People Share 127 Fails And Accidents That Are So Expensive, It Hurts To Watch

People Share 127 Fails And Accidents That Are So Expensive, It Hurts To Watch

Usually, when we’re dropping a lot of money on something, it’s an exciting purchase. A brand new iPhone, a new car, a PlayStation5, or that top-of-the-line washing machine you’ve been dreaming about for months. You can’t wait to unbox it and christen it, but along with the excitement comes a tinge of anxiety. “What if I crack the screen?” “What if I spill water on it?” “What if someone scratches my door when parking next to me?” Unfortunately, nothing can stay new forever, and once something is out in the world, there are infinite ways to ruin it.

Below, we’ve gathered photos of some of the most tragic ways expensive items have been destroyed, and I’ll warn you right now, they might be painful to look at. But alas, all good things must come to an end, and for some reason, it seems like the purchases we cherish the most are the things that get demolished the fastest… 

Be sure to upvote the pics that have convinced you to always purchase the optional insurance, and then if you’re interested in causing yourself even more pain, you can find a couple more Bored Panda articles featuring valuable items that have taken irreparable damage here and here!

#1 So Much For That Expensive Cat Furniture

Image credits: GeneReddit123

#2 Lost The Toes On My Prosthetic Leg After My Friend's Dog Thought The Foot Was A Chew Toy

Image credits: stalnoypirat

#3 Baby Ducks In The Lake

Image credits: x2o6

I’m not proud to admit it, but I can relate all too well to these photos, pandas. The one time I bought jeans that weren’t from a thrift store and actually cost a decent amount of money, I managed to get 3 stains on them the first time I wore them. I’ve shattered 2 iPhones, one by dropping it onto a tiled bathroom floor and the other by dropping it down an entire flight of tiled stairs. When I was 16, after having my driver’s license for one month, I got into a fender bender with my very first car. I’ve shattered glasses and plates, left my car windows down during a thunderstorm and destroyed the screen of a laptop only one month after a new one was put on (because the old one also stopped working).

Call it bad luck, clumsiness or karma for something I did in a past life, but I could see some of my possessions ending up on a list like this in the future one day. Many of these photos are even more tragic than anything I’ve experienced, though. I feel for these people, but I also can’t help but laugh. We’re all capable of doing stupid things or making mistakes that we immediately wish we could take back. Whether it’s melting your kid’s PlayStation controllers or driving your truck into a lake, everybody has those days. The important thing is that we learn from our lessons, and perhaps ensure those valuables next time around. 

#4 Overnight Coworker Sent Me This Last Night

Image credits: D0nk3yPunch912

#5 Tech Repair Client Did This To 'Combat Overheating'

Image credits: BrysonicLightning

#6 When You Want The Luxury But Can't Afford The Extra 100 Dollar For The Safety Feature

Image credits: BA3K3N

If you’ve got some photos in your camera roll that would be right at home on this list, don’t feel bad. Many of us do. For example, did you know that every hour, 5,761 phone screens are cracked? That’s over 50 million phone screens a year. These are primarily caused by drops, according to CNBC, and apparently, companies are working hard to solve the issue of creating a great smartphone that won’t shatter when it slips out of your hand.

“Proving that a device is durable is essential to convince people to pay more for a phone,” Francisco Jeronimo, senior research director for European mobile devices at IDC, told CNBC. “Consumers are a lot more concerned about what happens to their phone and it being able to handle certain accidents. When people spend $1,000 on a cellphone, they don’t expect it to crack the first time they drop it on the floor.” But everyone wants a thin, sleek design for their device too, which makes creating a durable phone quite the challenging task. 

#7 Cable Guy Drills A Hole In The Side Of House, Into A Closet, Through A Guitar Case, And Right Through A Martin HD-28V

Image credits: kol_kay

#8 My Dad Says “Google Is Doing This Stupid Thing Where The Blur The Top Left Part Of The Results. Facebook Is Doing It Too Actually.” He Melted The Top Left Corner Of His Screen

Image credits: unidentifies

#9 On The First Night Of Vacation And We Go To Pull Out The Sofa Bed For The Kids And Hear A Loud Crunching Sound

Son’s iPhone fell between the cushions and got caught in the hinges of the bed frame.

Image credits: flippity_dippity_doo

Even if phones become more durable than they have been in the past, we can’t stop humans from being clumsy. And apparently, Americans in particular seem to have butter fingers when it comes to holding onto their cell phones. Swns Digital reports that 52% of Americans are “always” worried about their phones. And for good reason, because the average American drops their phone at least four times every week, with most breaks happening within 10 weeks of purchasing the phone. 

“Gravity seems to be a constant challenge when it comes to our smartphones,” JP Brousseau, CEO of, told Swns Digital. “Getting a protective phone case is the first step, but even that can’t always prevent damage to your phone if you drop it. A strap offers the simplest way to keep your grip, even one-handed – and that’s what Phone Loops provide.”    

#10 What Happens When You Drive Into A House

Image credits: Tickle86

#11 This Happened In Blackhawk, South Dakota. 12 Neighbors Had To Evacuate Due To The Discovery Of A Cave That Is 40x40 And 40x60 Deep

Caveners went down to the "Sink" to see what was underground.

Image credits: Andy1611

#12 Friend Of Mine Posted This Photo Of The Job Site Today

Image credits: rabaful

When it comes to some of the most common places where phones meet their untimely deaths, Swns Digital notes that they’ve been dropped in sewers, on the bathroom floors in bars, in hospital bathrooms, in port-o-potties, in pots of rice, in bowls of soup, in dog’s water bowls, in dumpsters, in beer cups and in trash cans. Personally, my biggest fear is my phone slipping out of my hand and sliding down a drain or through the cracks over a drain, never to be seen again. One in three Americans admitted to even dropping their phone right into the toilet. Beware of that dangerous back pocket! But apparently, nothing can convince us to be more cautious with our phones, because 76% of Americans say they would be completely lost if they were suddenly without a phone. Yet we continue to drop, shatter and destroy them all the time…

#13 Oh No

Image credits: booat

#14 Put Son's PS4 Controllers In The Oven Last Night To Hide Them So He'd Go To Bed. Didn't Tell The Wife, Who Then Put Oven On This Morning

Image credits: hi_robb

#15 Recently Tried An Expensive Rental Clothing Subscription. UPS Threw The Package Of Clothes/Bags Into My Backyard. I Have Two Puppies

Image credits: Mckinzel

Phones aren’t the only electronic devices that are prone to having their life spans cut short, though. According to Secure Data Recovery, 38% of Americans have had to replace a laptop at some point in their lifetime due to one breaking. The most common laptop mishaps include dropping them, spilling a drink on them, cracking the screen, and needing to replace the battery. And these repairs aren’t cheap. On average, Americans spend about $534 on laptop repairs during their lifetimes. Certain states are also more reckless than others when it comes to their laptops, thought. In Nevada, New Hampshire, Maryland, Alabama and Mississippi, over 50% of laptop users admit to having broken one.    

#16 Toddler Learned How To Use The Microwave

Image credits:

#17 My Laptop Was Murdered By A Single Grain Of Chipotle Brown Rice That Got Closed In The Screen

Image credits: kaxamdays

#18 Been Waiting 6 Weeks For A Rather Expensive Toilet So We Can Fit It At A Client's House, It Has Finally Arrived

Image credits: tommygun1234567890

If you’re now scared of your laptop meeting an untimely death, it might be useful to be aware of some of the most common mistakes that lead to a broken laptop. According to Make Use Of, laptop users need to be mindful of keeping their devices cool and avoiding situations where they’re exposed to excess heat. Laptops have fans to expel internal heat, but if the fan gets blocked, it can be extremely dangerous. “Some react to this and will shut down automatically. But others will suffer through the heat as they slowly bake to death,” Make Use Of explains. “Furniture, carpets, and blankets are all surfaces that can wreak havoc on a laptop. Wherever you place your laptop, make sure the vent has a clear path to do its job. Even a pile of books that's too close to your laptop can cause problems if the air exhaust is blocked.” 

#19 Somebody Had An Expensive Oopsie At ORD Last Night

Image credits: rulingthewake243

#20 My Bedroom Ceiling Collapsed

Image credits: deus_voltaire

#21 Yesterday, Sinkhole Opened Under Private Pool In Israel, And 1 Person Missing

Image credits: MaliTheMinecraftCat

Another potential threat to your laptop is ruining its disk drive. Be careful not to rattle your device too much, or it might take damage and cost you your data. “You can reduce the risk of HDD failure by only adjusting your laptop gently and not moving it when running a program that frequently accesses the hard drive,” Make Use Of writes. “Treat your laptop gently, with no quick movements. Even if your computer has an SSD, you should know the signs of SSD failure to detect problems early.”

#22 New Guy At Work Made An Oopsie

Image credits: LowNslow09

#23 Ice Makers Failed To Store Ice (Picture After 2 Days Of Melting)

Image credits: dhudd32

#24 So The Car I Was Test-Driving And Really Liked Went Up In Flames

I was test-driving a 2020 Ford Escape and really liked it. When I put it in reverse we heard a clunk noise and smoke started billowing from the hood. 2 minutes later it was engulfed in flames. 

Image credits: mightymattii

Aside from the actual laptop itself, it’s also important to take care of its cords and charger if you want to avoid purchasing any replacements. The cords are typically thin and easy to move, but they can only withstand so much stretching and contorting. “A common form of this issue occurs when someone wraps the cord over some other object to keep it bundled. Sometimes that object has sharp edges, which cut into the cord,” Make Use Of explains. “And this isn't just for obvious blunders like knives; a hard plastic edge is all it takes. In some cases, power adapters will even damage the cable if you wrap the cord around the brick.”

“Avoid this problem by bundling a cord over itself. Most cords come packaged this way when you receive them, and some include a little piece of Velcro you can use to keep the cord together. If your cable doesn't have Velcro, you can buy some yourself for cheap or use an adjustable zip tie. As a fallback, know how to roll a cable in a way that won't damage it.”

#25 Using Water Instead Of Oil In Your Engine

Image credits: Micheiba

#26 What Could Go Wrong With Putting Solar Panels Near A Golf Course?

Image credits: NeedleworkerBulky456

#27 At Least He's Not Texting

Image credits: Lank_Thompson

Are you feeling like you need to bubble wrap everything you own right about now? Life is unpredictable, and we can never be sure when tragedies such as these will strike, but we can do our best to avoid them. Buy those protective phone cases, get great insurance and don’t be reckless with your valuables. Keep upvoting the pics that you find particularly painful, and then let us know in the comments if you’ve ever accidentally destroyed something valuable that would warrant a spot on this list. Then, if you’d like to see even more of these tragic photos, you can find a couple more Bored Panda lists on this topic here and here!

#28 Forgetting About Your $5,000 Bike On Your Roof Rack As You Pull Into The Garage

Image credits: richard_67

#29 My Wife’s Wedding Ring Went Missing

Image credits: coffeeandcelluloid

#30 My Wife Said She Had Something Crazy To Show Me After We Ate Lunch

Image credits: bigandy1105

#31 Found My Phone With The Snowblower. How Much Rice Do I Need To Fix This?

Image credits: mungwhisperer

#32 My Friend’s 2 Labradors Spent His Stimulus Money While He Was At Work

Image credits: caffeinatedelirium

#33 Finally, After A Year I Was Able To Buy A Retail PS5. My Dog Was Super Excited Too

Image credits: waybackwhen15

#34 If You Are Ever Tempted To Throw Your Styrofoam Cup Of Soda Out The Window On The Highway, Don't

Image credits: autotech1011

#35 Someone Crashed A GT2 RS While On A Test Drive In LA

Image credits: ihasRyzen

#36 Just Bought My First House. Was Told There Was Hardwood Under All The Carpet. Looks Like I’ll Be Spending Too Much Money On New Flooring Now

I tested a discreet corner in the closet before, which did in fact have hardwood beneath. But not the living room. 

Image credits: Ezack

#37 Slipped In The Shower, Landed On The Toilet

Image credits: Bonsonoptic

#38 An Alaska Airlines 737 Recently Hit A Bear In Yakutat Alaska

Image credits: AlaskanGamerChild

#39 Apparently The Kids Were Too Distracted To Shut The Door

Image credits: sn00perz

#40 Ferrari Enzo ($2.5 Million) Crashed By Delivery Driver Enroute To New Owner

Image credits: World-Good

#41 Probably The Most Expensive Treat He’s Ever Got

Image credits: De-Eh-Team

#42 Paid $31 In Shipping Costs To Ship A Discontinued Crystal Picture Frame

Image credits: affable_discourse

#43 Good Morning To Everyone Except My Dog Who Doesn’t Understand “Expensive Taste” Is Just A Figure Of Speech

Image credits: GunMTL_Grace

#44 Saved Up Enough Money To Order A Nintendo Switch From Walmart+ And The Box Arrived Empty

Image credits: YouDontTellMe

#45 My 600-Dollar Fish Tank Fell Over And Smashed

Image credits: BluzdyTech

#46 Driving Into A Multistory? No Problemo

Image credits: mitchanium

#47 Just Lost Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of Product At Work. Most Likely Getting Fired

Image credits: Taclysis

#48 Customer With Her Child Spilled Goo On This 60-Dollar Children's Recliner. She Didn't Even Apologize

Image credits: Gigadodosaurus

#49 My Tenancy Ends Tomorrow After 2 Years In This Flat. Today, While Cleaning And Getting Everything Ready To Move Out, I Hit The Oven's Door And Broke The Glass

Bye bye sweet deposit money.

Image credits: cheekibreekio

#50 I’ve Been Saving Up For A Switch For A Couple Of Months Now. I Finally Got It Last Week And Found This In My Dog’s Mouth This Morning

Image credits: yhandi

#51 Bought A Case For The Switch Lite I Got For My Son's Birthday Later This Week. Had No Idea The Amazon Driver Yeeted It Over The Back Fence, The Dog Opened It Up And Destroyed It

Then I slipped and got my clothes caked in mud whilst retrieving it from the garden.

Image credits: 9DAN2

#52 My Dog Found My Rainy-Day Stash And Ate It

Image credits: BullfrogOscar22

#53 Someone Left A Grill On In The Parking Lot At The Dolphins-Patriots Game

Image credits: sweettouch007

#54 Ground Staff Pulled The Wrong Handle And MD-80's Butt Fell Off

Image credits: kraven420

#55 Delivery Robot Tries To Walk Across Undried Cement

Image credits: 42how_

#56 Neighbor Having Dead Tree Cut Down. The Contractor Made A Little Mistake

Image credits: tcridley

#57 Accident And Backup On I-84 Near Pendleton, Oregon

Image credits: Fox_Davis

#58 When You Own An Expensive Car And A Naughty Dog

Image credits: Aquagenie

#59 Had A Leak Develop In Our Laboratory This Morning. Nobody Was On Campus To Catch It So There Was 4 Inches Of Standing Water And Countless Ruined Pieces Of Equipment

Image credits: anothergrad_student

#60 My Neighbor Spent A Ton Of Money On A Granite Mailbox Post. They Used An “O” Instead Of A Zero To Make The Street Number. It Annoys Me Every Time I Walk By

Image credits: mollymoose75

#61 My Diploma That I Spent Countless Hours And Thousands Of Dollars To Get

Image credits: pdowney2

#62 The Paint Spilled

Image credits: owjim

#63 2020 In One Picture

Image credits: PHON3-BOi

#64 One Clogged Toilet Later, And This Has Fast Become The Most Expensive Poop I've Ever Taken

Image credits: lutherfail

#65 Bought My Husband This Expensive Knife For Christmas... He Put The Knife Through The Dishwasher

Image credits: ranchtacosalad

#66 Don’t Hide Money-Filled Easter Eggs In The Oven

Image credits: HunkyChunkyLemon

#67 Project On "Gandhi"

Image credits: shivtheshiv360

#68 My Dad Said He Would Make Dinner Today And Grilled The Expensive Bullet Steak I Bought. This Is The Result

Image credits: eternityforum

#69 After Months Of Saving Money For A New Guitar, All That Money Will Have To Be Spent On A New Pair Of Glasses Instead

Image credits: LilMixelle

#70 The 11 Smartphones That My Mom’s Boyfriend Has Broken In The Year They’ve Been Together. Some Of Them Were His, Some Were Hers, And One Of Them Was Even Mine

Image credits: ThayPastaGuy

#71 My View From My Super Expensive Hotel Room

Image credits: stargazedstoner

#72 Spent Over 100 Dollars On Expensive Aquarium Carpeting Plants. My Goldfish Both Uprooted And Ate All Of Them In The Span Of 5 Minutes

Image credits: Chichen-Itza-Pizza

#73 Really Expensive Video Camera RED Frozen

Image credits: SRJtheBoss

#74 Mom's Car's Front Lid (Forgot What It's Called Sorry) Popped Open Whilst Driving And Smacked Into The Windshield, Also Broke The Windshield Wipers

We were driving home cause I was too sick to work today when outta nowhere the lid popped open while we were doing 35 Luckily we were next to a Walmart parking lot. Feels like life just keeps kneecapping my family with expenses that we can't afford whenever we feel like we can take a deep breath and relax a little.

Image credits: JoJo_Gutaro

#75 My Wife Didn't Put Away Her $300.00 Stetson Hat. Our Dog Reminded Her

Image credits: King_Baboon

#76 Came Home From Work To Find Out My Dog Destroyed My Feather Pillow

Image credits: lbpcod

#77 My $1200 PC Was Just Pulled Off My Desk By My Dog

Image credits: Speedywombat123

#78 My Cat Decided To Urinate On My New Switch, Instead Of Literally Anywhere Else

Image credits: lemaymayguy

#79 Does This Make My Cat An Abstract Expressionist?

Image credits: Kittensinglasses

#80 My Cat Escaped Into The Garage, Sat On My Car Roof, Then Knocked Over A Ladder And Dented My Car

Image credits: buckeye_man18

#81 The Coworker’s Kids Left The Van Door Open Before A Storm

Image credits: zeldadorf

#82 What Is More Expensive Than A Pair Of Scissors? A 3-Year-Old With $54 And A Pair Of Scissors

Image credits: ohmygravey

#83 20 Minutes After Closing The Sale Of My House The New Owners Sent Me These Photos

The moving company lifted my container too high and smashed through the wall. That siding is no longer produced so the entire house needs to be re-sided.

Image credits: pattywagon95

#84 That Will Buff Out

Image credits: -HypocrisyFighter-

#85 A Stray Bullet On New Year's Eve Lands In A Guy's Phone At Beirut Airport

Image credits: JoeJml

#86 Took My FJ Off-Road, And Got Stuck In The Mud Miles From The Road

Image credits: Poop_Taxi

#87 Saturday Night Fun Turned Out To Be Around $1000 More Expensive Than Planned

Image credits: SeaLink651

#88 Patient At Our Eye Clinic Just Got A New Dog

Image credits: goatviewdotcom

#89 When Your Expensive Car Gets Ruined

Image credits: Beepis

#90 I Paid Good Money For My Lawn Service To Do This

Image credits: DomesticatedLady

#91 So I’ve Just Bought Some Gluten Free Bread (Mind You, It Is 4 Times More Expensive Than Regular Bread). As It May Be Expected, I’m Infuriated

Image credits: alexcurtis2005

#92 This Seems Like An Expensive Mistake

Image credits: HelenKellersBhole

#93 Left A Bottle Of Expensive, Necessary Prescription Pills In My Pocket When I Ran It Through The Wash

Image credits: teacher400

#94 That Guitar Was Expensive. Was

Image credits: chupathingy99

#95 Dog Decided My Expensive Remote Was A Chew Toy

Image credits: thelastskookum

#96 My View From The Famous And Expensive Venetian Hotel In Las Vegas

Image credits: Jaffar10

#97 We Left Our New Dog Alone For Half An Hour. Expensive Lesson Learned

Image credits: mirarom

#98 Skipped Breakfast, Stood Up Too Fast, Passed Out While Taking An Exam During A Zoom Meeting, Fell On My Most Expensive Piece Of Furniture

Shattered my phone, cut my ear on the broken glass, strained a bicep, and couldn’t submit the exam on time. How’s your day going?

Image credits: probably_juicy

#99 My Father Borrowed My Expensive Japanese Knife

Image credits: san0andreas

#100 My Apple Watch Got One-Shotted Because Of A Single Slip At Tennis Practice. Too Much For “Hard Knocks” Apple

Image credits: Turtloblade

#101 Hella Expensive Bird Chews - Hella Expensive PC

Image credits: mythic_pancake_45

#102 The Neighbor's New Fence Knocked Out Our Internet. Then Their Dog Ate The Replacement Line

Image credits: hoop-d-lishus

#103 My Dog Thought This Unused $100 Amazon Gift Card Looked Like A Good Snack

Not only is the dog a jerk, but gift cards are now made of very appetizing paper instead of plastic making it much easier to shred.

Image credits: lifestrikes

#104 Great-Grandfather Was An Airmail Pilot, Found These Photos With His Stuff

Image credits: Tillybug_Pug

#105 Company Didn't Want To Pay To Fix The Heaters. Now They Have To Pay To Replace The Plumbing, Fix 4 Of 6 Client-Owned Networks, And Fix The Heaters

Image credits: bandley3

#106 Red Wing's 2233 Popular Among Dogs Too

Image credits: Corona4100

#107 Was In A Middle Seat And Paid Extra Money To Upgrade To A "Window" Seat

Image credits: baconismadefromcats

#108 Amusement Park Pizza. Cost Me $11

Image credits: Brace12

#109 My House Got Hit By A Tornado Yesterday, It's Heavily Damaged But Still Standing, And Nobody Is Injured. I Have No Idea How To Get The Grill Out Of My Pool's Deep End Though

Image credits: nomad806

#110 This Is What Happens When You Let Your Little Brothers Use Your 185-Dollar Gaming Headset For Their Xbox

Image credits: 5ftglizzy69420

#111 I Lost My Phone On A Festival, A Few Hours Later I Found It Burning Next To The Campfire

Image credits: lennardfuell

#112 Got My Special And Expensive Shampoo From Amazon Today

Image credits: hathcoast23

#113 My LG's Legs Weren't Properly Installed, 600 Euros Down The Drain

Image credits: Sebas94

#114 That's A 1.5-Million $ Fender Bender

Image credits: YourLivesAreReposts

#115 Red-Tailed Hawk vs. Windshield At 65mph. And When I Already Have A Few Possibly Expensive Engine Repairs To Get Taken Care Of

Image credits: zytukin

#116 My Girlfriend's Brother's Dog Ate My $250 Car Key. He Refuses To Pay. Glad I Have A Spare

Image credits: hotwheelearl

#117 Dog Ate My Money

Image credits: artistpillow

#118 Spilled An Expensive Bottle Of Ink

Image credits: rita_stfu

#119 Bought A $150 Badminton Racquet A Week Ago And Today, While Playing Doubles, My Friend Used The Racquet And It Collided With His Partner's Racquet. $150 Down The Drain

Image credits: RishdaFish08

#120 Admiring My Pretty New Bottle Of Expensive Face Oil And

Image credits: SanFranPeach

#121 Took A Decently Expensive Whisky To Cheers The New Year With Some Friends And This Managed To Happen To The Bottle On The Way Home - It Was Almost Full

Image credits: drolhtiarW

#122 I Paid $19 For 8 Of These Tiny Wings From A Local BBQ Joint

Image credits: sexyc3po

#123 I Got More Expensive Cat Food Brands Because I Realized That The Cheaper Brand Wasn’t All That Healthy. The Cat Won’t Eat The Damn Food

Image credits: invisibleace21

#124 Spilled A Glass Of Wine Onto My Extremely Expensive Laptop. Keep Liquids Away From Your Electronics, Kids

Image credits: _melodyy_

#125 My Dog Ate My Apple Pencil

Image credits: TheFlamingTiger777

#126 $6 For This Tiny Smoothie

Image credits: VworksComics

#127 I Was Gifted This Expensive Candle But It Doesn’t Have A Wick

Image credits: slipperyslope89

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