Even The Rock can’t prevent his kids from torturing him in the mornings

Even The Rock can’t prevent his kids from torturing him in the mornings

In case you’re someone who likes to see celebrities in their unfiltered state, then you’ll enjoy this Instagram video from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. As a father of three daughters, The Rock is always upfront about how happy he is to be a girl dad—even when they’re subjecting him to “torture.”

There isn’t a parent alive who isn’t familiar with the “close your eyes” game, which can take many different routes. You never know exactly what your kid is planning to do when you close your eyes, but nine times out of 10 it’s not anything good. Even when it’s a surprise, it’s usually of the prank variety—much like the “surprise” The Rock’s second-oldest daughter, Jasmine, had for him over the weekend.

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The Rock is recording himself while lying in bed, and you can hear his daughter giggling in the background while strictly instructing him to close his eyes. He obeys, as you do, and he’s immediately met with a water balloon bulging directly above his face. And, of course, he gets soaked (after she tediously tries popping it for a good 20 seconds before succeeding).

“7 am. Saturday morning and playing her favorite game, “daddy, close your eyes”….Only a fool would continue to fall for this kinda torture.🤣🙋🏽‍♂️🥰 🖤 💦 🎈

See? Even The Rock can’t stop his kids from busting into his room and starting his day off with some good, old-fashioned chaos. Though even when they’re being annoying, they’re still pretty cute.

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“(but man, that joyous belly laugh from her is intoxicating, so I’ll happily be the fool during these little girl years)#whatdaddysdo,” he wrote in the caption.

Back when Jasmine, 6, was just a wee little toddler, her dad posted some moving words about her and her two sisters in honor of Women’s Equality Day:

“She can be anything she wants. She can sit at any table. She can trailblaze a path, while humbly and gratefully recognizing those before her who paved the way. She and her big sister, Simone and her baby sister, Tiana Gia will always have a strong voice and always make a positive impact.”

We love an out-loud-and-proud girl dad! And we love a good sport (when it comes to morning water balloons, that takes a special kind of good sporting) even more.

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