10-Year-Old DJ Funk Puppy Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

10-Year-Old DJ Funk Puppy Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

10-Year-Old DJ Funk Puppy Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop
10-Year-Old DJ Funk Puppy Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

By day, Richard Tyler Greene, Jr, is your average 10-year-old who loves gaming and tacos. But by night, he transforms into Funk Puppy, the youngest and “fiercest member” of SCIFIGHTER, a growing collective of Californian DJs and electronic artists, which he founded with his father.

“I feel happy when I perform,” he says. “I like to play music for other people. I feel like all the hard work and practice pays off when I have a good show.” 

The young DJ lives with arthrogryposis multiplex congenita (AMC), a condition that creates limb stiffness and muscle weakness. But instead of viewing AMC as a hindrance, Funk Puppy continues to push forward, embracing a more positive and mature attitude.

“It makes things harder sometimes,” he admits, “[but] it doesn’t stop me from making music. Having AMC has taught me how to solve problems and that it’s important to always be yourself.”

This intense passion for electronic music began when, as only a toddler, he remembers his father holding an event that hosted local DJs and artists performing on two stages that they constructed themselves. (Richard Tyler Greene Sr. works in the stage lighting industry.) SCIFIGHTER was envisioned as a “musical experience” in which Funk Puppy helps choose video clips for a curated song list, as well as accompanying lights and visuals that are set up and programmed by his dad, who also builds the stage. 

“I was basically born into the electronic music scene,” Funk Puppy says. “I was backstage from as early as I can remember. At home, we’d listen to the artists he worked with, like Skrillex, Deadmau5, Kill the Noise, Valentino Khan, and lots of others.”

For some, finding their calling can take a long time, if ever. But for Funk Puppy, he was lucky to discover it at such an early age, and through that, has experienced the special joys and gratification of persistent, hard work.

“Never give up,” he says encouragingly to other young people who also have a dream. “That’s just it. Doing new things is very hard, but if it’s something you want to do, then keep going.”



Getting To Know Funk Puppy:





Current Grade:

Fifth Grade


How I’m feeling, at this exact moment: 

Happy to be interviewed by SPIN.


Favorite book: 

Gravity Falls: Journal 3, by Alex Hirsch, Rob Renzetti


Favorite food: 



Currently excited about:

Getting the Darth Vader skin on Fortnite and playing my next show


Current album: 

Game On (released December 2021) available on Spotify.


Next Live Event: 

SCIFIGHTER Rave From The Grave, October 20 -23 at Bass Valley, CA


The song I love the most right now: 

“Overdrive” by Grafix and Metrik


My practice routine consists of: 

DJ lessons once a week, practice at home, weekly livestreams


When I’m not playing practicing/performing, you can find me:

Karate, gaming, swimming, listening to music with my dad.


If I could meet one DJ in person, it would be:

Sub Focus


If I could meet them, I would ask them: 

What do you use to make your original tracks?


In 10 years, I really hope to be: 

Playing a big show.


What are you most looking forward to for the rest of this year? 

Getting a dog, getting my black belt, making new music.


The secret to being a great musician/performer is: 

Sticking with it, not giving up when it’s hard or boring. Believing in yourself.


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