Shoe Organization: Think Outside The [Shoe] Box

Shoe Organization: Think Outside The [Shoe] Box

Ahh shoes! I don’t care who you are, a look at an organized shoe closet brings a smile to every face! These days slippers and sneakers might be the leaders in the rotation but some day (someday soon) those heels and dress shoes are busting out and will be front and center again!

Shoes are often a pain point for our clients when we are organizing their homes. From kids shoes in mudrooms to overflowing closets to towers of tumbling tennies - we have seen it all and have a few tricks up our sleeves. Just like shoes, the space we all have for shoe storage varies greatly and requires different types of organization. Use my 6 tips for organizing shoes below to give your closet a footwear facelift.

6 Tips for Organizing Shoes

Heel Toe Heel Toe - My number one tip for saving space when storing shoes is to switch up how you are placing them on your shelf. If you are not a Kardashian with shelf space to spare, switch up the direction of each pair so they are placed heel to toe on the shelf. You will be shocked at how much space you can save!

Create Categories - If you have been following me and my blog for any length of time, you knew this tip was going to find its way into this post. Just like with all types of organization it is important to create categories within your shoes: sneakers, heels, flats, flip flops, etc. Breaking shoes into categories will help you know exactly where to look when you are selecting your shoes for the day.

Go Sky High - No I am not talking about the height of your Louboutins but maximizing space in your closet. There are multiple ways you use the height of your space for shoe storage. You can use a shoe rack like this here to store shoes under your hanging clothes or a utilizing shoe boxes like these here that easily stack or even store shoes on the back of a door with this here.

Keep Things Visible - Our team loves these shoe boxes here to keep shoes organized, give each pair a home but also keep everything in view within your closet. For a bonus label each box with our favorite label maker here.

Be Supportive - Just like your running shoes it is important to stay supportive. Your boots need a little support to stay looking good as new for years to come. These boot shapers are a great way to keep your boots standing tall so not only do they last longer and look better but they also help save space in your closet since they won’t constantly fold over.

Keep Your Favs Close at Hand - Organize your closet in a way that keeps the shoes you use most often close at hand. This might mean keeping your favorite black pumps on the shelf within arms reach and your wedding shoes higher up. Or for many of our clients this means keeping a rotation of 5 or so pairs in their mudroom and the rest beautifully displayed in their closet.

Favorite Products for Organizing Shoes

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