Immediately Declutter your Space by Tossing these 10 Things

Immediately Declutter your Space by Tossing these 10 Things

Immediately Declutter your Space by Tossing these 10 Things

Declutter. Let it go. Marie Kondo it up. Time to tidy up your space and that begins with getting rid of 10 things. Organized clutter is still clutter and thats not glam. Gotta get rid of it. Because your home is a living space, not a storage space. Sharing what 10 items you should declutter and how to do it responsibly while being mindful of the environment.

Immediately Declutter your Space by Tossing these 10 Things

Immediately Declutter your Space by Tossing these 10 Things

Random Knives

  • You have your fave knives, and probs only use those so what are you doing with the rest?
  • Bubble wrap the blades to prevent an accidental injury during disposal. Next, place the bubble-wrapped knife/knives in a box sealed with duct tape before tossing it in out.
  • Call your local recycling center to determine if they accept metal

Old Spices

  • Not Old Spice cologne (but TBH, ew). Talking about cooking spices. Seriously how many in your kitchen have you never-ever used? Those that came with your spice rack are taking up space and IF you were to use them now the flavors would be expired. Toss em.

Plastic Food Containers

  • Thats a NO: If your container is made of plastic #1, #3, #6, #7 or polyethylene terephthalate (PET), you do not want to reuse it. No bueno for your health because these plastics may contain BPA.
  • A-OK: Containers that are #2, #4, or #5. Reuse until they start to look sad then recycle those.
  • PSA: Never microwave food in one of these containers. Because, bad chemicals.

Random Chargers/Remote Controls

  • Betcha a buck that you have at least 1 remote hiding in some drawer. Why are you keeping them?
  • Best Buy recycles up to 3 items per household per day. Check HERE for specific details for your device(s).

Dry Cleaner Hangers

  • Return hangers to your dry cleaner (thats what I do).
  • Use Earth 911s locator to find local scrap metal recyclers that might accept wire hangers; search using the term metal clothes hangers with your zip code.


  • Donate books. From The Salvation Army to Goodwill to local libraries to local thrift stores you have a variety of options.
  • Trade in your books for cash. Places like Half Price Books offers you a (small) monetary amount for your books. You can use that to get yourself a new book at their store or just take the cash.

Appliance Manuals

  • Reality: all manuals are online now, plus any paper versions you receive with the product are probably outdated.

Expired Lotions/Makeup

  • Lotions and makeup expire. Its the sad truth. Using these items will cause breakouts (from the bacteria build-up) and other skin infections, so why would you want that misery bestowed upon your face?
  • When to Toss?
    • Mascara: 2 3 months.
    • Foundation: Powder 18 months. Liquid 6-12 months.
    • Concealer: Powder or stick form 2 years. Liquid 1 year.
    • Face Powder: 2 years.
    • Blush: Powder 2 years. Cream 1 year.
    • Eye Shadow: Powder 2 years. Cream 3-6 months.
    • Eyeliner: Liquid or gel 2-3 months. Pencil 1 to 2 years.
    • Lipstick and Liner: 1 year.


  • Know all of those vases from flower deliveries? Perhaps not the most stylish vases, so what do you do with them besides clutter up your shelves?
    • Recycle (especially if they are glass)
    • Donate to local charities, thrift stores

Shoe Boxes

  • Recycle cardboard boxes
  • Upcycle the boxes into chic storage! Cover with fabric, paint with chalk paint (to change the labeling of the box when needed), or cover with photos! All creative ways to use these boxes again.

Good luck decluttering! Let me know how it goes, and if you find that removing these 10 items makes a difference to your space!


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