7 Indoor Activities for Kids

7 Indoor Activities for Kids

Trying to find fun indoor activities for kids? With many parents and guardians around the world adjusting to home schooling children during COVID-19, deciding which activities to do can sometimes be a challenge. That’s where this blogpost comes in. Filled with 7 fun ideas for indoor activities for kids, there is something for everyone, from messy play ideas to free resources and indoor exercise toys for kids. Take a look at the video above to see some of the activities in action!  

1. Real Life Learning Experiences

Spending more time at home is a great way for children to experience real-life learning. With the many in the nation trying their hand at baking, kids can get involved with fun baking projects. Try Young Chef’s Baking Set, fully equipped with a baking tray, oven glove, whisk, rolling pin, pastry cutters and more. You can also find kid-friendly recipes with this sweet baking kit and see how to make bread on BBC Bitesize.

Alternatively, perhaps you are cleaning the house? Melissa & Doug Let’s Play House cleaning tools are wonderful for little ones who like to tidy and clean! Complete with a mop, duster, brush and more, these real-life tools will provide hours of enjoyment. Similarly, this Wash & Dry Dish Set can be used for snack time and enable children to practice big-kid chores. Children who like to build? Look no further! Check out this kids’ toolbox with functional tools, perfect for developing creativity and practical life skills. 

2. Fun Family Board Games  

Board games for children are excellent way for children to bond with their family. Playing games can help improve social skills, such as communication and turn-taking. Play traditional games such as Snakes and Ladders and Ludo or strategy games like Quoridor and Qwirkle. For individual player games, learn to solve challenges with this Little Red Riding Hood game. Likewise, Bigjigs Solitaire promotes a range of learning skills, including problem solving and fine motor skills.  

3. Messy Play Ideas and Easy Science Experiments  

For children who love messy play, easy science experiments such as hand washing with paint can be an intriguing activity! Follow the steps in the above video to teach kids how to wash their hands. The paint represents the importance of washing hands properly using soap and correct techniques to cover all areas of the hands. Goodbye germs! Discover more messy play ideas here. Want to make an erupting volcano or DIY slime? See how at WordUnited’s easy science experiments blogpost 

4. Pretend Play Toys for Kids 

Pretend play helps kids develop a wide range of skills. As children partake in pretend play, social development is boosted, as they learn how to interact and cooperate with others. Children can also develop improved emotional and language development through pretend play. Learning to express their feelings through the characters they portray and expanding their vocabulary as they mimic appropriate language used in the real-life versions of their pretend play activities. Browse a vast selection of imaginative and pretend play toys, including kids’ pretend wooden toys such as toasters and cutting fruits sets. Moreover, lifelike role play wooden toys like pretend play kitchens, village shops and tool benches are both creative and educational in equal measure.    

5. Educational Free Printables  

WordUnited’s growing Free Resources Hub has you covered for engaging printables! With hundreds of resources added weekly that you can easily download for free and print from any device, children will have plenty of activities to choose from! Take a look at recent additions to the Free Resource Hub such as Indoor Treasure Hunt maps and Rockets and Parachutes board games. Alternately, learn how plants grow or about different germs and more with hundreds of worksheets supporting the National Curriculum. Find out more about WordUnited’s Free Resources Hub here. Parents and teachers can also send requests for new free resources to resources@wordunited.com 

6. Indoor Exercise Activities  

Getting enough exercise each day is vital for children’s development. Physical activity supports both mental and physical health. Even if children are indoors, they can experience interesting indoor exercise activities with physical development toys for kids. For example, unite mind and body with the Yoga Pretzels card deck and book, a delightful way to practice yoga for parents and kids. Comparably, build better balancing skills with Step-a-Logs, Rocking Horses and Teeter Poppers. If your child loves cars, they can run around pretending to drive a car with Go Wheelie, an excellent toy that increases muscle control and coordination. For little ones, Wonder Walkers helps toddlers to pull themselves up, stand and develop early walking skills.  

7. Engaging Books for Kids 

Reading is a calm, enjoyable activity that can help children to develop vocabulary and knowledge. Children have a range of different reading interests and needs, so let’s find the right book for your child! Beginning with baby and toddler books, try childhood favourites such as Elmer or build early scientific skills with Quantum Physics for Babies… Yes, you read that correctly! This book is part of a Baby University series, written with a tongue-in-cheek approach that adults will love. Searching for activity books for kids? Discover amazing books like Shackleton’s Journey Activity Book, Ada Twist’s Big Project Book for Stella Scientists and This Is Not Another Maths BookReluctant readers may enjoy Splash Day or The Covers of My Book Are Too Far Apart, whilst English Listen & Learn and 3D Spelling are wonderful EAL books.  

For plenty more activities for kids, head to https://wordunited.com/blog/. You can also find thousands of learning resources, toys and books for kids at https://wordunited.com and free printables on WordUnited’s Free Resources Hub. Plus, discover further home learning support on Home Education UK

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