Extra 25% off Nordy Rack Clearance, New Ledbury Sale Items, & More – The Thurs. Men’s Sales Handful

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Sales that deserve some attention heading into the weekend or a bit earlier. Five of the better sales are below, plus bonus sales if need be. Included are a few picks worth pointing out.


Nordstrom Rack: Extra 25% off Select Clearance

Nordstrom Rack menswear

It’s one of their famous clear-the-racks events. Once something goes from mainline Nordstrom to Nordstrom Rack, it already gets a substantial price cut. And then when it heads to The Rack’s clearance? Even more of a price drop. Now it’s an additional 25% off select clearance goods. That. all. said… just because it’s on super-duper-sale, doesn’t mean it’s a good deal.


Ledbury: New Items Added to their Summer Sale

Ledbury menswear

Sizes are pretty scattered (it’s that time of year), but picks above had at least some sizes left at post time. Watch out for final sale goods. No returns on those.


Oliver Wicks: $50 off $699, $100 off $799, $150 off $899 and $999 suits w/ BLACK

Oliver Wicks Suits

Oliver Wicks is one of those companies where you take a bunch of measurements of yourself, input them into their platform, pick a fabric and a bunch of customizations like lapels, pleats, linings and what not, and then they ship you a suit later on down the line. These types of companies can be great for guys who just don’t fit into standard “Drop” zones. (Many off the rack suits have a 6″ drop, which means you buy a 40R jacket, and you’re stuck with a 34 waist trouser.) Personal experience has been positive. Just one suit so far, but the fabric is great, the construction is nice, and while the buttons (to me) look a little “meh” close up, the suit looks sharp overall. Pretty good fit out of the box too. A little extra tailoring needed since it was my first suit purchased from them, but they have one of those fit guarantees where they’ll reimburse you up to $125 in extra tailoring costs. And most importantly, the parts of an off the rack that don’t normally fit (me), fit just fine. Mine shipped from Bulgaria fwiw. Currently delivery times are running longer than normal (up to 60 days) because… that’s the world right now. There’s one note: The discount is limited to one suit per customer.


J. Crew: Extra 50% – 60% off FINAL sale styles w/ BIGSALE (new items added)

J. Crew menswear

There are two J. Crews right now. The first is the timeless stuff that’s always excluded from codes, promos, and the sale section. Think their Ludlow Italian wool suits and sportcoats, their stretch chinos, etc. And then the other half of the sale section, and the myriad of… oddities that can populate it. Their new menswear designer’s first collection lands this fall. So maybe things will even out. Dunno. Or maybe it’s not even a problem. Also don’t know. But thankfully, at least some new “normal” stuff has made its way to the sale section. Not a lot, but some. Because their sale section has been a bit of a train wreck for a while now. It’s just odd that J. Crew, the store that helped a LOT of us learn how to dress better in suits and sportcoats, is now the elastic-waist shorts, hoodies, and t-shirt specialists. All final sale. No returns.


Huckberry: Up to 45% off during their summer sale

Huckberry menswear

Just a couple more picks that didn’t make it into the original round-up. Runs through Monday.


BONUS  Nordstrom: Anniversary Sale still rolling

Nordstrom menswear

Full picks here. And everything (say it with me) ships and returns for free. Prices go back up on August 1st.


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