17 Summer Birthday Party Ideas That Never Go Out of Style

17 Summer Birthday Party Ideas That Never Go Out of Style

A Moana-themed luau or an ice cream sundae social sounds about right

Adventurous spirits and long, sun-soaked days make summer the best time to throw an awesome birthday party. You can take it easy and go with something simple or do it up with a theme to fit your kiddo’s taste. Not sure where to start? Be inspired by the below summer birthday party ideas guaranteed to be a huge hit.

Mermaid Party

Mermaid parties are always popular and in the summer, you can add water games or pool games (for older kids who can swim well) for extra fun. It’s also fun to decorate in an ocean theme and if you can swing it, a visit from Ariel will be unforgettable.

Field Day Party

Anna Samoylova via Unsplash

A great party doesn’t have to be fussy or elaborate! Get your kids playing and laughing with a field day party—we’ve got a roundup of our favorite classic yard games to get you started. 

Water Games Party

All for the Boys

There's nothing more classic, or in demand, than a water play party. From cup races to paddle pools, there's no end to the refreshing fun! Check out our list of ultimate water games for ideas. 

Outdoor Movie Night


It really wouldn’t be summer without a trip to the movies to watch a blockbuster. Bring the big screen to your backyard with a film fanatic’s bash fit for an award. Toss a few blankets and cozy pillows around the lawn, then put together a popcorn bar and project your favorite family-friendly flick on the side of your house or on a sheet while you relax under the stars.

Woodland Fairy Party

There’s something magical about those when the sun is still shining long past most kids’ bedtime. Sprinkle your party with a little bit of that magic and invite the faeries and forest creatures to create an unforgettable summer birthday party. Pass out fairy wings and flower crowns to party guests, paint faces, and make nature-themed crafts.

Moana/Luau Party

Tropical decorations sit on a table as part of a Moana Birthday party idea.
Catch My Party

With its tropical, floral setting, a Moana party is a gorgeous one, especially if you use some of these fun ideas from Catch My Party founder Jillian Tobher Leslie. Her Moana party recommendations include a layered hibiscus flower cake, frosted flower cookies, and adorable crab-shaped croissants. If you're looking for activities, check out this fun (and free!) printables from Virtually Yours.

Picnic Celebration

a picnic party is a good summer birthday party idea

Take advantage of bright days to throw a summer birthday party outside at your favorite park. From packing simple picnic food (we love finger foods you can make ahead) to coordinating fun outdoor games, click here for ideas that can last you well into fall.

Camp Out Adventure

a backyard campout is a fun summer birthday party idea

Kids who love to explore will have a blast at a camping-themed adventure party. Set up tents to give party-goers a shady spot to enjoy their s'mores. Pass out magnifying glasses as take-home favors, and create plenty of engaging entertainment with a nature scavenger hunt.

Baseball Birthday Party

Nothing says summer to sports fans like a day at the ballpark. Serve up hot dogs, Cracker Jacks, and baseball cupcakes. Have gloves and balls handy for kids to toss and don’t forget to have all the party guests sign a baseball as a special token for your baseball-loving birthday kid to cherish.

Beach Fun

Jill Birkmann Photography via Project Nursery

It really wouldn't be summer without a trip to the beach. Set up a sandbox and let the kids dig for buried treasure. Play hot potato with a beach ball. Serve up refreshing beachy treats, like popsicles and watermelon. Give the guests sand buckets and shovels, or this adorable sandcastle kit from Mama Papa Bubba, as take-home favors.

Fishing Party

a fishing party is a good summer birthday party idea
Allyson Wiley Photography

Cast your line and reel in some excitement with this summer birthday party idea. You don’t have to have access to a lake to catch fish, instead set up a kiddie pool and play go-fish with DIY fishing poles with magnets. Don't forget to serve kid classics, like worms in dirt!

Ice Cream Social Birthday

Ice cream and summer go together like… well, ice cream and summer. This match made in birthday party heaven will not only give guests a sweet treat, but it will also keep them cool in the heat. Set up an ice cream bar like the ones featured here and they’ll have a blast coming up with their own concoctions.

Glow in the Dark Birthday Party

a glow in the dark party is a fun summer birthday party idea

Take advantage of those warm summer nights with a party after dark. Set up your party space with black lights and pass out glowing accessories, like bracelets and glasses. Set up glow-in-the-dark games, like hopscotch, and let your guests get creative with glow chalk, like this DIY recipe from Growing A Jeweled Rose. Check out these dark play ideas for more glowing activities.

Music & Karaoke Party

Karaoke is a fun summer birthday party idea
Jolie Loeb

Summer is packed with music festivals, so why not turn your party into a birthday-palooza with a backyard music fest? Instead of hiring a band, let your little crooners take the spotlight with a karaoke party. Pass out party invites that look VIP concert passes. Set up a stage with a sparkly backdrop and mic stands and get ready to jam while the kids rock the day away. While the guests wait their turn, they can deck themselves out like rock stars with wigs and costumes

Kite-Flying Party

a kite party is a fun summer birthday party idea

Send your summer birthday party soaring to new heights. Serve up kite-shaped cakes and cookies. Give each child a kite (this counts as your party favor!), and if the wind is in your favor, your guests can spend the rest of the day flying kites in the summer sun.

Summer Reading Party

Max Goncharov via Unsplash

Your little bookworms will have a blast throwing a summer reading party, especially when you pack it with fun activities like book bingo, trivia games, and a book swap. Click here to read up on how it’s done, courtesy of Nerdy Book Club.

Host a Flower Party

Alice's Table

Floral themes scream summer, and what better way to celebrate your kid than with a custom-designed flower party? Alice's Table is a professional service that brings everything you'll need (flowers, clippers, water, and more) to create a flower crown right to your home. They'll even provide a party page and invites if needed! Available in 31 states.

Find out more: alicestable/throwaparty.com

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