Bootie (Black Nubuck) Women's ShoesHere are my favorite places to go online to get fashionable wide width shoes that are also comfortable, such as these extra wide width booties . I mean, so on trend, right?

Some of these best stores for wide shoes even offer online options for wide width designer shoes:

wide width shoes for women

I got these Munro Pisces Sandals for summer last year.

I believe that these online stores offer some of the best wide shoes for women. You might even be able to find wide width designer shoes on these sites, too. Right now, for me, there at two best places to buy wide shoes. They are Nordstrom and Zappos.

Wide Width Brands

As far as brands go, here are the ones that I’ve felt work best for my feet. They offer a truly double-wide width. That is important if you have double wide width feet like I do, since it isn’t always represented in a shoe that say WW or EE or XW.

Also, I believe they offer what I would call fashionable wide width shoes and wide shoes for women that also happen to be comfortable:

From each of these brands I’ve bought cute wide width shoes in heels. I’ve also purchased on-trend extra extra wide boots (some with extra wide calves) and fashionable extra wide dress sandals.

In addition, these brands carry womens wide width dress shoes, wide dress shoes for women with wide feet, womens wide shoes and more. I’m confident that this information will help even those looking for womens wide width shoes for problem feet.

Shoes for Wide Feet That May Not Be Extra Wide Width

I have found a few brands that don’t officially offer double wide width shoes for women but some of their styles still fit work. So they offer some of the best wide shoes for women, in a regular wide, even if you have exta-extra wide feet.

For example, this past fall I bought a pair of Rockport Cobb Hill booties in regular wide and you know what? They fit my double-wide feet perfectly. They also offer amazing arch support and hugged my heels in all the right places. Now Rockport Cobb Hill is one of my favorite go-to brands.

Wide feet and skinny heels

Why am I mentioning heels? Because I believe that a lot of women like me, with wide feet, also have narrow heels. Many of us need a shoe with a wide-enough toe box–I test the toe box by crossing my toes inside the shoe. If I can’t do that, back they go.

Despite this wide toe box, our heels are narrow or skinny or whatever you want to call them. What that means is we get a lot of heel slippage. This is often why women with wide feet cannot wear ballet flats. Before I learned this important distinction, there was many a time when I’d run up a flight of stairs, only to leave my flats on the first step!

So it’s important to find brands that offer a wide front and skinny back, if you will. You can find this in brands that might not offer extra wides sizes in their footwear, but they fit extra wide feet with skinny heels. These brands include:

These are some of the brands that offer the best women’s shoes for wide feet or best women’s wide shoes. Again, even though their shoes aren’t technically extra wide, if you need that.

Shoes for special occasions

Did you know that David’s Bridal carries shoes for special occasions in wide widths? Their wide shoes go up to size 12W. There are wide shoes for special occasions at David’s Bridal for the bride, her attendants and even the flower girls. 

wide shoes for special occasions

Best flats for wide feet

BORN Julianne : Black - Womens
Born is my new favorite brand for wide width flats. The Born Julianne ballet flats fit so well that I’ve bought it in multiple colors. I think they are one of the best ballet flats for wide feet or the best wide flat. I’d even go as far as to say they are cute shoes for wide feet.

My black Born Julianne flats (shown, above) are just a single wide but fit like a double wide shoe. These best flats for womens wide feet even have arch support built-in inside the innersole of the shoe. You wouldn’t expect such great support from a flat, but these Born Julianne shoes have got it. It’s one of the reasons I love them so much and am wearing them pretty much daily. They really are the best flats for wide feet–in my humble opinion.

You can buy Born shoes on the Born Shoes website or through The prices are the same–$85 for the flats. Trust me–it will be money well spent.

Another best ballet flats for wide feet? Cobb Hill has a pair. I’ve had these ballet flats (below) for years. I’ve worn them while walking a miles-long convention center, and they were amazing. I might call them the best ballet flats for wide feet, along with the Born Julianne flats above.

Cobb Hill Cobb Hill RevChi (Black) Women's Dress Flat Shoes

Womens Wide Dress Shoes

If you’re looking for the best women’s dress shoes for wide feet, I’ve found luck with many of the brands I’ve already mentioned. This includes Rockport and Rockport Cobb Hill. Many have super cute wide width heels, too.

I got a pair of gold Total Motion Salima Ankle Strap Pump in a recent Trunk Club shipment. They are from Rockport. So that goes to show you that when you sign up for Trunk Club, you can request womens wide dress shoes among other kinds of shoes–and other clothing. 

rockport womens wide dress shoes

This gorgeous shoe from Rockport might just be one of the best dress shoes for womens wide feet–perhaps the best wide width heels. At least I think so!

Wide Sneakers for Women and Wide Width Shoes

Another brand that tends to fit my wide width feet, even though their shoes only come single wide, is Saucony. Many of my everyday sneakers are from Saucony–I like to wear retro looking sneakers.

Fun fact: you can often buy men’s shoes, two sizes smaller than what you normally wear, and get away with that for your sneakers. Why? Because men’s shoes are cut wider overall than women’s shoes–sometimes even women’s shoes for wide feet. In fact, nearly all of my fun Saucony shoes in my closet are actually made for men. (Shhh, don’t tell anyone.)

Naturalizer Marianne (Silver Frost Metallic Leather) Women's ShoesHowever, I recently treated myself to stylish wide width shoes in the form of a pair of extra extra wide sneakers for women that don’t look like shoes I’d wear to the gym. They are these Naturalizer brand slip on sneakers in a fashion-forward silver metallic color (above). I got them from Zappos–no surprise there. They are the most comfortable women’s casual shoes I’ve ever worn and the most comfortable slip on shoes I’ve ever worn.

I’ve had good luck lately getting extra extra wide sneakers or wide width running shoes from Brooks. I buy the men’s version, where a D wide is the same as a woman’s extra wide. Brooks also sells wide sneakers for women but men’s tend to fit me better. Nonetheless, you can shop Brooks at Zappos, and get free shipping and returns! In fact, I recently bought a second pair of Brooks sneakers this way.

Womens wide width boots

I’ve been able to buy womens wide width boots in regular wide from Cobb Hill. These wide width boots were riding boots as well as work boots. In addition, I’ve been able to buy womens wide width boots in extra wide from other brands. For example, the LifeStride “Peaches” booties (below) have become my go-to to wear with tights and dresses, or with pants. They are super cute wide width boots and so versatile.

Some of the womens wide width boots come with extended calves. That’s good to know if you have plus-size calves along with extra wide feet. Some of these really are the best boots for womens wide feet.

LifeStride Peaches (Black) Women's Boots

Tights for wide feet and wide calves and even baby bumps

Commando L Black Semi-Opaque TightsI’ve written many blog posts on my favorite subscription boxes. In one of my boxes from online stylist MM LaFleur, I received a pair of Commando semi opaque tights. I’ve since determined that these are the best tights ever. Yes, they’re pricey but they have lasted through dozens of wearings and washings. Best of all, they don’t leave me feeling like a sausage!

You don’t have to order an MM LaFleur box to get these Commando tights. I’ve bought them from Bare Necessities. You can also buy them on Amazon. In fact, when I looked on Amazon, I saw a maternity version of the Commando tights, too. Pair them with black booties to be totally on trend!

leah born booties with tights and dress

I paired these Born Bessie booties (from Zappos) with tights and a dress. I love this look!

Final Thoughts on Best Wide Width Shoes for Women

One more thing to add when it comes to buying shoes. You know that I’m a big believer in supporting companies that stand behind their products. It’s the same with shoes.

While Nordstrom and Zappos may not advertise their lifetime warranty for shoes or guarantee like other companies do, I know from first-hand experience that both brands will stand behind the shoes they sell to you. They both get top marks in customer service. That, along with offering high-quality shoes, are reason enough to me to shop with them regularly.

Here’s the deal: I’ll take fashionable wide width shoes, even if they aren’t always the cheapest. Finally, I’m still on the hunt for wide width designer shoes. To me Josef Seibel shoes are a designer shoes brand, even if they aren’t technically wide width. But I haven’t found a bunch more. If you know of other wide width designer shoes for wide feet or brands that I should add to this review, please let me know.

And if I’ve missed any category of women’s wide width shoes that you think I should cover, please comment below. If I can find something to recommend, I’ll be sure to update this wide shoes review.

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