83 Spoiled And Entitled People On Their Birthdays That Might Ruin Your Faith In Humanity

83 Spoiled And Entitled People On Their Birthdays That Might Ruin Your Faith In Humanity

Birthdays can be great opportunities for self-reflection, spending time with the people you care about most in the world, and lots and lots of delicious cake! It’s a day when you get more than your usual share of love and attention, but also one where you take stock of your values, ambitions, and priorities in life. Unfortunately, far from everyone gets the memo.

While birthdays can bring out the very best in some, unfortunately, they also bring out the very worst in some people. Entitlement. Greed. Rudeness. These are just the tip of the frosted iceberg. Bored Panda has collected the very worst moments birthday boys and girls showed their true colors from all over the net, including from the mega-popular r/ChoosingBeggars subreddit. 

Close your eyes, make a wish, and blow out the candles, Pandas. We hope you wished for a deep dive into the unsavory parts of humankind because that’s what you’re getting. Now, would you like another slice of cake while you’re scrolling?

#1 Facebook Friend On What/What Not To Buy Her For Birthday

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Bored Panda wanted to learn more about the relationship between entitlement and birthdays, as well as what can be done to ensure kids don't focus just on the gifts and materialistic gain on their special day, so we reached out to Suzanne Degges-White, Ph.D.

"When someone's sense of entitlement begins to encroach on the rights or good nature of others, then it's become a problem that the overly entitled person will need to address if they want to continue to enjoy the company of others," the Licensed Counselor, Professor, and the Chair at the Department of Counseling and Higher Education at Northern Illinois University told us. "It's normal to want to feel 'special' on special days, but when friends begin to resent you for the level of 'special treatment\ you feel you deserve, it's time to back down and remember that everyone deserves to be thought of as special and treated with equal respect."

#2 Entitled Rich Kid Asks For Birthday Money

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#3 It’s My Birthday! Give Me Money!

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Professor Degges-White also shared her thoughts with Bored Panda about the best way for parents to raise their kids to value their birthdays as something other than 'gift bonanzas.'

According to the professor, parents ought to establish more appropriate celebrations from early on. That way, kids develop habits that steer them away from entitlement and towards having more humility and appreciation for other people.

"By making small events the 'annual birthday traditions' and including suggestions for 'giving back' to others on a birthday as a way to celebrate another year of maturity, families can raise children who don't expect to be showered with 'things' on their birthdays," Degges-White said.

"Traditions can include 'birthday pancakes' or 'cupcakes for breakfast' or some other celebratory start to the day. A special meal at dinner, getting out of chores on their birthday, and choosing a toy/book/clothing item to donate to a shelter or charity on the birthday are also ways to cultivate generosity and charity in children," the professor gave Bored Panda some ideas for how parents can raise their kids right.

"We all learn what we live and when we live in a world where we're feted and made to feel 'uber special' just by nature of a particular day rolling around on the calendar, we come to expect similar treatment throughout our lives. Small changes early on can make big differences down the road."

#4 Plan My Birthday For Me Or Our Friendship Is Over

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#5 Her Bday Isnt Even Until Next Week

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#6 "For My Mom's Birthday, I'm Taking Her To Meet My Favorite Singer."

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Most parents probably expect their kids to grow up to be productive, humble members of society. However, above everything else, they want them to be good people. It can be painful to see someone you love and care about exhibit signs of greed and lash out at others over small details.

Entitlement is usually not something that pops out of the woodwork over the course of a single day. It’s often years in the making. Helping someone (re)learn how to stay humble can be a huge challenge.

Living life with confidence, knowing your worth, wanting to get a fair share of doubloons for your efforts—that’s all perfectly fine and even healthy. Finding that balance between timidity and arrogance, however, can be far harder in practice.

#7 Choosing Beggar Invites Me To Their Birthday Party

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#8 Happy Birthday!

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#9 Happy Birthday?

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Especially if you've never been called out for your behavior. You start believing that whatever you’re doing is fine. It’s the norm. Everyone does it. It can be a shock when someone finally snaps and tells you that, hey, you’re totally out of line here.

#10 Oh You Have Cancer...sorry, But My Birthday Is Coming Up Soon!!!

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#11 It's My Birthday Give Me Your Hard Earned Money

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#12 Using Gofundme For A Vacation

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Learning to control your greed can be quite difficult. As financial expert Sam Dogen, from the Financial Samurai blog, put it in a previous interview with Bored Panda, the vast majority of people put a lot of emphasis on money.

#13 No Broke Boy Birthday Wishes

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#14 I’m Not A Fan Of Fondant, But This Guy Is A Jerk

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#15 Well... Guess She Is Having A Crap Birthday

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“Everybody has either a money problem or a money desire,” he said.

For instance, if you happen to win the lottery, your relatives, friends, and acquaintances will probably expect to get a cut of your profits.

#16 "My Iou Birthday Present'

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#17 No One Cares About Your Birthday

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#18 A Simple Request In My Local Buy Nothing Group. It’s Their Birthday If That Helps

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“If the winner doesn’t magnanimously share their winnings with family members and friends, they will be seen as selfish and greedy,” the financial expert told us.

“I’m all about Stealth Wealth. If you win the lottery, do your best to keep it a secret. Furthermore, if you win the lottery at work or in your investments, never brag about how much you make either. Instead, try to blend in as much as possible. You can always then be more generous with your money if you wish, without expectations,” he advised keeping these things under wraps.

#19 Sent To Everyone On Her Snapchat Friends List

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#20 It's Their Birthday, So They Want It For A Discount/Free

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#21 Private Jet Trip For 30th Birthday

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Someone who is entitled feels like they deserve special treatment, recognition, and privileges. Most often, they have a false sense of self-importance and want things that they did not earn or do not deserve.

One way that people become entitled is when they get everything that they ask for, without having to earn it. Teaching kids the value of money, hard work, building relationships, can help offset this.

#22 I Made A Post Awhile Back About My Cb Exfriend Who Got Mad Because I Gave Him Less Money For His Birthday Compared To Last Year, And After The Post And The Comments I Decided To Message Him About It And This Is What He Said

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#23 “It’s My Birthday, Pay For My Trip To Europe”

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#24 Happy Birthday

Image credits: ProudFerretMom

Entitled folks think that they ought to be admired and respected, according to ‘Better Help.’ However, beneath the facade of over-inflated confidence can lie lots of insecurities. Meanwhile, attention-seekers with overbearing personalities can become more and more isolated from their friends.

#25 Someone Offered To Make Her A Free Designer Cake For Her Birthday, She Was Not Satisfied

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#26 Wishing Me Happy Birthday Through Message Wasn’t Enough. I Wanted More

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#27 Yeah No

Image credits: zebrasarefish

Which of these posts shocked you the most, dear Pandas? Have you ever been to a birthday party where the guest of honor demanded a specific amount of money or an expensive gift? How do you think entitlement ought to be 'cured?' Share your thoughts and insights in the comments.

#28 Was Looking At Some Reviews For Vegas Hotels. Can't Imagine What It Must Be Like Dealing With People Like This

Image credits: infanteater1

#29 Partners Ex Wanted Me To Do A Free Professional Photoshoot For Her Birthday

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#30 Shame On Us For Not Giving Anything For Her Birthday

Image credits: bmcclure101

#31 I’m Ashamed To Admit I’m Related To This 37yo Birthday Brat... Thankfully The Whole Family Is Ashamed Of Her Nonsense And Entitlement

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#32 Happy Birthday Tho

Image credits: DosoXD

#33 Another Birthday Beggar

Image credits: WantToWorkForCA

#34 Doesnt Want Birthday Wishes Unless They Come With Presents

Image credits: mattjohnson22050

#35 My Stepdad Was Kind Of Salty About Not Getting Anything For His Birthday. So He Turned To Facebook To Beg For People To Pay For His Next Tattoo

Image credits: DarkkAngellll

#36 I Know This Is Short, But This A Girl I Used To Go To College With. Moral Of The Story, People Will Give You Money For Your Birthday If They Feel Like It And They Have It

Image credits: angelrose172

#37 Birthday Card For Choosing Beggars

Image credits: MyMemesAreGold

#38 Don’t Come To My Daughters Birthday Unless You Bring A Gift

Image credits: Moderatelyhollydazed

#39 Now Birthdays Last One Entire Month

Image credits: Carrie_Whithouse

#40 How Dare This Privately Owned Local Restaurant Force This Man To Pay For His Entire Birthday Meal.. In Full! They Probably Didn't Sing To Him Either! Unacceptable

Image credits: opheliaaaa888

#41 But It's Her Birthday!

Image credits: Lyssitte

#42 This Old Local Artist Was Asking For A Cash On Her Birthday To Raise Money To Pay Her Car Loans

Image credits: Skankhunt42xxx

#43 A Weird Way Of Being Grateful For People Offering Things To You For Your Birthday (Repost Bc I Forgot To Hide The @)

Image credits: prznmike

#44 She’s Posted Several Times About It Being Her Birthday Month

Image credits: chettev

#45 From One Of My City’s Local Facebook Garage Sale Groups. “If Anyone Wants To Donate Something Expensive…”

Image credits: Slade1234545

#46 Imagine Asking People In A Generous Group For $200 To Throw Your Dog A Birthday Party...people Go Out Of Their Way To Give You Money In A Pandemic And You Post This? She Tried Saying Later That Since She Said “I’m Super Grateful” That It Excused Her Being Super Ungrateful. I Can’t Even Lie I’m Mad

Image credits: Total_Trash_Baby

#47 Give Me Money Or I Will Yeet You From My Friends List!!!

Image credits: BlackGirlMagic85

#48 I Think Not

Image credits: Sabixe

#49 This Girl Posted An Exhaustive List Of Acceptable And Unacceptable Gifts For Her Dog's Birthday. Yes, Her Dog. Basically She Wants Money

Image credits: annieesquad

#50 In Case You Didn’t Know What To Get Her For Her Birthday!

Image credits: purple_dion

#51 Can I Have A Birthday Discount?

Image credits: II-I-Hulk-I-II

#52 Didn’t Ask For Birthday Special, Please Take It Off My Check After I’ve Already Paid And Left The Building

Image credits: Letsstartariotxx

#53 It’s My Birthday Can I Get It Cheaper?

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#54 Its My Birthday

Image credits: TheScarletJones

#55 I Don’t Know What To Put As A Title Tbh

Image credits: Xtremegamer645

#56 This Lady Was My Sister Diane's Friend. And As A Favour For Her Daughter's Upcoming Birthday, I Offered Her A Free Art Commission A Few Weeks Ago If She's Interested And She Told Me She'd Give Me A Call. Never Heard From Her Again Until Today

Image credits: bastard_vampire

#57 Bro First You Practically Beg Me To Tell You Happy Birthday, Then I Don’t Do It Publicly Enough?

Image credits: RandomWordsssss

#58 "Pls I Have Birthday I Just Got Cancer Too"

Image credits: TheFartingKing_56

#59 Family Receives Birthday Gifts For New Baby But Asks For Gift Cards Instead

Image credits: peoplesingmyname

#60 "I Want A Cake But I Won't Pay For Your Time Or Effort, Because Clearly Anyone Could Do It And The Price Is Ridiculous"

Image credits: Hold-My-Shnapps

#61 Since You Guys Don't Buy Me Birthday Presents, Give Money To My Girlfriend To Study Psychology On The Other Side Of The World. -30 Year Old Stoner That Lives With His Parents And Only Works Minimum Wage Restaurant Jobs

Image credits: nice_69

#62 Guy Hosts 21st Birthday Knowing He Cant Afford It, Asks People To Give Him Money

Image credits: aarondx1

#63 Needs $1000 For Disney Vacation For His Birthday!

Image credits: bnw2105

#64 I Encountered A “Give It To Me For Free Because It’s My Child’s Birthday” Person In The Wild Today

Image credits: The_amazingluke

#65 I Apparently Singlehandedly Ruined A 13 Year Olds Birthday Party

Image credits: nitiddesigns

#66 My 13 Year Old Niece Wanted AirPods For Her Birthday, I Sent Her Some Generic Bluetooth Earbuds

Image credits: Pryach

#67 Lady Asks For Free Birthday Perks At Casino And Didn’t Like The Option.goes To 2 Worst Places To Eat Out Of Hundreds Of Places There-Didn’t Like The Options. Goes To The Native American Museum And Feels Her Birthdays Ruined When She Sees How Natives Were Treated- But She Knew The History. Can’t Win

Image credits: mrose9999

#68 Mother Demands You Only Buy Specific Gifts For Birthday And Holiday. For Context, The Child Is Like 4 Years Old

Image credits: midnightsun08

#69 Give Me Free Games For My Friends Birthday. Don’t Be Rude Or I’ll Block You

Image credits: synnarc

#70 Make My Kid's Birthday Wonderful By Making My Cash App Go Bing!

Image credits: HopeAndSunshine

#71 I Know My Son Got You Pregnant And Then Ditched, But Would You Mind Giving Me The Money To Get Something From Your Toddler For Him For His Birthday Please?

Image credits: Axolotly

#72 It's My Birthday And It Is Raining Man

Image credits: mookleguy

#73 Woman Wants Kitten For Son’s Birthday

Image credits: ThePettyPademelon

#74 But Its My Kids Birthday

Image credits: nende21

#75 My Friend When The Three Switch Games We Bought Her For Her Birthday Weren't Enough

Image credits: LegaliseMeth

#76 Begging For Her Birthday

Image credits: HippySwizzy

#77 Wants A Very Specific Phone For His Birthday And Essentially Is Begging For It On His Public Instagram

Image credits: zhaoneng

#78 Birthday Beggar Strikes Again

Image credits: Binyaminnx

#79 Not A Milestone Birthday. Still Want To Celebrate. But You Will All Have To Pay!!

Image credits: shortstack77

#80 You Know What Grinds My Gears, People Asking On Facebook For Birthday Gifts

Image credits: Acidic22

#81 Dude Made It Known To The Server Of His Wife's Bday And Expected Something. Server Eventually Gave Them Something, But Noooo, "It's Too Late" Because They Had Finished The Food Already

Image credits: ceti_alpha_v

#82 Had My First Real Cb Experience Today... I Hit The Trifecta Too - Holiday, Kids Birthday, And "It's Not Worth Near What You're Asking"

Image credits: dualpegasus

#83 Good Ole Market Place

Image credits: reddit.com

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