Paper Plate Skating Simple Gross Motor Activity

Paper Plate Skating Simple Gross Motor Activity

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Starting the year off with simple and fun winter activities!

Go paper plate skating.

I got this super idea from my contributor Lorien when she wrote about 5 game changers for a crazy day.

What a great way to turn around a day! Paper plate skating!

Grab two paper plates and throw them on the floor. And let the kids at it! They’ll probably know what to do.

One foot per plate and skate wherever they want to go. It goes great on hardwood and carpet both.

It’s easier for kids to remove their socks so their feet ‘naturally’ stick to the plates (or are my kids the only ones with super sweaty feet?).

Go skating in your own house! Grab paper plates to put under your kids feet and slip and slide around the house like you’re skating on ice!

If you don’t remove socks, you can tape the plates onto their feet.

We did that for Louis (which shocks me because he always takes his socks off instantly).

This gross motor winter activity is so fun and simple! Go paper plate skating with your kids and turn your house into your very own rink!

This is also a great gross motor activity to get kids moving indoors. You can find more indoor gross motor activities here.

Want more super simple activities like this?

All you need are paper plates for toddlers and preschoolers to go skating in your house this winter for some simple gross motor fun!
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