“Moms, What Do You Actually Want For Mother’s Day?” (65 Answers)

“Moms, What Do You Actually Want For Mother’s Day?” (65 Answers)

Mother’s Day is right around the corner—and that’s true no matter what corner of the world you live in. It’s one of the quirks of humankind that different countries mark the celebration on different dates. However, that only highlights the importance of treating our moms with love, care, and respect throughout the year, not just once a year.

Redditor u/zxkool started a viral discussion on r/AskReddit after asking the moms who use the platform about what they actually want for Mother’s Day. Their answers were extremely enlightening, and we’ve collected the most insightful ones to share with you. Scroll down for their open and honest posts.

Parenting blogger Samantha Scroggin, who runs the wonderfully witty Walking Outside in Slippers page, was kind enough to share her thoughts with Bored Panda on what moms would appreciate the most on Mother's Day. Check out Samantha's awesome insights below!


A clean house, a long nap, and to not have to see my mother-in-law this year. It always turns into her day but hi, I'm a mom too.

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Bored Panda was interested to find out what any mom's family members can do to make Mother's Day extra special. Blogger Samantha told us what moms appreciate the most on this day. (We hope you're all taking notes!)

"Speaking for myself at least and hearing from other moms I've talked to on the topic of Mother's Day, we really just want to be shown appreciation for all we do and are," she opened up to us.

"Hand-made cards from my kids and coupons to help me with chores are at least as welcome as store-bought gifts," Samantha said.

"My husband has helped the kids make me breakfast in bed, and that was thoughtful and adorable. Bonus points if Mom doesn't have to clean up her own breakfast in bed!"


Gift voucher for a massage, a clean house and the lawns mowed. And a charcuterie board and a bottle of paired white wine all to myself.

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Brand new mom (7 weeks) and I would love a big dinner and dessert because I’ve been eating like c**p and haven’t been able to really cook while caring for the baby. I’d also like to take a long bath and maybe get a pedicure.

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We all know that we should show our moms how much we appreciate and care about them throughout the year, not just on a single day once a year. However, we all sometimes need gentle reminders... as well as creative ideas on how to show our love. Samantha shared a few spot-on thoughts on how everyone can do this.

"Words and hugs go a long way for me towards showing appreciation," the founder of the Walking Outside in Slippers blog told Bored Panda.

"Hearing 'I love you' from my kids never loses its luster. That said, I always welcome kids doing their chores without whining and complaining," she said.

"And spouses or partners showing gratitude and appreciation is so important as well."


An hour or two of total and complete silence.

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Just a day where I get home from work, they've done their chores and they aren't bickering over nothing.

It's not a lot, really...

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A nice card with a heartfelt message in it, hopefully giving me a clue that my kids have noticed I'm a person and not a kitchen appliance.

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The fact remains that moms and working women still aren’t as respected as they should be. Unfortunately, there is an unwritten expectation, even in the West, that women will tackle the majority of the housework and even the chores in the office. CNN recently reported on how wives who earn as much as their husbands or more still end up spending far more time on housework and childcare.

“Even as financial contributions have become more equal in marriages, the way couples divide their time between paid work and home life remains unbalanced,” the Pew Research Center, which conducted the study, pointed out. Researchers found that in 29% of heterosexual marriages, women and men earn around the same amount of money, roughly $60,000 per year.

“Husbands in egalitarian marriages spend about 3.5 hours more per week on leisure activities than wives do. Wives in these marriages spend roughly 2 hours more per week on caregiving than husbands do and about 2.5 hours more on housework.”

According to the researchers, the only marriages where the husbands spend as much time on housework as their wives is when the latter are the sole breadwinners in the family. Of course, women are earning more than half a century ago when the husbands were the primary breadwinners in 86% of marriages. However, there’s still a long way to go until there’s equity not just in terms of wages, but also in unpaid housework.


I had a miscarriage because my medical care providers refused to listen to me. My uterus pressed on the lines to my bladder and gave me an infection (really simple and common thing to happen durring pregnancy its completely treatable and should never be more than a mild inconvenience) I went septic and we almost died together.
What I want for mother's day is for women and especially women of color to stop receiving medical care worse than that of a third world country.
If I get a second request it would be universal healthcare. I'm over 16000 in debt for someone who attempted to kill me and my child. This is insane and I have no way of paying it. Even if I did why would I want to? Everytime I receive a bill it makes me break down in tears in a combination of "I lost my baby" and "I can't afford this"


One night in a hotel to sleep....and to come home to a clean house that wasn’t cleaned by me.

EDIT: k WOW, this really blew up. A silver and GOLD?!?
To those saying something about my relationship and me doing all the work. My husband cleans (and cooks and does laundry) lol but moms everywhere know it’s not the same as when we clean. When my babies wake up in the middle of the night they’re not looking for daddy, they want mommy. That is all.?

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I’d really just be excited to get uninterrupted sleep for a night.

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We can get so used to our local celebrations that we can completely forget that the rest of the world might do things differently. Some countries like Hungary, Lithuania, Romania, Portugal, and Spain celebrate Mother’s Day on the first Sunday of May. (That falls on May 7 in 2023, so you’d better be getting ready!)

However, the vast majority of the world marks the celebration on the second Sunday of May (i.e. May 14 this year and May 12 in 2024), from Australia, Belgium, and Brazil to Canada, Peru, and the United States.


To not have to hide in the bathroom to eat ice cream or sweets by myself. My 3 year old can hear the wrapper on a Klondike bar from a mile away.

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I wanna go to Target alone and get Starbucks and live my best basic b***h life for two hours.

Also, I wanna bang my hot husband. He's the reason I'm a mama.

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I want to go to the park with my husband and son. Maybe go out for lunch somewhere together. And I don't want to be the one to have to initiate things we do together as a family.

I'm editing to add this because I have gotten comments that make a good point: It's a good idea to be appreciative of any attempts by your partner when s/he makes an attempt to plan things. The best way to encourage this behavior to reward any little attempt they make rather than complain when they do try.

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Some nations like the United Kingdom and Nigeria, however, celebrate Mother’s Day a bit earlier, on the fourth Sunday in Lent, known as Mothering Sunday (which fell on March 19 this year).

Other outliers include Norway which celebrates moms and motherhood on the second Sunday of February (which fell on the 12th in 2023). Countries like Albania, Armenia, and Bulgaria combine Mother’s Day with International Women’s Day, March 8. Meanwhile, Poland celebrates Mother’s Day on May 26, Thailand does it on August 12, and Indonesia does so late in the year, on December 22.


I want McDonalds and while I eat that I wanna watch whatever the hell **I** wanna watch on the damn tv without any b***hing or whining.

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For my husband to go down on me again at least once.

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A large spliff. An afternoon alone with the dog on a forest trail. A steak dinner and a bath with a movie in a clean house.

I’m a simple woman LOL.

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Not a Mom, but check this out:

You pay a maid to clean your house. While she's cleaning, you go to the spa for a scrub and massage. While you're getting scrubbed, you get your car washed and detailed.

Just imagine that drive home.

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Someone to come deep clean my house.

Someone to cook me dinner while I sit on the couch with a drink.

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A professional housecleaning service to come and clean my house. I honestly think most moms would love this.

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Half this comment section; a clean house

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I just want one day to be me, not mom, wife, daughter, employee, etc. Every single day is spent taking care of someone else, operating on their schedule, fulfilling their wants and needs. I’d love one day where my husband can find all his stuff on his own, the kids follow the routine we have every single day without prompting and fighting, one day where my mom doesn’t blow up my phone while I’m at work because she forgot her email password AGAIN and got locked out and can I fix it and log in and print some things and bring them to her on my lunch break? One day where I can sit down and eat my dinner instead of shoving a stale granola bar in my face while cooking things I don’t eat because nobody else here eats like me. One day to sit down at a computer, open a word doc, close my eyes, and pour out the stories I’ve been yearning to write for years, from back when I had spare time and the creative energy.

I’d settle for a root beer float though.


For you to get off Reddit and. clean. your. room.

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A clean house, solid uninterrupted d**k down from my husband and dinner I dont have to cook or clean up. Not in any particular order.

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A macadamia tree. Please and thank you.


A day alone. A whole day. To sleep in. To shower as long as I want. To nap. To drink my tea and coffee HOT. To go to the bathroom uninterrupted. To nap again. To peruse through the shopping centre at my own leisure. To not be bombarded with a million questions (majority of which are "Why?").

*I love my kids. But f**k I would love just one day off.*

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Debbie Downer here, but as a mom to a recently stillborn son all I want is to be acknowledged as a real mother.

Edit: oh wow, thank you all so so much... feeling like a mom after loss is something I struggle with a lot and I know I’m not going to be the only mom without a baby in her arms this Mother’s Day. If there’s anyone in your life in my shoes I encourage you to reach out with the same love and support you’ve shown me as this may be a very tough time of year for them.

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Not to be needed for just a day. I took a trip by myself a couple of years ago and the absolute best part was not being needed by anyone.

I could just relax without worrying about when my relaxation would be interrupted by my husband and kid coming home and needing help with stuff or attention.

Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with them and shower them with attention and cuddles, but I really miss having uninterrupted *me* time without having to worry about getting texts asking me where something is or if we have milk or whatever or watching the clock wondering how much time I have left.

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For somebody else to deal with my mother-in-law (she lives with us, and "enjoys" her dementia), for the day.

I don't want flowers or candy. I want to not have to get up before everyone else and get the household moving. I want to be able to go to bed before 11pm and actually zonk out. I want to read a book undisturbed.

I want my kid to take a shower without me reminding him to do so. I want my husband to get up before I do. I want our partner to get up before noon. I want my MIL to have an hour of not being a self-absorbed, self-important, self-aggrandizing b***h c**t from hell (which she's been for the 30+ years I've known her... this isn't just the dementia).

I want the cats to not pick on the dog. I want the dog to just flop on the couch next to my MIL, so she can shower him with the affection she obviously has for him.

I want to get out of the house for an hour.

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A day where I don’t have to do anything. No cleaning, washing, cooking. Four year old wants to go to the park? Not my problem. Six month old did a poo? Too bad. A day where I am not accountable for anything/anyone. And have beers at lunch. And cake for dinner.

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I want a house that stays clean for more than an hour, a meal I didn't make that I dont have to clean after, and a lovely day with my children and husband without having to worry about spending money. And chocolate, and a nap I don't have to set an alarm for.

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A day off. But a proper day off, where they actually take care of everything I do, so it's not just do nothing on mothers day do twice as much to catch up the day after

eta: my husband does his share as a father, but I'm a stay at home mom, so, yeah lol

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To feel like I'm appreciated! Maybe a simple thank you for always doing this... thank you for being there this year when this happened ect. Gift wise I'd rather spend time together doing something we all enjoy as a family like a picnic. Simple but meaning full.


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I want to spend the whole day with my 2 year old somewhere fun for two year olds.

I’ve been so poor for so long that my one mom wish is having the $20 or whatever and an Uber to take him to one of those awesome toddler playgrounds.

I know it’s dumb, but seeing his face every time he gets to have a new awesome experience (like swimming, or the egg hunt I did for him last week) he gets this expression, like the sun just came up for the first time.

I’d go pluck the moon for him to play with if I could.

But hey, I just started a job and I might get paid just in time for Mother’s Day.

My mom is dead, but what I wish I did with her is take her for new experiences. I used to do the “buy mom a maid service” thing, or buy mom flowers, but I wish I had taken her for flying lessons or cooking classes or some memory like that.

Call your moms, people. Go do things with them. I didn’t think I’d lose mine by 25, and it happened so fast.

Edit: I think Reddit might have done it again! If it all works out I’m going to take us to the toddler playground AND the aquarium. His little mind’s going to be blown; I’m so happy :)

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I never knew children and SOs were the main reason for mother's stress. Will try to do better for my mom starting with the dishes.

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I think moms genuinely just want *something*, in my experience it’s the thought that counts, so something that reminds you of a moment you had with your mom maybe.


For it to be remembered this year. It hurt so badly last year to be the mom of a 5 year old and 1 year old only to have my husband completely forget to do anything. Then when I confronted him with my hurt, he asked for a divorce. He’s a master of timing, I’d say.

Now, we’re separated and he’s told me this was the regret of his life.


A day off! Don't ask me for anything. Let me just go out with my girls and have a stress free night!


Quiet time to read a book.


A day without having to watch minecraft YouTube videos.


To sleep. Take a bubble bath. Get new coloring books and eat junk food all day.


I want a truckload of good dirt to even out all the areas we've had a lot of erosion in our backyard the last several years.

I'd also like a couple of hydrangea bushes. Some of my plants have died recently (no reason except they were over 20 years old), and my gardens look a little sparse.


Sleep. Pure, uninterrupted sleep.


To wake up naturally, just once. I’d love it if I could just sleep and not have to get up to my daughter yelling out, or my alarm, or my fiancé coming in to ask me something when he’s offered to get up early with our kid. Just one day to wake up properly when my body decides its time to wake.


My son, daughter and son-in-law spending an afternoon with me in the kitchen, playing music, talking preparing a meal together then sitting down and eating together. That is my idea of heaven.


What I want is my husband not to ask me what I want. I want him to just figure something out with the kids.
However I do LOVE when they bring me little art work they be made at school or on their own. I save each one. That makes me so happy.
This mothers day I just want a pedicure and a margarita at our favorite Mexican place. That sounds so good right now.


A goddamn nap. I have 2 under 3 and the little beasts never sleep. I’m perpetually exhausted.


I actually want my husband's cancer to vanish so we can continue enjoying our family and each other. I'm so scared of losing him.


I don't care about gifts of any kind, permanent or perishable. If I want something I'll buy it myself.

I just want us to spend some time together. It could be anything you want as long as we get to interact. It's not just because I want the company, though I do appreciate that. I want to see how much you've grown since the last Mother's Day. I wouldn't be doing my job as a mother unless I were helping someone mature.

I'd want to know how you've been in the last year, what you plan to do in the future, how you think I've been as a parent, or anything that we haven't talked about before. If there's anything you've learned with or without me, that makes me proud. If there's anything you can teach me, more power to you. Seeing my children grow up to be good and reasonable people means more than anything else to me.


A new PS4. Sick of sharing mine (it is MINE, *I* am the who bought it) with my kids and my husband. I want a new one that I will set up in my bedroom and declare a Fortnite-free device.


A clean house, a large iced coffee delivered to me from my favorite coffee place, delicious food I don’t have to make and no fighting or being pestered for a whole day.


I just want time with my kids (busy adults). And it looks like that’s gonna happen. She lives and works four hours away but they’re coming up for the weekend. Her brother is a new-ish dad, with his new-ish business and an old professional fishing habit that doesn’t always make room for Mother’s Day. So we may celebrate according to our own calendars. And that’s fine with me.


As a new mom (three weeks). I've been jonesing for a massage. Sitting in awkward positions for feedings and pumping has done a number on my back and to get away for an hour or so and get pampered (especially since I couldn't lay on my stomach for the last however many months lol) would be a treat.

Edit : I do have a boppy and other supports, however even with the pillow and especially with my pump I have to bend forward more than 'normal' and that messes with my back


What I’ve learned from this thread is a clean house and if they have kids living with them, either time with them or a short break from them, is all that they want for Mother’s Day.

And my mom has told me that she wants a clean house every year yet I still clicked on this thread to see what I should get for her.


All I want is to be woken up with a "Happy Mother's Day", then left alone for the rest of the day so I can play video games and nap at will. Also dinner that I didn't have to make or clean up after.

This is all I ever want for my birthday as well - along with cake that I didn't buy or make.


I want to go to Disneyland and spend on all The Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise...


I have a 17 year-old daughter, and I’m a single mom. I’d like to be able to sleep late (she could feed the dog & put him outside, and make her own breakfast). Then I’d like a letter from her saying she loves me, and remembering some of the times we’ve enjoyed or that I helped her

I became a single mom by adopting my daughter when she was 2. I remember how hurt I used to feel on Mother’s Day back when I was discouraged that I might not ever have a child. And honestly, I think of my child’s birth mom, too, on Mother’s Day (she is deceased), and I know it’s a bittersweet, mixed-up feelings kind of day for all adoptees, birth mothers, and adoptive mothers.


I want my mother in law to step down and realise the day is no longer all about her and only her. She’s got two daughter in laws who are raising her grandchildren (our steps kids) week in, week out and we want some recognition!!!! And we don’t want to eat pasta for lunch at a restaurant we hate.


I’m 8 months pregnant, already a mom to a 3 year old.

I want sleep and a back rub.

A cure for heart burn, acid reflux, and leg cramps would also be nice.


I want to spend the day with my husband and kids but I don’t want to be responsible for anything. I want to make zero decisions, change zero diapers, fill zero bottles. Don’t ask me if you think it’s time for baby to nap, don’t ask me what we should do for dinner, don’t ask me what snacks we should bring. I want to expend zero mental energy.


I want a picture of my son and I. I’m a single mom, so all of our pictures are selfies. I would love for someone to offer to take our picture.


Hot shower...the kind where you stay in so long the water gets cold.

Very good bottle(s) of wine.

Steak dinner I didn’t make.

And a real good orgasm ....a very very good orgasm...

Then a nap.....wake up house clean.

Is this for too much to ask? ?


Alone time and a clean house.


A day to myself with zero household obligations.


Boooze, good stuff.


Every year my mom has us go on a hike. It’s nice


What I learned from this thread: continue being childfree.
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