Huckberry: 15% off Sitewide Sale (11/15 – 11/16)

Huckberry: 15% off Sitewide Sale (11/15 – 11/16)

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Huckberry 15% off Almost Everything (ends Tues.)

It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of Huckberry around these parts. They carry gear that’s equal parts form AND function, which can be an all too rare combination. Whether you’re a forest strolling mountain man, or a city living king of the concrete, Huckberry’s stuff looks great, feels great, and performs. And a (just about) site wide sale is pretty rare air for them. Like, it almost never happens. Just once a year. Feels extra nice this year, considering all the factors out there (supply chains/inflation/etc).

There are exceptions to the 15% off, but they’re less than normal this year. The one real notable exception is the original 365 pants. But cords and joggers are in. Also, one item that is almost ALWAYS excluded is… in fact… getting the cut this year. Free shipping kicks in at $98, and most stuff returns for free. Let’s get on with the picks.


USA Made Flint and Tinder Waxed Truckers – $227.80 ($268)

Flint and Tinder Waxed Trucker Jackets

And here it is. It’s a minor miracle they aren’t excluded. Okay so I do believe these are the most popular thing that Huckberry sells. Waxed cotton exterior that wears in and molds to the individual wearer over time. Body and sleeves are fully lined with a soft, striped blanket lining (which is plenty toasty). And? They’re made here in the States. Impressive. Full review here if you want it.


USA Made Flint & Tinder WOOL lined Waxed Trucker – $278.80 ($328)

And the wool lined alternative. Flint and Tinder comes out with a wool lined option every year, ready for cold weather climates, although most will be good with the cotton blanket flannel option.


Flint and Tinder 365 Corduroy Pants in Slim, Straight, or Tapered – $91.80 ($108)

The OG 365 pants from Flint and Tinder is one of the few exclusions in this sale, BUT… their 365 cords are very much up for the discount. Slim, straight, or tapered fits. Just a reminder that unlike the waxed truckers, these aren’t made in the USA.


Whiskey Peaks Glassware

I mean. C’mon now. Lead free, hand blown glass decanters and rocks glasses with raised topographic impressions of some of the world’s most famous geological wonders. Makes a terrific gift, especially when combined with a bottle of something top shelf.


Huckberry Made in Japan Acrylic, Wool, Nylon, Spandex Beanie – $23.80 ($28)

Huckberry Made in Japan Acrylic, Wool, Nylon, Spandex Beanie

Flat out terrific. Picked up one of these on a whim and it’s seriously impressive. Japanese fabric is just the right weight, and feels good and strong. Sometimes beanies can look good but then slouch and/or shrink. Not these things. Price is nice and affordable too.


Hestra Utsjo Gloves in Elk leather – $140.25 ($165)

SPENDY. But Hestra really does make great gloves. Seen in the header image over here. Full disclosure, got those for $99 over at Nordstrom last year during an end-of season sale. Maybe that was a one-off stroke of luck. Free shipping and free returns through Huckberry too. Which is good. Because gloves have to fit. Check that size chart. Insulated with Primaloft. Certainly not a ski glove, but warmer than an unlined driver or something similar.


lululemon Metal Vent Tech Tee – $57.80 ($68)

Because getting lululemon on sale is already a challenge. And getting some of their wheelhouse metal vent tech shirts in basic colors like blue or black (and not salted papaya lemon peel heather… or whatever else is cooking in their “we made too much” section) is a freaking miracle. “Yo, that’s (still) $50 $60 for a t-shirt…” I know. But, try them and you’ll see.


Danner x Huckberry – Vertigo 917 ‘Gold Rush’ – $208.25 ($245)

Danner x Huckberry - Vertigo 917 'Gold Rush'

The Danner Vertigo 917 is a perfect blend of sneaker comfort and waterproof boot performance. They’re not super heavyweight, clunky mountaineering boots. But they’re more capable than “outdoorsy” attempts made by the big sneaker companies. And the Huckberry exclusive gold rush color sure does leap off the monitor.


Huckberry Weekender Sunglasses – $29.75 ($35)

Cheap sunglasses that look and perform MUCH better than some junk you got on a spinner rack at a 7/11. Polarized lenses too. Perfect for winter time, since glare off snow can be irritating and then some.


Wellen Quilted Sweatpants – $74.80 ($88)

Wellen Quilted Sweatpants

Even the most anti-sweatpants among us might have to make an exception here. 75% cotton / 25% recycled poly. And that quilting just looks great.


UNIMATIC UC2 Automatic Watch – $446.25 ($525)

Sleek. Minimalist. Kinda mean looking. Assembled in Italy. Powered by Seiko’s NH35A automatic movement. Black matte dial. 300m water resistance. Double domed sapphire crystal. Easy to wear, 38.5 mm diameter. Easy to grip big crown.


Huckberry All-Weather Duckboot II – $159.80 ($188)

Huckberry All-Weather Duckboot II

Incredible comfort. Classic but still modern looks. (How the heck did they do that?) Waterproof. The next generation of Huckberry’s super popular duckboots have arrived, and they’re ready for all that fall and winter weather can throw at them. Full review here.


Proof 72-Hour Merino LS Henley – $83.30 ($98)

Yes, the 72-hour collection is included in this sale. This stuff is called 72-hour because the 87% 16.5 micron merino, 13% nylon blend fabric fights stink, breathes, and wicks moisture so well, that one can wear it for 3 days in a row… comfortably. Without scaring children and riling up animals. Spendy even on sale, but worth it for many of us. Also available in short sleeve and long sleeve t-shirt form, polos, and socks.


Taylor Stitch The Après Pant – $100.30 ($118)

Taylor Stitch The Après Pant

The 2021 version of Hef’s robe. And priced like it too. When you’re staying home, but with real purpose for truly relaxing. Feet up. Drink made. Book in hand or movie you’ve been meaning to watch on the TV. Double cloth waffle fabric made from 100% organic cotton. And those brass-tone tipped drawstrings are a small detail, but they are all kinds of right. Five colors.


Tanner Goods Classic Belt in Saddle Tan/Brass – $62.03 ($105)

Known as “Adam’s Belt” around these parts because… our shoe expert Adam really likes Tanner Goods belts. Made in the USA. Already on sale, so the extra 15% off is a nice little bonus.


Made in Italy Astorflex Bitflex Chelseas – $182.75 ($215)

Super comfortable pull on casual or smart casual boots. Made in Italy. 100% natural crepe rubber soles (which honestly do best in spring/summer/fall… they can get a bit slick on wet and icy surfaces). Suede, leather, and nubuck options. Beeswax nubuck shown up above (the top pair) are exclusive to Huckberry.


Hestra Nordic Wool Mittens – $60



Flint and Tinder 365 Joggers – $83.30 ($98)

Flint and Tinder 365 Joggers

Flint and Tinder’s hugely popular 365 pant, only cut and sewn in a subtle chino/jogger hybrid. Choggers, if you will. Button + zip front with an internal drawstring. Elastic waist just in the back. Elastic just on the back of the ankle hems too. Four colors. Full review here.


Flint and Tinder Made in Japan Camp Socks – $15.30 ($18)

Flint and Tinder Made in Japan Camp Socks

78% acrylic/14% wool/7% polyester/1% spandex. Camp can be at home, on your couch, right? Perfect.


Relwen Quilted Tanker – $253.50 ($298)

Relwen Quilted Tanker

Not cheap for a quilted jacket, but these things seem to be pretty uncompromising. Nylon/cotton shell kicks that cheap “sheen” seen on other quilted jackets to the curb. Peached finish gives it that perfect look and feel. Pockets. So many pockets. And the interior is anything but forgotten.


Wellen Seawool Fisherman Sweater – $108.80 ($128)

Wellen Seawool Fisherman Sweater

Seawool = a fabric spun from recycled plastic bottles and oyster shells, and then combined with a bit of viscose, nylon, and wool. Timeless cable knit. So it’s a seafaring sweater that also has a bit of a heart. Something land-lubbers and deckhands can both enjoy.


Made in Italy Astorflex Greenflex Chukkas – $165.75 ($195)

Handmade in Northern Italy. Timeless style. Really, really nice materials that makes them look and feel noticeably better than the cheaper competition. Ships and returns for free. Full review here.


Made in the USA “Forty Five” Tees – $29.75 ($35)

Made in the USA is tough to do these days. From Huckberry’s in-house “45” brand. Lots of different options in terms of collar, hem, and fabric. Sizes shown above are mediums on 5’10″/185.


Made in the USA Forty Five Supima Crew Long Sleeve Tee – $35.70 ($42)

And now in long sleeve. Because it’s long sleeve weather. Pretty sure these just debuted.


Beverage Flannel – $11.19 ($14)



Flint and Tinder Quilted Waxed Shirt Jacket – $219.30 ($258)

Dark and moody for a… shirt jacket. British Millerain waxed canvas. Not made in the USA this time.


Flint and Tinder 10-year Hoodies – $100.30 ($118)

Flint & Tinder hoodies

These very much ARE Made in the USA. New colors too. Forest. Oatmeal. Rust. They also make quarter zips and crews and pullover hoodies. Hundred dollar hoodies. Man, I get it. But this is for the buy-less-buy-better crowd. Backed by their 10 year guarantee, which means, according to them: “If your hoodie rips, tears, or otherwise comes apart at the seams in the next 10 years – we’ll repair it for you.”


Greys Outdoor Slipper Boots – $91.80 ($108)

2020 was an absolutely good for nothing year. But at least these felted wool blend indoor/outdoor capable slipper boots came along. A small consolation considering the emblazoned crap-pail of a year, but they really are an incredible at home slipper/shoe/hybrid-thingy. Full review coming from Adam can be found here.


Erstwhile The World Relief Hanging Map – $233.75 ($275)

Guess this had been out of stock for a while, but it’s back. I decided to finally invest in this wall hanging earlier this year, and it does not disappoint. A beautiful, and educational way, to fill a wall up. Plus it’s made to last, so someday you can pass it on. Perfect for those who love the ocean(s), maps, geography, exploration, etc. Big thanks to Khiry S. for the tip on the restock!


Wellen Quilted Jersey Robe – $148

You’ll never want to steal another hotel bathrobe ever again. You might even want to pack one of these along on any trips. Although… I’d be scared to death to somehow leave it behind. Lightly insulated to keep any sneaky drafts at bay.


Howler Brothers x Huckberry Chisos Jacket – $145

Howler Brothers x Huckberry Chisos Jacket

Fleece that doesn’t look like it came off a clearance rack at wally world. Retro “Morel” shade of brown, tipped with orange and black. A Huckberry exclusive.


Graypants Wick LED Light – $126.65 ($149)

Folks, it’s a freaking $150 chamberstick. That’s absurd. It’s also… I mean. Yeah. I don’t know whether to laugh or drool. What in the world is happening.


Huckberry Rhodes Tyler Chukka – $148.75 ($175) | Blake Chelsea – $168.30 ($198)

Rhodes Boots

Huckberry’s Rhodes brand of boots keep cranking out hits, and these “Caliber” collection boots keep that trend rolling. Head here for Adam’s review of the chukkas. Meanwhile, I bought the chelseas for myself over the summer, and they quickly replaced a pair of old Red Wing Weekender chukkas that had seen better days. Super comfortable. Substantial without being gunboats. Soles are inspired by workwear boots that cushion, and look pretty darn good.


Made in the USA Whiskey Leatherworks Copper Flask – $72.25 ($85)

For the discerning boozer on your list. Just like the Whiskey Peaks glassware, this would also go terrific with a bottle of top-shelf stuff in case you’re giving it as a gift.


Smithey Ironware Co. Chain Mail Scrubber – $16 ($20)

Shockingly effective. We stopped using non-stick ages ago here at the Dappered home offices, which was a nice switch. Only problem is… scrubbing. Especially cast iron. These things are great. Sure you still gotta scrub, but each piece of chain mail does an excellent job grabbing and gripping whatever mess you’re trying to free from your pan. Cast iron or otherwise. Just don’t let it slip down into the garbage disposal and then forget about it, only to turn on the switch an hour or two later. That was… an appliance fatality. Do NOT use it on non-stick cookware. You’ll be ingesting who knows what. And a lot of it.


Shinola The Monster Automatic Dive Watch – $1450 – $1675 ($1232.50 -$1423.75)

Assembled in Detroit. Swiss made, Sellita SW200-1 automatic movement. 300m water resistance. Sapphire crystal. Micro adjustable clasp for a precise fit. 12 o’clock marker is modeled after “the flag a boat flies when it has a diver down in the depths.” Trapezoid straight-up/60 min pip on the bezel is a nice alternative touch too. This thing is the works. You’ll pay for it though, but at least now it’s 15% off. Available in a standard black colorway, as well as the titanium option shown above, as well as a bronze outfit. Titanium and bronze cost a bit more. That’s why there’s two prices.


Filson Smokey Bear Low-Profile Cap – $38.25 ($45)

Bring back Smokey. You’d think his message would have gotten through by now, but you haven’t lived (or died a little inside) until you’ve been in a bone dry forest on 4th of July weekend, only to see some numbskull set a roman candle off, horizontally, down the dirt road you’re walking on. Somebody boost that bear’s budget. Please.


Greys Summit Slipper Boot – $91.80 ($108)

Sleeping bags for your feet! Quilted nylon uppers with a lightweight insulation so you don’t over-cook your feet.


Flint and Tinder Flannel Lined Waxed Hudson Jacket – $253.30 ($298)

Flint and Tinder Flannel Lined Waxed Hudson Jacket

British Millerain waxed canvas exterior. Flannel lining from the UK’s Moon Mills. Corduroy trim. Pockets. Lots of pockets. A heck of a hunting style jacket for 21st century life… whether you live in the city or the country. Fit is more straight than slim. Made for layering/warmth. Full review here.


For Her: Something from the Huckberry Gift Guide For Her

Because Huckberry’s annual gift shop for ladies really is well put together.

The 15% off Huckberry sitewide sale ends tomorrow, 11/16/21.

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