Not having a proper entryway storage system can really ruin the whole experience for everyone and can quickly become very annoying

Not having a proper entryway storage system can really ruin the whole experience for everyone and can quickly become very annoying

Luckily, there are easy ways to fix that. One of the obvious choices is to add a coat rack and it could be cool to actually craft one yourself. We can suggest a few designs that you might like. Below we included a few of the projects that are relevant in this case and we hope they’ll inspire you.

If you want a coat rack that’s easy to make a has a simple and rustic look then have a look at this particular design. It doesn’t really get any simpler than this. There are all the materials that you’re going to need for this project: a 4×4, a 2×4 a board at least 7” x 7”, four coat hooks and some wood glue. You can stain or paint the wood in order to match your new coat rack to your existing decor.

You can also make a perfectly nice coat rack using some leftover materials from your previous projects. This would be a good opportunity to make use of some scrap wood and possibly a few other things as well. The perfect example that we can give here is a project from instructables. This coat rack was made out of old pieces of wood and some railway spikes which were repurposed into hooks.

To save space you can have your entryway coat rack mounted onto the wall and to save some money you can make our of reclaimed pallet wood. It might also be nice to take the whole rustic look to the next level and use a bunch of old rusty nails instead of shiny new hooks. What’s nice about projects like this is that they’re easy and cheap to make and they can also be customized in lots of different ways. Check out instructables for more details.

This is a coat rack made out of coat hangers which is quite interesting to say the least. Once again, you can use leftover wood and other reclaimed materials in this project. You could mix and match different types of hangers if you want to or just stick with a matching set for a more clean and simple look. All the necessary details can be found on instructables.

How about a coat rack that also includes storage for other items such as your keys, wallet, phone and other knick knacks? It doesn’t have to be big or to take up any space on the floor. Something small that you can put up on a wall would work just fine. There’s a project on chatfieldcourt which explains how it all works and shows all the steps that you need to follow if you want to build something similar.

If you prefer a design that’s a bit more conventional this one should be a nice fit. It’s a little bit rustic but simple enough to be really versatile. All you need in order to successfully complete this project is a wooden board, a few hooks and some basic tools such as a drill and a hammer. A bit of wood stain is also needed if you want to give your new coat rack this nice-looking finish.

Freestanding coat racks have the advantage of being mobile. That means you can easily move them around when you’re cleaning or whenever you feel like reorganizing your entryway. Making a freestanding coat rack from scratch is a bit more complicated than making a wall-mounted one. One of the design possibilities is presented on shanty-2-chic. Check out the project to find out all the details.

Making a pallet coat rack is one of the easiest DIY projects we can think of and a great challenge even for a beginner. What’s really cool is that coat racks are very versatile and can become useful in lots of different ways. For example, you can add one to your bathroom or to your laundry room in case your entryway is already fully furnished. Check out this simple tutorial on artsychicksrule to find out more.

This DIY coat rack is even easier to make than all the other models we showed you so far. The supplies required for this project include the following items: 4 wooden poles cut to size, rope, spray paint (metallic gold), paint (four different shades of blue were used here) and painter’s tape. All the instructions and details can be found on stylebyemilyhenderson.

This zig zag coat rack is really simple and looks super sleek and stylish. It’s both practical and aesthetically pleasing which is a perfect combo. If you like what you see here, check out the complete tutorial on almostmakesperfect to find out how to craft a similar piece. The materials required for this project include the following: a3/4” thick wood dowels, 1/2” round dowels, a saw, clamps, a drill and some wood glue. You can stain or paint the dowels if you want to but you can also skip that entirely and preserve their natural look.

the DIY coat rack featured on craftberrybush is quite different that the ones we showed you so far. It looks super chic and stylish and although it seems quite complex it’s a really simple build. The supplies required for it include basic tools such as a saw and a drill, a few pieces of wood cut to different lengths, a 12” long dowel and also wood glue, wood stain and screws.

Something really cool that you can do when crafting your very own coat rack is to replace the typical hooks with something else. This design featured on brightgreendoor for example uses vintage wood shoe stretchers. You can follow the same idea or you can come up with a custom design of your own, based on the things that you like and the rest of the decor.

This eye-catching coat rack is made from a single piece of lumber. If it looks simple that’s because it is. As you can probably imagine, crafting this should be a fairly simple task. You are however going to need a few supplies such as a handsaw, a wood chisel, a hammer, a drill, some sandpaper and a few extra items. You can find the complete list along with tips and instructions on bobvila.

We already showed you how you can use reclaimed wood and pallets to make cool-looking coat racks and there’s actually another similar idea that you should definitely check out. It involves driftwood and it’s a really straightforward project. The most difficult part of it is actually finding a large piece of driftwood that a somewhat flat underside. The rest of the details can be found on sustainmycrafthabit.

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