11 Videos That Prove Dad Reflexes Are Real

11 Videos That Prove Dad Reflexes Are Real

Kids fall. It’s what they do. They stumble while walking, they topple off of slides, they get into tricycle pileups. It’s the natural consequence of having a small, uncoordinated body. But the good news is that behind every clumsy or unfortunately-positioned kid is a dad with lightning-fast reflexes. Dads may not look like superheroes, but their Spidey Senses say otherwise. Caught in an unsafe situation, these clips prove that the best person to have around is a dad. Check out these dads that prove that fatherhood can bestow some formidable abilities.

This Dad Who Swiped Down a Flying Car in Midair

When a remote controlled car careened the wrong way off a ramp, this dad jumped into action to shoot it down seconds before it hit his daughter.

Dad mode activated

This Dad Who Narrowly Prevented a Fall From a Bridge

During a photoshoot in Yosemite, this dad caught his daughter just in time as she was falling backwards off of a bridge ledge … without even looking at her.

This Dad With a Crowded House and Excellent Form

Sometimes the worst obstacles are kids themselves. This dad tripped over one kid while holding another, and showed off perfect form while rolling safely.

This Grandpa Who’s Still Got It

Dad never reflexes never go away. If anything, this grandpa proves that they just get better with time when he catches his stumbling granddaughter perfectly in his arms.

Grandpa still got reflexes.

This Dad Whose Reflexes Don’t Sleep

You can never put a pause on being a father, and the same goes for fatherly instincts. Even while seemingly asleep, this dad knows just when to get up to stop his kid from falling off the bed.

Dad Reflexes don’t sleep

This Dad Who Deflected a Baseball Bat

While out at a baseball game, this dad never thought he’d become a viral hero after expertly shielding his son from a rogue baseball bat headed straight for his face. Things could’ve ended badly if he weren’t there.

This Dad Who Blocked a Soccer Ball

The cold didn’t dull this dad’s senses, who stuck out his arm just in time to swat away a soccer ball accidentally launched at his toddler.

This Burnley fan is a hero. (x-post /r/soccer)

This Dad Who Sort Of Caught a Birthday Cake

It probably would’ve been a better second birthday for this toddler if his cake hadn’t flipped over, but, alas, accidents happen. Luckily, his dad caught the plate quickly enough to save most of it.

This Dad Who Escapes an Imminent Sand Castle Collapse

First a little came down off this wall of sand, then the whole damn thing, but this dad knew just how to grab his kid and roll away from this minor avalanche.

This Dad Who Saved His Daughter From Falling Off the Swing

Everybody’s gotten too ambitious on a swing at least once in their life. Like this kid, who went a little too high for her own good, but fell right into her dad’s grip just as she started to slip off.

This Dad Who Saved Not One, But Two Kids in the Snow

This girl didn’t have much control while sledding down a hill, so it’s a good thing this dad pushed his own kid to safety before she slides perfectly underneath him. Nice splits!

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