Heartbreaking Rumor Suggests ‘Bluey’ Will End Very Soon

Heartbreaking Rumor Suggests ‘Bluey’ Will End Very Soon

There’s a rumor floating around that has parents on edge. Our kid’s favorite TV show Bluey might be coming to an end really soon. The show is currently airing the third season, and it might be the end. Here’s what you need to know.

For many of us, throwing on an episode of Bluey always captures our kids’ attention long enough for us to get something done. Or for us to take a quick rest. The show follows the typical formula for kid shows fun characters, cute music, and a takeaway message. It’s adorable, our kids love it, and it has been able to strike the balance where we don’t mind listening to it in the background too.

But there’s a rumor going around that the show will be ending soon. According to The Daily Mail, the voice actor, who has remained anonymous, might be growing too old to continue voicing the character Bluey.

“After four years and 130 episodes, the young actor’s voice has naturally matured leaving producers with the choice to either re-cast the role or – more drastically – end the show, insiders say,” according to the publication.

We don’t know if this rumor is real. We would be surprised if it were, and Ludo, the company behind Bluey, said the rumors were “inaccurate.”

“We absolutely love Bluey and there are no plans to end the show,” a statement read. “We always finish a season before planning the next one and right now we’re halfway through series three and really excited about the future – we can’t wait to share new episodes.”

All of us can collectively breathe a sigh of relief that our kids’ favorite show isn’t leaving any time soon. But even if Bluey comes to an end sooner than our kids want it too, a seasoned parent will let you know that our kids won’t care if it ends. When PAW Patrol was still running the toddler game, our kids watched each episode like four or five time each, easy.

And that’s the silver lining to kid shows that follow a typical formula. The show and characters will live on in reruns probably indefinitely.

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