6 Reasons This New Car Seat Is a Game-Changer for a New Generation of Parents

6 Reasons This New Car Seat Is a Game-Changer for a New Generation of Parents

Whether you’re heading to a new country or spending a busy day in your fair city, having your baby with you should be as easy as possible. We already know you’re packing the extras, like diapers, a change of clothes, and a few teething toys, so making sure your baby transport system is ready to go when you are is critical. Which is where the new Nuna PIPA urbn comes in. Sold as part of a comprehensive travel system, it’s now easier than ever to bring the car seat and stroller along for the ride, from daycare to a day abroad.

Here are a few reasons this new car seat is perfect for parents like you.


1. It’s lightweight, so you can carry it…and baby…and a bag of groceries

There’s lightweight, and then there’s the Nuna PIPA urbn. The entire car seat weighs only seven pounds. This makes it a lot easier to carry up and down the stairs or a few blocks down to your parking spot. Plus, we know the car seat is not all you’re hauling. There’s the diaper bag, a bag of groceries, and, of course, your beautiful baby, too.

2. Three different travel system styles allow for compatibility with any lifestyle

A car seat alone doesn’t get you from point A to point B, you’ll need some wheels too to build out your "travel system". The Nuna PIPA urbn is paired with three different strollers creating travel system options for any lifestyle, all designed with parents-on-the-go in mind. These sets are self-contained, so no need for the purchase of added elements. Once you’ve landed on your car seat and stroller set of choice, you’re all set to hit the road.

Pick your perfect travel system:

  • Choose the TRIV™ next, a lightweight compact stroller that is full of features with a seat that can faces and folds both ways, a car seat ring adapter that quickly folds with the frame, and packs up in seconds with its easy one-hand fold. It’s perfect for weaving in and out of those city crowds, getting in and out of taxis, or just cruising for a day of sightseeing.
  • Opt for the MIXX™ next, perfect for suburban families, the MIXX next offers an ultra-smooth ride no matter the terrain, can easily be steered with one hand, has a seat that faces you or the world around them, and is full of premium features parents and kids love. Think easy maneuverability through varied terrain on a day-to-day basis.
  • And for an ultra-lightweight option, go with the TRVL™, a super compact-stroller that self-folds with one hand and weighs just 13.6 lbs. A perfect option for light-weight adventuring with ease, this stroller and car seat combo is the ultimate “travel” travel system.

3. Get in and out of any vehicle in a flash

Whether you’re hopping out of the cab en route to daycare or you’re changing the car seat between caregiver vehicles, install shouldn’t be a struggle. The Nuna PIPA urbn can be installed in 2 seconds using the pipaFIX™ rigid latch. For seating positions without lower anchors, like the middle seat in many vehicles, it can be installed using the vehicle seat belt and the belt paths on the car seat. Plus, this baseless installation feature is integrated right into the car seat, making the installation even easier and a whole lot faster. No more buying an extra base for a second car or struggling for a ridiculous amount of time with installing while the meter is running! The final safety step of install is also quick - simply check the level line to ensure the recline position of the seat is correct.

4. One-handed quick release

Possibly the only thing faster than the install of the Nuna PIPA urbn is the quick-release feature. Designed to be one-handed and easy, you can keep one hand holding tight to your toddler or your luggage while the other releases the Nuna PIPA urbn from a vehicle or your Nuna stroller.

5. Privacy when they need it

Keep baby in their own little bubble while you keep on strolling using Nuna’s Sky drape™ for privacy. It pulls down smoothly and attaches quietly using magnets. It’s ventilated but opaque enough to block bright lights, and there’s even an opening at the bottom for adorable feet to move around.

6. It’s your ticket to easy travel

We’ve all been witness to (or a part of) the dreaded luggage and stroller lug throughout the airport and then the nerve-racking struggle in the security line to get the stroller folded while everyone just watches. Not anymore. You’ll be able to sail through TSA (thanks to the super easy and quick folding features of all 3 strollers - TRIV next, MIXX next, and TRVL), roll your little one right up to the gate, and enjoy a breezy boarding. The Nuna PIPA urbn is FAA certified and easily secured in a passenger seat by strapping the airplane seatbelt through the lap belt path.

Traveling with ease continues once you land - no matter if it's by rental car or cab. Click in & go!

From Peoria to Paris, Austin to Amsterdam, the Nuna PIPA urbn travel systems are designed for the next generation. And while you can’t control flight delays, you can control equipment delays brought on by cumbersome car seats and strollers, making the Nuna PIPA urbn travel systems perfect for parents who want to spend more time experiencing the world and less time experiencing frustration.

Gift yourself maximum quality, safety and style with Nuna.

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