23 Totally Awesome Remote Control Cars for Kids (or Adults!)

23 Totally Awesome Remote Control Cars for Kids (or Adults!)

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Remote control cars have come a long way in a short space of time. Those cumbersome, sluggish cars of yesteryear have been replaced by speedy and stylish devices which are often capable of performing impressive stunts. Furthermore, these updates are often far more reasonably priced than their predecessors, too. To help you find the right car, we’ve put together a selection of the best remote control cars available online.

The best remote control cars always make a unique gift idea. Whether it’s a birthday, the holidays or even just because, the best RC cars deliver fun for everyone and can usually be found on any kids (and adults) wish list. So if you’ve been searching the internet for the best remote control car, or best RC car, but don’t quite know what’s what, let us help you out.


What To Consider Before Buying a Remote Control Car

The concept behind RC cars is pretty straightforward — these toy vehicles are operated remotely through radio waves transmitted from a controller to the car. Typically, these toys are much easier to operate than RC boats and RC planes, making them an ideal gift for kids and adults. Over time, RC cars have gotten faster and more complex, with hobbyists developing racing leagues.

The best RC cars are typically designed for young people, but there are plenty of adults who love these toys as well, either as a fun family activity or as a hobby of their own. But before you decide on which car is right for you or your recipient, it’s worth considering the following elements:

  • Battery Life – While battery life has definitely improved over the years, it’s still important to check your chosen car is going to give you enough time to enjoy a drive before it dies. In addition to battery life, you may also want to check out battery charging time.
  • Surface Versatility – If you want to be able to use your car on more than just race track-worthy surfaces, look for devices that advertise ‘off-road’ capabilities. Most off-road vehicles can handle grass, gravel, sand, dirt and other land types. There are also some amphibious remote-control cars that are capable of driving on water.
  • Reception Range – Another element that can vary significantly between the best remote control cars is the reception range between the car and the remote control. If you’re buying for a toddler or a younger child, a shorter reception range is unlikely to be an issue. However, for teens and adults wanting to really test a car’s limits, it’s worth siding with a greater range to ensure your car won’t unexpectedly lose signal.
  • Stunts – If you’re into 360 spins, flips, wheelies, jumps and generally anything which isn’t straight-line racing, definitely opt for a RC car built for performing stunts. Most cars will advertise what they’re capable of.
  • Details/Style – A lot of modern cars have detailed and surprisingly functional designs. From working lights and operating doors to detailed interiors and tons of different driving modes to choose from, these remote control cars can provide hours of practical and visual entertainment.
  • Top Speed – If you’re more about straight-line speed than tricks, then look for the car’s top speed. The fastest remote control cars can reach speeds of 30-60 miles per hour, and these RC cars for adults are designed for track racing.

Our selection of the best RC cars has an option for every kind of driver. We’ve included sleek luxury sports models, stunt cars that climb walls, off-road vehicles that can handle any terrain and emergency vehicles for drivers who love flashing lights. Scroll down to find the best remote control car for you.


1. Air Hogs Zero Gravity Wall Racer


When you were a kid dreaming about unwrapping a new RC car on Christmas morning, could you have imagined a car that could race up the walls? That’s exactly what this toy can do. We named this gravity-defying car one of the best toys of the year in 2021, and it’s one of the best remote control cars we’ve ever seen.

air hogs zero gravity wall racer Buy: Air Hogs Zero Gravity Wall Racer $29.99

2. Threeking RC Cars Stunt Car


The Threeking RC Cars Stunt Car incorporates Transformer-like features which allow it to perform stunts other RC cars can only dream of. Each pair of wheels on either side of the central body can rotate 90 degrees, giving the car the ability to adjust to any environment, including bumpy land, stone roads and beaches. The 1:28 scale car is also capable of speeds up to 7.5mph, is made from tough and durable materials and comes in either red, green or blue.

remote control cars threeking

Buy: Threeking RC Cars Stunt Car $31.99 (orig. $41.99) 24% OFF


3. JLB Racing Cheetah


Got a need for speed? This is the RC car for you! Although it’s quite a splurge, this JLB Racing Cheetah is certainly top-tier when it comes to speed and performance racing, reaching whopping speeds of up to 50 mph. This RC car for adults features four-wheel drive with rugged tires and suspension on each for smooth off-road racing and great traction. The battery life on this vehicle is about 20 minutes with a full charging time of about four to five hours. It’s made with all waterproof electronics so you can run it in any weather or wet condition.

JLB Racing Cheetah

Buy: JLB Racing Cheetah $399.99


4. Sharper Image Remote Control RC Flip Stunt Vehicle


Sharper Image is known for making nifty electronics, toys and gifts for people of all ages, and the brand’s RC stunt car is sure to provide hours of entertainment for kids and adults alike. The unique 2-in-1 car design is capable of barreling down steps and doing fun stunts such as 360-degree spins. There are also working headlights so the fun can keep going when the lights are out. For just $10, it’s a perfect gift for kids. You may just want to take it out of the box right away so you can have a turn. This RC car runs on batteries, which are not included.

Sharper Image Remote Control Flip Stunt Rally Car

Buy: Sharper Image Remote Control Flip Stunt Rally Car $9.97


5. Monster Jam Official El Toro Loco Monster Truck


If you’re looking for a gift remote-control car that is popular and has been extensively tried and tested, this Monster Jam Official El Toro Loco Monster Truck fits the bill. At under $17, the truck, which comes backed by more than 7,000 five-star ratings, won’t break the bank, either. The 1:24 scale model features a dual-stick remote control that is capable of providing high-octane fun up to 250 feet away. Furthermore, the truck is available in four different styles, including a traditional monster truck and a shark-shaped option.

remote control cars monster jam official

Buy: Monster Jam Official El Toro Loco Monster Truck $12.79 (orig. $16.49) 22% OFF


6. Cars Lightning McQueen RC Remote Control Car


This Cars Lightning McQueen RC Remote Control Car is an ideal choice for kids who have seen Disney’s Cars film series, as well as those who haven’t. In addition to remotely controlling the car, the bright colors, fun face and decoration on the remote control ensure there’s plenty to keep young drivers entertained. The 7.5-inch car comes supplied with two AA batteries and a USB charging cable to power the remote and charge the car, meaning it’s ready to race right out of the box. Additionally, the 100-feet transmission limit ensures drivers have plenty of road to cover before needing to turn back.

remote control cars car lightning mcqueen

Buy: Cars Lightning McQueen RC Remote Control Car $17.99


7. QUN FENG Electric RC Car


A perfect imitation of the real car, this beautiful Lambo is a must-see for luxury car lovers. With glowing headlights and illuminating red taillights, this little car lights up when you pull forward or reverse. This car runs best on smooth surfaces like concrete, wood, or asphalt and comes with detailed rubber wheels that help approximate max speeds up to 10 mph. With this car, you also receive a remote control.

RC Lamborghini

Buy: QUN FENG Electric RC Car-Lamborghini $28.99


8. Jada Toys Hollywood Rides RC Jeep Wrangler


The Jada Toys Hollywood Rides RC Jeep Wrangler lets you get behind the wheel of the iconic off-road vehicle made famous by the original Jurassic Park movie. The jeep, which also featured in the more recent Jurassic World movie, is an ​​authentically licensed product and measures 12 inches in length. It features a film-specific paint job and accompanying decals. Plus, the remote control works up to 100 feet away, giving you plenty of distance to escape any T. rexes you find in pursuit.

remote control cars jurassic hollywood rides

Buy: Jada Toys Hollywood Rides RC Jeep Wrangler $27.99


9. FAO Schwarz RC Head-To-Head Bumper Car Set


For a dose of two-player, nostalgia-inspired fun, try this FAO Schwarz RC Head-To-Head Bumper Car Set. The two-vehicle set includes one red and one blue bumper car, along with remote controls. Drivers take control of each car and try to bump and bash their opponent until the opposing driver is ejected from their seat. And, if one-on-one competition isn’t enough for what you’re after, add more sets to maximize fun between your friends or family.

remote control cars fao schwarz

Buy: FAO Schwarz RC Head-To-Head Bumper Car Set $29.99


10. Carrera RC Mario Kart – Mach 8 Mario


This RC car from Nintendo is perfect for Mario Kart fans, and who isn’t a Mario Kart fan? Buy matching cars featuring other characters such as Luigi and Yoshi to set up your Mario Kart-style races in your own backyard. The RC Mario Kart Mach 8 Mario “features a front and rear suspension along with pneumatic tires allowing you to race up to 5.6-mph on various courses across multiple terrains.” In addition, this RC car will tilt to the side as you turn, just like in the video game. The car itself will provide 20 minutes of racing time before it needs a recharge, and it features a rechargeable battery.

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RC Mario Kart

Buy: RC Mario Kart - Mach 8 Mario $39.99

Buy: RC Mario Kart - Mach 8 Luigi $39.99


11. Traxxas Rustler 4×4 VXL, Brushless RC Truck


Traxxas doesn’t make RC cars for the backyard. Rather, this company makes heavy-duty RC cars for racing and hobbyists. The Amazon listing for the Traxxas Rustler 4×4 promises to reach speeds of 65 mph, but reviewers say it tops out closer to 45-50 mph. That’s still mighty impressive, and it’s one of the fastest RC cars for sale in 2022, with tires and a heavy-duty frame designed for all-terrain driving.

traxxas rustler rc car for adults

Buy: Traxxas Rustler 4x4 RC Racing Car $470.94 (orig. $779.99) 40% OFF


12. Air Hog Jump Fury Remote Control Cars


With its ability to jump up to 22 inches in the air, this Air Hog Jump Fury Remote Control Car provides fun for the whole family to enjoy. The smartly designed device features large, zero-damage wheels which facilitate the car’s impressive jumps, 360-degree spins, wheelies and general mayhem. Its softer-than-average construction also makes this RC car more suitable for indoor use as it’s less likely to cause damage to furniture or people, especially when being controlled by novice drivers.

air hog jump fury remote control car

Buy: Air Hog Jump Fury Remote Control Car $36.99


13. EpochAir Stunt RC Car


This remote control stunt car offers dual modes of operation: floor and wall. With an infrared sensor and an impressive 360-degree rotation capability, this RC car can drive up walls, bounce off surfaces, do tricks, and more. It additionally features a highly intuitive steering mechanism that makes it even easier to control.

EpochAir Stunt Car

Buy: EpochAir Wall Climbing Remote Control Car $24.99 (orig. $36.99) 32% OFF


14. Rcfunkid Remote Control Car


This RC stunt car is tons of fun for the whole family. It comes with double sides for racing, backward and forward moving, and 360-degree tumbling and spinning. Perfect for racing and tricks, it has a powerful battery that offers up to 30 minutes of run time and comes with a 2.4GHZ remote control.

Rcfunkid Remote Control Car

Buy: Rcfunkid Remote Control Car $23.36 (orig. $39.99) 42% OFF


15. KidiRace Remote Control Police Car


With sleek non-slip tires and an extra tight turning radius, you’ll have no problem turning in those tight areas. And with realistic lights and sounds, you can connect up to six cars without interference and recreate your own high-speed police chase in the comfort of your own home. It offers kid-friendly controls and offers 30 minutes of driving time with each charge.

Remote Control Police Car

Buy: KidiRace RC Remote Control Police Car $42.99


16. New Bright R/C Slidewinder USB


For slightly older kids who have a little practice with remote control cars already, we recommend this drifting R/C Slidewinder from toymaker New Bright. We recommend this toy for older kids because it has more sophisticated controls than other toy cars and can reach speeds of 6 miles per hour. In addition to the standard Forward/Reverse and Left/Right Steering, this car can drift sideways, spin in circles and the vehicle body can be raised and lowered, too. Like the best remote control cars, it also has working headlights. Instead of constantly replacing the AA batteries, this all-terrain RC car comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery charged via USB.

remote control car from new bright

Buy: New Bright 1:10 R/C Slidewinder USB $39.99


17. Monster Jam Official Megalodon Storm Monster Truck


This Monster Jam Official Megalodon Storm Monster Truck is an all-terrain vehicle that looks as sharp as it drives. This shark-shaped truck is capable of taking on several different terrain types, including grass, snow, rocks, dirt and water for versatility few vehicles can compete with. The authentic graphics, details and BKT tires also add to the life-like experience of driving this 1:15 scale model. Plus, the USB-rechargeable device comes with an easily navigated remote control, making it suitable for ages four and above.

monster jam official megalodon storm remote control car

Buy: Monster Jam Official Megalodon Storm Monster Truck $47.99


18. FREE TO FLY Remote Control Car


If the ability to drive on water is an absolute must, try turning to this FREE TO FLY Remote Control Car. It features a fully enclosed body which prevents water from reaching the important electronics inside. The balanced and mirrored design also allows the truck to travel either way up, meaning rolling over or flipping is no problem for this multi-surface vehicle. In addition, each full charge provides drivers with 20 minutes of drive time from up to 60 meters away with the supplied remote control.

free to fly remote control car

Buy: FREE TO FLY Remote Control Car $33.99 (orig. $49.99) 32% OFF


19. Rastar RC Ferrari


One look at this cherry-red Ferrari and you’ll be smitten. Featuring working doors, lights and an impressive independent spring suspension system, this RC car can hit max speeds up to 10 mph. More than that, it also offers fully adjustable left and right wheel alignment, a remote control styled in the fashion of a steering wheel and one heck of a detailed interior.

RC Ferrari

Buy: 1/14 Scale Ferrari $46.49 (orig. $49.99) 7% OFF


20. Monster Jam RC Freestyle Force Grave Digger


The Monster Jam RC Freestyle Force Grave Digger is able to accommodate both new and experienced drivers, thanks to its choice of beginner and advanced modes. This handy feature makes the car a great choice for households where siblings may be sharing the new addition. The 1:15 scale car is also capable of performing more than 12 different stunts, including wheelies, 360 spins and jumps. For aesthetic appeal and accuracy, you’ll notice premium metallic deco, vivid colors, official BKT tires and real life-like chassis.

monter jam rc freestyle force grave digger

Buy: Monster Jam RC Freestyle Force Grave Digger $59.99


21. DANCHEE RidgeRock


This rock-crawling vehicle is fun on any terrain. It comes with four-wheel drive, a 2.4GHz radio transmitter, four-mode steering as well as tunable suspension, and adjustable ride height, and durable off-road tires. It comes assembled and ready to use and is packaged with a 7.4v 1500mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery and USB charger cable.


Buy: DANCHEE RidgeRock $139.99


22. LÆGENDARY Brushless RC Car


This 1/16 scale high-speed RC car has the ability to run for 40 minutes on one full charge. It’s waterproof, features four-wheel drive, and comes fully assembled and ready to hit the road straight out of the box. This vehicle is one of the fastest on our list, reaching up to 38 mph. It can be raced on all terrains and comes with 2.4GHz radio remote control and an extra pair of off-road tires for added security and fun.

LÆGENDARY Store 1/16 Brushless RC Car

Buy: LÆGENDARY Store 1/16 Brushless RC Car $163.84


23. HPI Racing RS4 Sport 3 Flux RTR Ford GT LM Heritage Edition


This racecar-inspired RC car can reach top speeds of 60 miles per hour, or 100 kilometers per hour. Designed by HPI racing, it’s not your average RC toy. Priced at more than $400, this super-fast RC car will put other toy cars to shame.

fastest rc car Buy: RS4 Sport 3 Flux RTR Ford GT LM Heritage Edition $445.09


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