My Summer 2021 Lust List.

*Image above via Dans La Main featuring their seagrass kelly bag.

Items I am currently lusting after…

1 // Dyson Dryer or AirWrap. I mentioned this in passing last week and was very intrigued by the rave reviews of the AirWrap in particular in the comments section. I meant to add that my stylist said Dyson has exceptional customer service, so I think I will probably buy directly from the source on this one, though I did notice that Nordstrom Rack is selling a refurbished dryer for under $300. (BTW, these are still the best curling irons on the planet. I’ve had the same set, with differently-sized barrels, since college, and they still work good as new. I’ve noticed that nearly every hair stylist I’ve ever gone to uses these, too!)

2 // Dans La Main Seagrass Kelly Bag. I first discovered this chic brand from the one and only Caitlin and I am positively drooling over this bag.

3 // Vampire’s Wife Floral Print Mini. Just perfect in every way.

4 // Laura Davidson Soho Office Chair. Probably the single-most exciting piece of furniture I will be buying for our new home? Is that crazy? I have been desperate for a proper office chair!

5 // Seashell Necklace. (Upgrade pick with pearls here, and more statement jewelry for summer here.) Just SO much fun with a white tee or white dress like this Mara Hoffmann, this Everlane, .

6 // New Running Shoes. I am planning to finally go to a store to get fitted for my next pair, but I love the look of these as a general trainer shoe, and have heard good things about these ON shoes (currently 50% off). I also know a lot of runners swear by these Brooks. Their designs aren’t as good as Nike’s, but I will be open to whatever the experts tell me!

7 // Andion Clothing statement. You can order by DM — I have my eye on this dress or this blouse — but Selfridge’s has a couple already made you can order for delivery now. This top is perfection. (You can get a similar look with this Rachel Comey beauty.)

8 // Summer Mule. I bought this pair of pearl-clustered Tory Burch mules (<






9 // Dressy Sneaker. I guess this is a shoe-centric roundup, because I would also love a new pair of dressy sneakers — either Loewe if I decide to splurge or Onitsuka Tigers.

10 // This SEA dress. I just adore it. I now think I might need it for my birthday dress…

11 // Chantecaille Mascara. Crazy expensive, but currently 20% off (through tonight — discount appears in cart). Have heard many good things about this.

What about you? What’s on your lust list?

P.S. The best things I bought in 2020.

P.P.S. In case you’re in a TV-watching drought. We are currently making our way through “Mare of Easttown” on HBO, the Formula 1 docuseries on Netflix, the new season of “Master of None” on Netflix, and a re-watch of VEEP.

P.P.P.S. The best foundation ever.

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