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This week on Catching up with the Kelnhofers, I’m sharing some great recipes to kick start apple season, fun with kids in the kitchen and one of my favorite reader re-creations to date.

Three kids on bench

Can you even believe that it’s apple picking season already!?  I didn’t realize it until I saw an apple orchard down the road already open and Nick said he knew someone who went apple picking and the orchard was cleared out already!  Crazy.  

Upside down apple and pear loaf, apple cider ginger beer mule, apple cake with browned butter frosting
Upside down apple and pear loaf | Apple cider ginger beer mule | Apple cake with browned butter

This has got me thinking about all of the amazing apple recipes I can’t wait to make!  Here are some of my ideas:

As I was putting together the newsletter and thinking about apples, Nick asked if I wanted to watch Goodwill Hunting this weekend…I haven’t seen it in years, and can’t wait! That movie always reminds me of the famous line …how about them apples:

Goodwill Hunting scene

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Sharing the latest posts up on

Party meatballs, seasonal snack mix, Sunbasket review
Party meatballs | Seasonal snack mix | Sunbasket meal delivery
  • Party Meatballs – part of the back of the bottle/box/bag series, these are incredible!
  • Meal Plan – make your week easier and let us do the planning.  Plus, in a few clicks you’ll have a complete grocery list.
  • Seasonal snack mix – this one is so fun!  All you have to do is change the color of the M&Ms and this is the perfect snack for Trick or Treat, Thanksgiving, Christmas or even a baby shower.
  • Love List – Fun finds from around the web, curated by the SweetPhi team.
  • Back to school meal delivery – it’s the perfect time of year to use meal delivery.

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  • I made muffins with the kids (7 amazing muffin recipes) and within 2 minutes, Freddie got batter in his hair and then got annoyed when we tried to get it out lol. Also, I was setting up lunch and put out a bowl of berries. All of a sudden it was quiet and I turned around and the three kids had eaten ALL the berries lol.

Cooking with kids in the kitchen

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These fruit and nut muesli bread rounds are a great snack and an even better copycat recipe.

  • “Omg, these are to die for!! And they are indeed better than Starbucks!”
Fruit and nut muesli bread rounds
Fruit and nut muesli bread rounds

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Loved seeing this re-creation from reader @raeofsunshine01 who used my Baby Food Maker Cookbook to create a bunch of delicious food for her kiddo!

Baby food made by a SweetPhi reader

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With the holidays coming up sooner than you think, this will come in handy before you know it!  Cookies, cookies and more cookies.

Three tier cooling rack
Cooling rack

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Seven Days in June book cover
Seven Days in June
  • Started now on The Heart Principal by Helen Hoang which is book 3 in the Kiss Quotient series!! 
The Heart Principle book cover
The Heart Principle

Personal Stories header

  • Anniversary pottery class – it was our 9th wedding anniversary (the pottery anniversary – anniversary gifts by year) so we took a class! It was so fun, but also more challenging than one might think. Nicks work kept collapsing, the teacher asked if we had a pet and suggested he might use it as a water dish, lol. I loved it so much, I made three smaller-ish bowls. Afterwards we got pizza to eat on the way home! 

Pottery class

  • Walks with grandpa –  my dad came to visit the kids and took them on a nice walk, and watched them all by himself 🙂

Kids with Grandpa

  • Carousel – Frankie did NOT love her first carousel ride, it was too funny the little face she made the whole time. Ben loved it!

Kids on carousel

  • Cleaning the car – oh my goodness, we have been needing to rearrange the car seats (in preparation for the new baby and because I just wanted to clean) and oh my goodness, grossness. There were shoe soles? Wrappers! And so many crumbs. The kids helped clean and all love using my little Bissell cordless vacuum cleaner

Kids cleaning out car

  • Random smiles – some fun pictures from the past week.

Smiling kids

  • Backpack hooks – I had gotten these hooks months ago (seriously, had to click ‘all of 2021’ in order history to see them) and this weekend we (

Kids putting backpacks on hooks

The Final Note header


  • Rotisserie chicken or roasted chicken is just so so good and versatile. We recently finally opened a gas grill rotisserie attachment (here is one that looks similar to the one we got but cheaper) we had gotten as a gift, and we used THIS RECIPE – so so good. Also, here are 5 ways to use rotisserie chicken

Rotisserie chicken


  • Came across this funny show called The Other Two on HBO max and I have to say, I really laughed! 

The Other Two TV Show


  • I’ve recently heard amazing things about these reusable grocery bags – especially in terms of them not tipping over and spilling in the trunk!
Reusable grocery bags
Reusable grocery bags

How was your week?  I’d love to know so leave a comment below and let me know.

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