Baby and Children Summer Holiday Travel Essentials

Baby and Children Summer Holiday Travel Essentials

Thankfully, the world has opened up again for travel and adventure and this year, more children than ever will be experiencing the delight of going on their first holiday.

Travelling with children can sometimes feel quite daunting, especially if you're going on a long journey. However, there are some travel essentials that can help to keep babies and children (and us parents!) happy as we go exploring the world.

Here's a list of baby and children summer travel essentials that will help to keep little ones happy and entertained while on holiday.

Light summer clothes

If you're travelling to sunnier climates then having light summer clothes is an essential for keeping babies and children cool and comfortable. Very have a gorgeous range of kids and baby clothes, that are just perfect for holidays.

Think light rompers for babies and shorts and t-shirts for older children. Choose natural fabrics such as cotton and linen to keep kids cool from the sun.

 A hat
A hat is always an essential for a little one in the sun, especially when it's intense and shining all day long. For babies, sun hats with straps to tie under the chin are perfect for keeping hats in place, especially when little hands can be prone to pulling them off!

For older kids, stylish straw hats or bucket hats can make for cool accessories and are perfect for adding to any outfit.
Arguably the most important holiday essential for babies and children if you're travelling to a hot country. Choose a 50+ factor and apply regularly throughout the day, especially after children have been in water.

Sun-safe swimwear

Sun-safe swimwear is a must for little ones, especially when they're not used to the sun. For babies, romper style swimwear with matching hats are perfect for keeping them covered from head to feet.
For older children, two-piece swimwear is ideal as they're easier to take off for toilet breaks/nappy changes for toddlers.
Comfortable shoes/sandals
If you plan on sight-seeing during your travels, or have to walk to dinner each night, to the shop while away, etc. then having comfortable shoes and sandals for the kids is a must. Kids and baby Nike have a great range of comfortable footwear that children will love and with breathable fabrics, Velcro straps for easy putting on and taking off, they're perfect for holidays.

A great holiday essential if your toddler or child will wear them. Sunglasses are a great alternative if your toddler refuses to wear hats as their eyes will still be protected from the direct sunlight. 

Food pouches/smoothies/snacks
These are so handy to have not only on the plane but also when out and about on holiday. Pouches make for mess-free feeding and snack times for babies and toddlers and are so handy to carry around in a bag to the beach or pool as they don't have to be refrigerated. The smoothie and fruit pouches are also fantastic if the heat is getting to your toddler and they refuse to eat much as they will still get something refreshing and healthy to eat.
For older children, having a bag of their favourite snacks on hand is a must when travelling. Having snacks on hand always makes parenting that little bit easier!

 A leak-proof cup/water bottle
This is another important essential item for holidays to hot countries as your child will want a drink with them at all times due to the heat. You don't want water or juices spilled all over your beach stuff or handbag so a leak-proof bottle or cup is an essential. 
Umbrella fold stroller
When travelling with babies and toddlers, having an umbrella fold stroller on hand is a must. Make sure to choose one that reclines fully flat so that your baby or toddler can still take their naps if you're out and about at the beach or poolside. One that comes with an extendable, built-in sunshade is also a must.
Small toys/electronics
You don't want to bring too many toys with you on your holiday, but you'll also want to keep the kids entertained, so packing small toys is a good idea as they're more portable and can be used outside as well as in your accommodation.
Electronics such as tablets and hand-held games consoles are also a great idea for bringing on travels with the kids. You can download your child's favourite cartoons/movies onto tablets before going on your travels and hand-held games consoles such as the Nintendo Switch will keep them busy for hours playing their favourite games.

There you have it, my baby and children summer travel essentials. The great thing about all the items listed above (bar the stroller) is that they can all easily fit in one bag too, perfect for traveling light with the kids.
What are your baby and children summer travel essentials?
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