5 Simple Things to Do For Yourself

5 Simple Things to Do For Yourself

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As we all struggle to find a little bit of normalcy in our lives lately I thought it would be nice to share 5 simple things I’ve been doing for myself while at home. It’s often hard to find a moment alone at home with two crazy toddler boys constantly running circles around our house. I have struggled to find a balance between mom life, personal life and working. It’s hard to feel recharged when every day is kind of the same but these simple things make a big difference in my mood!

  • Get dressed. Seems like such a mundane thing that we do every single day but I mean really get dressed. Put on something that makes you feel nice – a floral dress, a pretty blouse, a slip dress, a printed jumpsuit (also love this one) with sneakers – anything that makes you feel like you put a little effort into your looks. I promise it will turn your day around!
  • Take time for a little self-care. The days that I take the time to get ready by actually blow drying my hair, doing a face mask or just putting on some mascara are a reminder that those efforts are important. Even though we don’t have plans at the moment it’s important to remember that we deserve a little self-care.
  • Quiet time. When I polled you about what makes you happy on Instagram so many of you responded with “quiet time.” I think we are all longing for a little separation from reality whether we are stuck at home with our families or even all alone. Taking a moment to get out of your own head can do wonders for your mental state. Start by taking 10 deep breaths, meditate or simply lay on the floor with one hand on your heart and one hand on your stomach. Feel your breath and you’ll immediately start to feel calmer!
  • Move your body! This is a quick game changer for my mental health. It can be anything from a run outside, working out with my trainer, finding a 30-minute yoga stretch video on Youtube or taking Webster for a walk by myself. Moving my body and dedicating time to my body is one of the best things I do for myself. I recently bought some new cropped sweatshirts (this and this) for my Spring workouts!
  • Plan a date night at home (or a solo night at home with yourself!). I love entertaining and using some of my nicest serveware on a random day of the week. Putting the kids to bed and treating our night at home as something a little more special brings me joy. It feels social, it feels indulgent and sometimes that’s exactly what we need! We love putting together a big cheese tray, finding one of our favorite movies (Crazy Stupid Love, Forgetting Sarah Marshall or Bridesmaids are some of our go-to’s!) and grabbing a nice bottle of wine. Sometimes that’s all you need to make the night feel special and have a sliver of normal life back!

I hope these five simple things bring you some moments of peace and make you feel a little bit spoiled while at home!

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