5 Random Things: February

5 Random Things: February

It’s been a bit of a rough re-entry back from family vacation, as today is our first snow day of the school year but we’re going to make the most of it with some sledding and play dates with our neighbors. Anel took the day off to help with the kids which I’m very grateful for!

Amalia had a sort of milestone this month in that she had a physical issue that she was embarrassed to talk to her dad about. There are now certain things that she’ll only talk to me about and it feels like somehow that means she’s growing up. It’s a girl thing!

A cute and fun thing about Luca is that he is starting to have a serious preference on colors. He only wants to wear red or yellow much to my dismay, considering I’ve bought him mostly blue clothing for the last two years. “No boo shirt, I want yeyyo shirt!” But I got him some yellow natives for summer that he is quite thrilled about.

I’ve been working hard for the launch of my small spring collection with Ophelia & Indigo that is coming out in a few weeks. I can’t wait to share it all with you so soon.

Ok off to go sledding with the kiddos!

Pictured Above: Fanny Pack / Amalia’s Dress / Mama Hat


Books –

The Marriage Portrait by Maggie O’FarrellFrom the author of Hamnet (winner of every award and on all the best books lists I’ve seen in the last few years), this historical fiction novel is set in Renaissance Florence in the 1550s which I appreciate since I studied abroad there in college. Lucrezia de Medici, the third daughter of the grand duke, has a mind of her own. When her older sister dies just before her wedding, Lucrezia is forced to marry her late sister’s fiancé. She then becomes paranoid that he wants to kill her.

It took me a little bit of time to get into it but I ended up really enjoying this one and would definitely recommend it!

Spare by Prince Harry: I didn’t plan to read this as I’m not a huge follower of royal news (probably the only one!) but a few friends said it was great so I decided to listen to it on Audible, thinking I’d give it a try and probably not finish it. I was surprised to find how raw and real the prince’s story is told! And hearing it from his own voice makes it even better in my opinion. If you’re a Meghan and Harry hater for whatever reason, read this book and I bet your mind will be changed.

TV Shows –

Severance (Apple+): We finally finished Severance and the last episode blew my mind! If you haven’t seen or heard of it, Severance is about a hand of employees at shady company, Lumon, that underwent a “severance” procedure to sever their work and personal memories. So at work, they have no idea who they are on the outside, and at home, they remember nothing about work. Adam Scott and Patricia Arquette are fantastic and creepy in the best way possible.

Severance gets my vote for best show of 2022!

The Last of Us (HBO Max): At this point is anyone not watching this adaptation of a zombie video game? When I heard about it I thought that it wouldn’t be for me but the show is fantastic and about so much more than just zombies (or the infected, I should say). It’s definitely violent and gory and scary at times but there is a beautiful story line about the two main characters, a man who lost his daughter and an orphan who find each other. I find myself excited for Sunday nights when new episodes come out.

Shrinking (Apple+): Shrinking, starring Jason Segel and Harrison Ford is definitely a sleeper hit. We randomly started it one night and found ourselves laughing out loud over and over again. The first two episodes are as sad as they are funny but it really hits its stride on episode 3. We’re still catching up but really loving this one so far!


1. Bare August Foot FileBecause apparently foot care is my thing now, I’m including this foot file on yet another list (originally shared in my foot care routine post). Eva gave it to me as a late Christmas gift after it went viral on TikTok and the hype is real! I have used it at least 3x/week since and the bottom of my feet have never been smoother ever! I let my sister try it (it cleans easily, don’t worry) on vacay and she said she’s buying one too now. It’s that good!

2. Owala FreeSip Water Bottles: Everyone out there seems to be a Stanley stan these days but I am here to argue that Owala bottles are better. You can close and lock them so they’re easier to move around and bring in the car or throw in a bag. The drinking apparatus has two options (sip through a straw or pour into your mouth) and I love the color combos. I bought one for each kid too and they were great for travel.

3. Vegamour Gro Brow Serum: GRO Hair serumI partnered with Vegamour for their this month (also an amazing product for thin or thinning hair) but fell in love with their Brow Serum too. My eyebrows have never been thicker, I’m in awe of how good they look. I saw my mom for the first time in a few months last week and she immediately commented on how great my eyebrows look so it’s definitely working!

You can use my Vegamour code LEMONSTRIPES20 for 20% off if you try it. 

4. Leather Desk MatI love the idea of a blotter to keep my computer and keyboard and everything on my desk organized and need. Check out how I styled it and use it on my desk.

5. Rey to Z Letter HatsWe’ve always been a Rey to Z family but they just sent us a new batch for vacation. Luca has a blue L toddler hat, Amalia has a pink A kids hat, I have the green Mama hat, and Anel has a Dad one. I just think they’re so cute and classic!


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