10 Things I Love Sunday

10 Things I Love Sunday

Happy Sunday! I know we are all feeling the weight and stressors of the current world in different ways, but I hope you are finding some moments of joy in the uncertainty! Doing little happy things over here when we can like matching outfits at home with Lola (similar leggings here and this is Lola’s tee) and making little hopscotch designs with chalk on the driveway for Lola and her babies to play hopscotch on … she’s definitely got her own set of rules for how to play the game and it’s really fun to watch! She’s also got a birthday coming up in May, so I’ve had fun collecting some really sweet presents for her as well (how cute is this?!). Here’s what else I love this week:

1. Favorite budget face wash (it’s great!)

2. It’s always fun to try products that your friends love and this highlighter serum is a favorite of Elsie’s and I have to agree that it is amazing! Pair that with a good bronzer and you are ready to glow …

3. Being home so much with a toddler we’ve definitely made good use of craft kits like this one and it’s fun to add little bits here and there for a theme day (like these ice cream or picnic themed ones—so cute!).

4. Been looking at some dollhouse furniture for Lola’s dollhouse I’m slowly adding to and this shop is so cute!

5. Yes, please!

6. I’ve been searching for a clean soft pencil eyeliner to replace a non-clean favorite I’ve used for years and this is it! It gives a great opaque line but it’s also easy to smudge out the ends for a faded out cat eye.

7. We are starting to “summerfy” the yard a little bit with each nice day, and it’s such a helpful thing to get out of the house and be in some sunshine for a bit. I’ve ordered some seeds for my garden (going to try starting more plants from seeds this year), so it’s exciting to think about starting that and planning out what I want to grow … I keep having low yield on bell/sweet peppers each year, so I’d like to figure that out finally and get a good crop!

8. Been making these at home with gluten-oats and some added chocolate chips—they are pretty easy to make and they keep really well in the fridge over a week for afternoon snack times.

9. Such a good line of cozy lounge wear (and easy on the ol’ wallet too!)

10. Love this vase!

Overall, I’m trying to be grateful where I can, let go on some of the rules we usually have (definitely made a lot more dinners out of cans and boxes than I usually like to!), and I’m introducing Lola to some of the best movies on the planet (Mary Poppins, anyone??) when I just need a break from all that’s swirling around us … hope there’s something that puts a smile on your face today as well! xo. Laura

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