How To Throw The Best Easy Pool Party For Teens

How To Throw The Best Easy Pool Party For Teens

Learn how to easily coordinate an awesome fun pool party for teens. Get those pool floaties ready and be prepared to have some water fun at the best pool party ever.

Learn how to easily coordinate an awesome fun pool party for teens. Get those pool floaties ready and be prepared to have some water fun at the best pool party ever.

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If your teen happens to have a birthday in summer, then a pool party is the perfect theme for a birthday party. It is a great way to celebrate on those hot summer days and one where the teens will have so much fun.

Of course if you have your own swimming pool in the yard, then this makes the party theme even easier to coordinate, but there is also nothing to stop you heading to the local pool and meeting everyone there.

A pool party is also a great party theme if you happen to be on a tight budget.

The party guests will most likely spend most of the time jumping in the pool and provided you have some pool party games to play, it could end up being the easiest teen party you have ever held!

A summer pool party for teens is a great way to host a birthday party. It’s relaxed, easy to coordinate and most of all it’s a lot of fun.

Teenage boy playing games in a pool

Use the following ideas to create a pool party for teens that will be a memorable event for all the right reasons.

Pool Party Location

If you have a pool in your yard then this might be the easiest option for the pool party. It’s easier to set up food, games and music.

If however you choose to have the pool party at home, ensure that you also have the safety issues taken care of.

Whilst it is likely your teens will all be confident swimmers, it is still important to ensure that there is a responsible adult or two at the pool for the entire time.

Tweens jumping into a pool

Not having a pool in your yard shouldn’t stop you from coordinating a pool party for teens.

Local swimming centres (indoors and outdoors) are more than happy to coordinate a birthday event or to accept group bookings.

The advantage of having the party at an outside location is that there will be trained lifeguards on duty and depending on the pool there may also be water slides for the teens to play on.

Regardless of where the event is held, a pool party will be one that teens can definitely enjoy.

Pool Party Decorations

Pool party decorations certainly don’t need to be elaborate. In fact, the teens would probably get “embarrassed” if you went to town too much.

But a few decorations here and there never hurt anyone right?

The simplest way to decorate for a pool party is to use practical items.

The arrangement of inflatable toys and pool towels is a good start. Pool towels could be rolled up and arranged in a wire caddy basket for guests to easily grab. This would look fab too.

Fill the middle of the pool with inflatable toys and inflatable loungers that want to make the teens jump right in.

pool party
Image by Toni Cuenca / Unsplash

The party decor could either be bright and bold with tablecloths, plates, garlands etc.

Or you could go for a more relaxed vibe with fresh flowers, comfy cushions scattered around and beach vibe umbrella’s.

The placement of furniture is also important to think about. Whilst teens love to play and swim, they also love to hang out and chat!

Ensure that you create several “hang out” areas, which consist of lounge chairs, floor cushions and towels. These areas allow for socializing, relaxing and spending time with friends throughout the event.

If the party is heading into dusk or the evening, you will also want to consider your lighting. If you can drape several strings of lights above the pool and around the party area. Creating the right ambiance will ensure that the mood of the party will remain high.

For a dusk or evening party, you will also want to ensure that you arrange some citronella candles. This will help with the ambiance, but also help keep those pesky mosquitos at bay!

Food Ideas For A Teenage Pool Party

Preparing food for a teenage birthday party can be kept pretty simple.

Think about general snacks that the teens will always be happy to munch on such as cold chips, fruit and nuts.

For more filling food, things can be kept simple with a selection of pizza, hamburgers or hot dogs.

If your teen feels like they are to “grown up” for a birthday cake, coordinate some cupcakes instead. These are easy to hand out or for the teens to grab when they want.

And then of course there is ice cream. A pool party wouldn’t be complete without some ice cream. Have various flavors available and ice cream cones so the teens can help themselves.

teenagers with juice at a pool party

Ensure that there are plenty of drinks available at the side of the pool.

Include lots of water, plus soft drink and juice. To keep them cool place in a cooler filled with ice, or even fill up a toddler bathing pool with ice and drinks.

For some added fun, hiring a slushie machine would keep the teens busy, or try your hand at creating some delicious smoothies.

Games For A Teen Pool Party

Whilst your teens are more than likely going to be content with finding their own fun in the pool, they will also appreciate some organised water games.

It’s a good idea to have some games ready to play in case you find things start getting out of control or the teens start to look a bit bored.

Having the games prepared means you can quickly and easily coordinate them with little effort.

pool party scavenger hunt

Try some of these pool party games that the teens will absolutely love.

There is a huge selection of games to choose from ranging from Marco Polo, games with water balloons, water melon football and even pool jousting with a pool noodle.

Aside from the games, it is also a good idea to set up a photo booth.

These are perfect for literally any party you hold. Simply set up a party backdrop and have some pool accessories available.

Teen Pool Party Favors

Teenagers arn’t going to be hugely fussed about party favors, but you might still want to hand them all something to take home.

Pool noodles

A pool party opens up lots of easy and fun options. Some great ideas include:

Tips For A Successful Teen Pool Party

To ensure that the pool party for teens is a successful and enjoyable one, there are a few extra tips that are worth noting.

  1. Ensure that NO glass goes anywhere near the pool. In fact, it’s probably easier to just have a glass free party. Teens can get a little bit carried away when they are excited, so just remove the problem. Broken glass by the pool is simply not cool!
  2. Ensure there is plenty of sunscreen available and make time for the teens to re-apply. It won’t be something that they think of, so make time to stop the party for this to occur.
  3. Have LOTS of pool toys available, including a beach ball or two. If the teens are not involved with games or jumping in the pool, they are likely to be lounging around on an inflatable float.
  4. Provide an area where the teens can change and hang their bathers. This is especially important if you have boys and girls at the party.
  5. Have extra towels handy. There is bound to be a teen or two who will forget to bring one.
  6. Have your playlist sorted! Music at a party is incredibly important and for a fun vibe you want to ensure that you have music continually playing in the background. Unsure what music to play? Ask your teen and let them help coordinate the playlist.
teens playing pool party games

A pool party for teens is definitely going to be the kind of party that the teens will be talking about for a long time afterwards.

Pool parties are simple fun, where the teens can literally enjoy the company of their friends and enjoy a good time.

Coordinate a few pool party games mixed in with time for the teens to hang around together and it will be a party that they wont forget in a hurry.

Need some ideas for a different theme? Check out our huge selection of party ideas that will give inspiration a ton of different themes, games and more.

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