Steal Alert: Banana Republic: 52% off “in the family” event

Steal Alert: Banana Republic: 52% off “in the family” event

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Banana Republic 52% off full price: w/ STYLE (exp 9/17)
Fifty two? Five-two? How’d that happen? Because Banana Republic, GAP, and Old Navy are running a 40% off “in the family” event, and Banana Republic, for whatever reason, is running an extra 20% off that discounted price.

100 x .6 x .8 = 48 (so, 52% off the full price)

No texting for individual codes this time. Just use the code STYLE at checkout, and it should all work. AND, if your purchase is north of $150, you can use BRSHIP for free 3-5 day shipping on $100+. Cardmembers can still stack BRCARD on top of all this for an additional 10% off for a total of just about 57% off. Yes, there are some exclusions (namely topcoats) but there’s a surprisingly large amount of their new fall/winter line up for this discount. Off we go with the picks:

Arley Gray Suede or Brown Leather Boots – $85.44 ($178)

You serious? These are included in the code? That’s… something. Now, even our shoe expert thought their first run of suede Arley boots were pretty good for the price. Now in a cool gray suede (!!) and a rich looking brown leather. Budget Higgins Mills. That’s what those are.

Wool Cotton Sweater Blazer – $143.04 ($298)

A swazer that might even sway the most anti-swazer of dudes. 45% wool, 25% cotton, 19% polyester, 11% acrylic. Doesn’t look chopped in the tail? That’s good! Sometimes sweater blazers get a little short. That’s not good (to most). Wear it over everything from marled tees to textured henleys to OCBDs. Super versatile.

Water-Resistant Mac Jacket – $119.52 ($249)

Because the simple, navy mac jacket is one of those hyper versatile, crazy useful items that somehow still manages to make just about every wearer look 15% more handsome. Perfect for those times that you need a jacket, but you don’t need a WARM HOLY GOSH THIS THING IS WARM jacket. Goes with everything. Mostly poly/cotton with 12% cotton woven in. Could be a serious winner.

Supima Cotton Cable-Knit Sweater – $47.28 ($98.50)

Usually wool is favored around these parts, but cable knits/fisherman’s sweaters do quite well when made of cotton. Surprisingly well. That, and they cost less. Like the jacket that’s layered over it? You can find that here. It’s also on sale.

Rapid Movement Jeans – $56.64 – $61.92 ($118 – $129)

Stunned that these are included. Stunned. Obligatory mention because they’re often excluded. Full review can be found here. Plenty of fits and washes to pick from. Pair shown above is the athletic tapered in the “rinse” shade. Size shown above is a 34×30 on 5’10″/200lbs. Enormous fan of these.

Norman Suede Chukka Boot – $85.44 ($178)

All kinds or right. A little sleeker and a little more structure than a desert boot. Plus, the lack of a crepe sole makes them easier to dress up a touch. Super versatile. Big fan of the shade of suede. Could be massive winners at this price.

Italian Merino Wool V-Necks & Crew Necks – $38.16 ($79.50)

The Merino Wool that BR uses for their basic sweaters is not just nice, it’s quite nice. Not as paper-thin as UNIQLO’s stuff (although some people really like ultra-light sweaters), but still not bulky like a traditional lambswool either.

Vegan Suede Bomber Jacket – $85.92 ($179)

A total home run. Full review can be found over here.

Suede Tote Bag – $143.04 ($298)

Do I NEED a suede tote bag? Absolutely not. Do I WANT a suede tote bag in that color? Yes I do.

Slim Dark Rinse Japanese Traveler Jean – $57.12 ($119)

Another denim legend from Banana Republic. After over a THOUSAND reviews on the BR site, these things still have a 4.6 out of 5 star rating. Full review here. What’s the difference between these and the Rapid Movement? The RM looks a little more jean like. I think. These are more high performance. They look and feel great though. Just slim fits. No athletic tapered (which the Rapid Movement does have).

Corduroy Trucker Jacket – $71.52 ($149)

The problem with a lot of trucker jackets is that most of them are denim. And that can create a problem if you wear jeans a lot (the denim on denim thing isn’t the easiest look to pull off). This one? This solves that problem. Obviously. Also shown at the top of the post.

Core Temp Slim Fit Chinos – $47.04 ($98)

Lightweight, breathable, and absurdly comfortable. I wear them year round, but I also run a little warm. Almost always excluded. Full review here. Lots of colors to pick from. Slim fit.

Vegan Suede Trucker Jacket – $95.04 ($198)

More vegan suede. Also pictured in the cotton cable shot from a few scrolls up.

Nicklas Sneakers in Speckled Sole or Mixed Suede/Leather – $61.44 ($128)

Two new additions to the Nicklas sneaker lineup. And they’re not white! Really digging the charcoal gray leather/suede combination with the white soles. Want.

NEW Waxed Canvas Collection – $23.76 – $76.32 ($49.50 – $159)

Remember J. Crew’s old Abingdon stuff? Right. I don’t know why they stopped making most of that stuff either. But it looks like BR is picking up where J. Crew dropped that waxed canvas ball. Prices start at under $25 for that basic pouch, and run up to just under $80 for the briefcase and backpack.

Slim Legacy Jeans – $47.04 ($98)

A new addition to the Banana Republic denim arsenal. Also surprised that these are up for this fat discount. More than a few colors/washes to pick from. Just slim fit at present. In person review can be found over here.

Shawl-Collar Cardigan Sweater – $61.92 ($129)

All hail the super comfy “house” sweater… which looks good enough that you can wear out of the house. Another alternative to wearing a hoodie. 57% cotton, 33% nylon, 9% wool, 1% spandex is allegedly specially spun for an “extra cozy feel.” Okay then.

Heathered Traveler Pant in Slim or Athletic Tapered – $47.04 ($98.50)

THEY MADE THEN IN BOTH SLIM AND ATHLETIC TAPERED. This pleases me greatly. Fabric is a blend of 81% cotton, 18% polyester, and 1% elastane.

Hadley Italian Leather Brogue Oxford – $75.84 ($158)

Affordable brogue bluchers. Plus they’ve got a new burgundy shade (top) too. Super versatile. Of course, gonna be hard not to suggest jeans and a sportcoat for a smart social-studies teacher look when it cools off. They’d also look great with a cool gray linen suit.

Nicklas Sneaker – $61.44 ($128)

Obligatory mention. Full review here.

Italian Merino Sweater Polo – $42.96 ($89.50)

Grown up casual. I very much look forward to the season in which these can be worn. 100% extra fine Italian Merino.

Camo Suede Card Case – $18.96 ($39.50)

Mentioned in yesterday’s Best Bets. Suede. Simple. For the minimalists, or, could make a really nice (and inexpensive) stand alone business card case?

Core Temp BLAZER – $119.52 ($249)

Just quarter lined. Made from the same lightweight but strong feeling, breathable, mainly cotton, core-temp fabric as their chinos. Not bad at all. For reference, a 42R fit my 5’10″/200lbs frame just fine off the rack.

Norman Leather Chukka Boot – $85.44 ($178)

More chukkas. Still the Norman silhouette here, but in different leathers. That dark taupe appears to be nubuck? Fingers crossed that it is. That’d be quite nice.

Core Temp 5-Pocket Slim Fit Pants – $47.04 ($98)

Core temp in a 5-pocket jean-like style? Terrific. Still just the Aiden slim fits though.

Rapid Movement Shirt Jacket – $57.12 ($119)

I think shirt jackets sometimes are neither shirty enough, nor jackety enough. This one, with the zipper up front, SHOULD be jackety enough. I think. I believe. Fabric is 90% cotton, 8% polyester, 2% spandex.

Italian Leather Cap-Toe Oxford – $75.84 ($158)

Conservative shape. Simple cap toe. Ortholite insole is pretty comfy out of the box. Fit seems true. Maybe a half size small if you don’t wear thin dress socks with them. Are they gonna last you your whole life? Nah. Will they look good with a navy suit for an interview? You bet.

Rapid Movement Chinos – $47.04 ($98) multiple colors/fits

A regular weight chino. Not as airy as the core temp. They do definitely have more stretch than an average stretch chino. Maybe not as stretchy as the rapid movement denim, but, more flexible. 90% cotton, 8% poly, 2% spandex. Clean hook and bar closure front. Tons of colors and fits. Size shown above is a 33×30 in the Emerson straight fit. Speaking of fits, they have plenty. Slim, athletic tapered, straight, and more.

Italian Merino Cardigan Sweater – $47.28 ($98.50)

I’m a huge proponent of cardigans. Yes, they can look dorky on some. But not on everyone. Helps to be a little ugly (hi!). Not so clean cut. And if you run warm, it’s a heck of a lot easier taking one of these off (and putting it back on) throughout the day then pulling a crewneck or a v-neck over your head. I wear mine with everything from henleys to t-shirts to OCBDs.

Slim Italian Cotton Blazer – $119.52 ($249)

Brushed Italian cotton so it should be super soft. Even though it’s styled here with lighter pants, dark jeans or chinos would give off some serious autumnal campus vibes. Like, as the person teaching the class. Most students just wear pajama pants. This looks a little more like Indiana Jones at his day-job.

The 52% off w/ code STYLE deal ends at BR tomorrow, 9/17.
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