Someone Asks “What Was The Worst ‘Adult Tantrum’ That You Guys Witnessed?” And 47 People Share Hilarious Stories

Someone Asks “What Was The Worst ‘Adult Tantrum’ That You Guys Witnessed?” And 47 People Share Hilarious Stories

Temper tantrums are a normal part of child development — kids, especially toddlers, struggle to control and express their emotions.

As we learn to navigate our feelings and verbalize our needs better, most of us grow out of having these outbursts. Most. But not all.

So when Reddit user Caio-Bulba-Brazil made a post on the platform, asking its users, "What was the worst 'adult tantrum' that you guys witnessed?" they still received a chunk of wild replies. Continue scrolling to check out the ways people find to embarrass themselves.


I saw a woman come into the Subway I worked at (at 9am) and scream at us because we no longer serve pepperoni. It was apparently so awful it not only ruined her day, but her entire life. She vowed never to return, and stormed out.

My boss and I were both standing there flabbergasted. We never had stopped selling pepperoni…in fact, I had just finished restocking it’s container. Neither of us had any clue what she was on about.

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A woman standing up mid-flight and angrily, loudly demanding that they land and let her off the plane immediately, because she believed an air hostess had been rude. In her words, she refused to waste her money on an airline that employed rude people, and would not spend one moment longer on the plane.
She began yelling very aggressively while the staff calmly tried to explain why they cannot land. Eventually she was restrained.

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They pooed on the floor of my department.

I was running a shift and they wanted a refund. After I said no because you haven’t purchased the item from our company and it has another companies logo on it. They basically started stamping their feet and making a scene. Eventually they said if I don’t give them a refund they’ll poo on the floor. Out of curiosity I called their bluff and was like ok do it. They dropped their trousers and pooped right there in the middle of checkouts. They got a lifetime ban for that and I had to clear up poo. But at least I got a funny story out of it

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one time a guy almost punched the waiter at a sushi restaurant...all because the fish was raw

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My neighbor threw a screaming cursing hissy fit and threatened to hang himself if I wouldn't rake his yard for him. I didn't rake it and he hasn't hung himself yet.

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The worst was when a longtime parishioner entered church on Sunday and saw a young family sitting in *her* pew.

As I once commented, she *insisted* that they relocate at once - that she had sat in that very pew for decades and had no intention of giving it up to newcomers.

When the family wouldn't move, she called the ushers and pastor over and made a loud scene for all to hear - threatening to "leave the church and take her sizeable pledge with her!"

(People practically applauded when she stormed out the door.)

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I used to work at McDonald's. Some of the tantrums I've seen from grown-ass people at 3 a.m. is AMAZING. It's hard not to laugh at them and make it worse. My favorite was the guy who freaked out because he couldn't use the toilet so he threw his food on the floor and stormed out. Then he tried to come back in and demanded a refund for the food he threw.

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My Aunt got drunk on Thanksgiving and literally punched the Turkey because we didn’t take enough pictures of the table

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When I worked at a major theme park, I had a guest get pissed that a family that came up the elevator got right on the ride. I explained to them that they were a "Make a Wish" family and this guest got irate and proceeded to say "I wish my kid was a make a wish kid so we wouldn't have to wait in line". Needless to say, I kicked him out of line so quickly and didn't give two s***s if it meant me getting in trouble (I didn't).

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Sister, who works on Wall Street, went ballistic at a restaurant because my mom asked her to start paying her own cellphone bill.

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My ex when she flipped the f**k out when I ran over a plastic bag that the wind blew in our path. She was certain the bag got sucked up into the engine and would eventually break it resulting in thousands of dollars in damage.

That's when I knew I needed to get the f**k out of that relationship.

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Ex's golfing father used to have his golf buddies film him when he was having tantrums and throwing and breaking clubs... then would play them back as 'hilarious' entertainment for unsuspecting guests, and laugh loudly and admiringly at his unhinged performances.

Such a d**k.

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Worked at the receptionist at a vacation resort, a sort of camping. It was open from 9 am to 7 pm for arrivals.

One lady arrived near the closing, like 6:30. she had a reserved sport for a camping car if I recall correctly. She arrived, was a bit tired of travelling all day, registered and went to her camping car to go to her assigned spot.

Just before closing, like 5 minutes before. She comes back storming in and just scream that she doesn't like her place and it has no electricity (we told her about it) and that she wanted to leave and get a refund or another spot.

She screamed very loudly and me and my coworker tried to find her another spot for the night but nothing was available so she SCREAMED that she wanted a refund, she litteraly started to stomp her feet and screamed "I WANT A REFUND I WANT A REFUND"

It was so loud that her manager arrived to handle the lady, asked her what was going on, and the lady just screamed again that she wanted a refund and she was tired and the manager just said "calm down, we will find a solution".

The lady started to insult my manager, I think she called her a piece of s**t or something and she screamed insults in her native language (she was from The Netherlands) the manager told her to calm down or leave.

The lady snapped and tried to strangle my manager, we didn't process it immediately, it such a wtf moment that it took us like 2-3 seconds before we reacted, we got up and I think she realised what she had done and litteraly flee the scene to go back to her camping car.

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Had a woman park her car in the middle of the aisle, get out and scream at me because I didn’t move so she could have my parking spot. She started taking things out of her car and throwing them at me while cussing, screaming, and threatening to kill me. Several people called the cops and someone got Walmart security to come out and try and manage the situation until cops got there. When security came out she tried to have them arrest me and when they said they couldn’t do that she literally laid down on the ground and started kicking and screaming.

All this bc I didn’t move to a different spot before loading up my husband (disabled) and our groceries in the car. She ended up getting arrested and charged with assault and making terroristic threats.

Worst part was 1-she parked behind me so I couldn’t have moved even if I wanted to, 2-there was two parking spaces right by me that were empty and not handicap spaces, 3- I was in a handicap space and she didn’t even have a tag that would have allowed her to park there.

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Had a drunk obese dude refuse to accept that it was time for him to go home. He rolled himself under the craps table and kept trying to punch our ankles.

We kept him penned in and called the cops. Trespassed him off property for a year

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an anti-vaxxer last year threw a fit at my job because we asked him to put on a mask, and he made up something about that his service dog needed to smell his breath as part of a medical condition. He then accused the store of discriminating against him because he’s Jewish.

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A sales guy I worked with just earned a huge commission on a multi-million dollar mortgage. Some of us convinced him he should take us out to dinner because we helped & he was a good sport and we (sales guy & 3 low wage earning women from support staff) went out to a local pub. The bank president was there, which was not unusual, he made the rounds of all the local places most nights after work. He came over to say hello and when he found out why we were there he got angry that he hadn't been invited and started yelling at us and banging his fists on the table, then he went back to his friends at the bar. We decided he had to be joking, there was no way he could be angry at us for that so we decided we'd be funny too. We asked the server if she would bring him the check, but don't really leave it with him and she thought it was funny too, so she did. He was not kidding. I've never seen a grown man have such a public tantrum in my life. He was screaming at us until we got up and left (and would not let us take the check back).
I went to work the next morning and my boss (who was supposed to be with us but had something come up) was coming out of the president's office and this guy, who did not swear in front of women wanted to know WTF we did to make his boss so mad that he was trying to order my boss to fire the guy that got the commission. Later on, we figured it out. Because of that commission, the sales guy earned more money that year than the bank president.

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I was working the guest service desk at Target several years ago with a very sweet older black lady named Julia. Julia was having a problem with a guest who was trying to return a jacket that was clearly not from our store. He was getting more and more irate, and our store manager Ron just happened to be walking by when the guest shouted "YOU F*****G DUMB N----R B***H!"

Now Ron was an older guy about 60 with graying and balding ginger hair, but he looked in exceptionally good shape for a guy his age. The rumor was he was a Green Beret in Vietnam, but he would never talk about it, even when asked. He was very soft spoken and kind, but he gave the impression that he wasn't someone to be screwed with.

Anyway, Ron heard the comment and without saying a word he walked up behind the guy, and with one hand he yanked the guys right wrist up to the small of his own back, and used his other arm to grab him across the front of his shoulders and walked him to the parking lot. He did it so fast and effortlessly.


This one guy was mad our store didn't accept American currency (this store was not in America) so he proceeded to try and smash our debit machine while screaming a bunch of obscenities.

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I used to work at a Hallmark store. The people who would come in 30 minutes before closing on major holidays (Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas) crying 'This is all you have left?!' was ridiculous!

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I saw a grown a*s man crying about dying in video games.

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At an anime convention.

I'm with a friend of mine and we get separated. She is a 33 year old woman. A find her about an hour later.

She is sitting in the middle of the hotel lobby crying like a child blubbering her eyes out and pounding the ground.

That was when I realized that the friendship was doomed to failure. Every night she cried about something, every time something didn't go her way she would cry and throw a tantrum.

Every. f*****g. time.

i'm not talking about just sitting silently with tears. I'm talking ugly cry like a 5 year old. F*****g hell.

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Back when I used to manage a Hollywood Video we had a promo where if rented 2 new releases you would get a bag of M&Ms for free. We understandably ran out very quickly and were getting another order until next week.

An elderly gentleman comes up with two movies and asks about his candy. I tell him unfortunately we are out and won't have more until the following week. The dude says "Well then where's my voucher for a free bag when you have them again?" I explain that's not how it works, and it's while supplies last. Apparently this was completely unacceptable because he starts raving how we're all a bunch of idiots who don't want to work real jobs, that we're never going anywhere in life, and how we're stealing from him (????).

I let him yell while the other customers are telling the guy to get the hell out and grow up. I finally say "Look man, I'm just doing my job okay? We don't have M&Ms, and I can't do anything for you."

He slams his rentals down on the counter and says "You know who else was 'just doing their job?' Joseph Gobbles!" Then stormed out to the taunts of other customers in line. So yeah. That's the day I got compared to a Nazi for running out of M&Ms

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I was working customer service at Walmart during a snowstorm. We were short staffed so I was covering the switchboard. The father of two of my coworkers called and absolutely lost it on me because his ADULT sons chose to go to work and kept saying I had no business keeping them there. I kept trying to tell him I would put him through to a manager but he didn't stop yelling long enough to hear me.

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I had a few happen when I worked the deli counter at a Safeway. The deli closes before the store does because it takes considerable time to clean and sanitize everything from the fryers to the slicers.

The tantrum that sticks out more than any is when a guy came in about 5 mins before I'm due to punch out. He tells us he needs a lot of fried chicken--10 orders of the 8-piece dark meat. My coworker and I are mopping the floors. The heat case is off and cleaned, the salads covered, and the fryers are drained. We couldn't have looked more closed if we stuck a neon sign over our heads saying so.

We tell him that we can't fulfill his order. He goes BALLISTIC. I've never seen anything so disproportional. I'm guessing he had a really bad day and we were the poor shmucks that got the brunt of his pent up frustration. He rants that we're lazy and incompetent and to 'just turn on the f---king fryers. Just turn them on and make my f--king chicken.'

My coworker tries to use his best deep, calming voice to explain that even if we were to fill the fryers, it takes a long time to even heat them up to the right temperature.

The guy stomps off and we think that's the end. Manager comes over, checks on us. We say we're fine and she goes back to the front.

We're just about done when the angry guy comes back. Not even saying anything, He yanks open the cool case front and starts throwing ALL the salads at us. My colleague got a face full of coleslaw and I ended up with a foot covered in seafood salad.

After the salads, he takes the lunch meats and starts spiking them on the ground as if we had just scored a touchdown. By now the manager is rushing over. The angry guy then storms out past her and out of the store, but the police station is quite literally next door so he didn't even get to his car before they stopped him.

Yes, we pressed charges. No, the smell of seafood never fully left my work shoe

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I work at a humane society. We do adoptions on a first come/first serve basis. We had a super cute kitten up for adoption (all kittens are cute but it was fluffy and compact, calendar material) and this kitten was very popular. I think it had been posted on social media and we were getting a dozen or so people calling and asking about the kitten. This mid 20s couple came in (non English speaking so their was a language barrier.) they asked if the kitten was available for adoption and at that point the kitten was currently being adopted. We told them no the kitten was adopted and the girl began arguing with her boyfriend in another language, then fell to the ground SOBBING. The boyfriend then asks if they can have the info for the adopter so they can call them and buy the kitten. We told them no we can’t release their info, they continue arguing with us before turning and going down the cat hallway looking for this kitten like we were lying??

I went to the room the adoption was happening and quickly took the kitten into the back and got it in a cardboard carrier so the couple couldn’t see the kitten. The couple then stationed themselves in the lobby looking for the kitten so we had the adopter go around back and gave them the cat ?


An ex of mine (40ish/M at the time) couldn't manage his money. He made nearly twice the amount I did, and never paid ANY of his bills on time. He constantly asked to borrow money for the sake of paying his phone bill which was on the verge of shutoff every month.

He had a meltdown one day because I refused to go to the ATM to deposit his money and pay his bill. I set a boundary because this was a biweekly occurrence. Told him no because my kid had a bedtime routine I wouldn't break for him. He offered to take my bank card and asked for my pin so he could do it himself. I told him HELL NO! He was so angry he got down on the floor and was throwing a fit in front of both of our children saying that he's never had ANYONE refuse to let him use their ATM card, that any of his friends would have been ok with this. I suggested he ask his friends then. Obviously I didn't want this moron that couldn't manage money to have access to my bank account. Needless to say I gave him an ultimatum about his behaviour, and almost had to formerly evict him because he had burned too many bridges with "friends" and had nowhere to go. It's been a few years since I went no contact. Best decision ever.

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A guy I dated went on a tirade because I called him a "musician." He literally made music as his career. He started ranting about how he was a prodigy (sure buddy), and insulted a bunch of my friends. Then he broke up with me, laughed in my face, and fell asleep in my bed. He woke up the next day and acted like everything was just dandy. Honestly the worst person I have ever dated, -1000/10 experience lmao

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Worked Security for a number of years. Saw adult tantrums on a near daily basis. One that sticks out was a dude who crossed rope barriers and a bunch of signs to a staging area that was clearly marked as off limits to the general public. He started munching on some snacks that had been set up for others. After simply asking him to leave the area... because he wasn't supposed to be there... dude freaked. He began screaming that he had a problem with authority, and that I had no idea who his daddy was, but my job was toast, and so on and so forth. Anywho, after far too long, he found himself under arrest for trespassing.

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We were all 18 so technically adults. Anyway, this girl I knew in college was the typical spoiled rich girl. It was early into freshman year at the dorms and I was part of her friend group but we really didn’t know her long enough or well enough at that point.

It was her birthday and she wanted all of her friends to go out to dinner at a nice restaurant to celebrate with her, but none of us had cars because we all lived on campus. The group was too big to get Ubers for everyone, so someone suggested we just take the bus to the restaurant. She was freaking out because she had never taken the PUBLIC BUS anywhere, but we all got on and it was a short 10 min ride to the restaurant.

We’re all sitting at the table and enjoying ourselves and suddenly this b***h breaks down at the table and SOBS because she’s so disgusted and ashamed that she had to take the bus to her own birthday party, like it was something only poor people do.

I just couldn’t wrap my head around how privileged she was. Totally killed the mood.

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Have you ever tried telling a rich guy that the rules do indeed apply to him and that he owes taxes?

I have.

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When I was in eighth grade (I'm in college now), I had to go from one math teacher to another to give a sealed envelope of papers. I presume test scores it something. That teacher was screaming at his students over one student near the back using their phone as a calculator. The door was unlocked, which was against protocol, so I was able to walk right on in. As I walked in, the teacher picked up his office chair as if to throw it. The teacher had a reputation of throwing chairs, and one had reportedly missed a student's head by only a couple inches. When I walked in, he set the chair down as if nothing happened, and was quite cordial with me, but when I walked out, he started screaming at his students again and the wall shook, so I think he threw a chair after I left.

This teacher got fired two years later because he was caught hitting a student over the head with a chair, and the principal tried defending him, which only ended up revealing a bunch of bad stuff on her, forcing both of them out. The principal was just forced into an early retirement though.

And then, last year, there was a purge of middle school staff, for reasons ranging from not covering curriculum to doing nsfw stuff with students.


Two women in a grocery store. One's cart was blocking the shelf. Another asked her to move. She refused. The one who asked her to rammed her cart with her toddler in it into the first cart blocking the shelf. One of the carts hit the women who wouldn't move her cart so she shoved the woman who rammed her hard enough to put her on the floor. Both are screaming "b***h" at each other and asking bystanders if they saw what the other one did to her. The woman on the floor calls the cops, demanding witnesses. The toddler in the cart remains unperturbed which makes me wonder if this a norm. The stocker and I, who witnessed the exchange quietly slide into the next aisle.


I once saw a grown a*s man yell at an employee because the store no longer sold ice cream and he wanted ice cream.


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My GF (now wife) and I were in a French restaurant in Lake Worth, Florida having dinner. Out of nowhere, the old guy at the next table jumped up, grabbed a waiter by the lapels and yelled, "I don't like your attitude!" His chagrined wife told him he had the wrong waiter, and he let the guy go and stalked out of the restaurant. When he came back and sat down, his wife hauled off and punched him in the side of the head. The other couple they were dining with - along with everyone else in the restaurant - audibly gasped. They left soon after. Good times.


I was working at a McDonald's for a part time job when I was 16 and it was a particularly busy day. This woman comes up to the desk where I'm at and says that she's been waiting 15 minutes for her family's order and they need it now so they can go drop off their child to a club or something. I say that it should be ready soon and that she might need to wait a little longer and she starts immediately screaming saying she needs it **now** then she starts telling me about how she works 200 hours everyday or some s**t and starts slamming at the counter whilst yelling. I again the her that it should be ready soon but she starts stomping and screaming and she tries to climb onto the counter but she was brought down by several people and thrown out by the manager


To start, I’m a girl and was 24 and about 110 lbs. at the time. I worked at an Italian restaurant in the early 2000’s. A regular customer, an older doctor (who was always a douche) came in and was drinking carafes of wine. He was with a few other dining companions including his two children who he was driving with. He got a page to come into the hospital and wanted me to pack up his remaining wine carafe in a soft drink to go cup. Now he was already intoxicated to the point that I wouldn’t serve him more even if he was staying at the restaurant. It’s illegal to pack up alcohol like that and he was clearly inebriated, so I refused him. The guy lost his s**t and was screaming at me like one inch from my face. And then he reached out and violently shook me. Things are a little blurry after that because it was really traumatic. I remember his dining companions apologized and the police came. I didn’t press charges for whatever reason, but I was really shaken up. To make it worse, when the owner found out (he wasn’t there that night), he kind of treated me like it was somehow my fault. I quit a couple of weeks later, but that night sticks with me almost 20 years later.


My very first year of teaching (4th grade), we had a low table set up in our classroom library. During choice time students used the table to work on a 500-1000 piece puzzle. Obviously it took them a long time to complete. Generally speaking, the same kids worked on it regularly.

On curriculum night, a dad came in early, saw the unfinished puzzle and rushed up to me to ask if he could work on it while he waited for my presentation to start. I said no, and explained why. He asked me 3 more times over the next ten minutes why he couldn’t just work on it a little. Every “no” he got from me made him huffier, and when his wife arrived he blurted loudly, “SHE’S NOT LETTING ME DO THIS PUZZLE! ITS NOT FAIR”

His wife was mortified.


They threatened to get a gun out of their car and shoot up the place.

I was working customer service when an old man and his wife wanted to speak to Geek Squad about his iPhone. When I advised they were all busy with appointments so he’d have to schedule an appointment and come back or call Apple tech support he flipped. He screamed at me about not helping when he requested it and said he was going to get his gun, come back in, shoot me first, and then shoot up the place. His wife froze.

When I told my managers they didn’t take me seriously at first because, “he’s just an old man.” Finally they escorted him out and watched him sit in his car for about 20 minutes before driving away.


My ex boyfriend flipped over the board when he lost a game of Trouble against me. He then proceeded to knock over his chair and stomp to the room, then slammed the door. Over a children's game. I was so confused.


I was a bouncer. I was at work on a Thursday, and a bunch of guys in nice suits shows up. They were obviously celebrating, and having a pissing contest.

This was before the ban on smoking in restaurants and bars, so they were one upping each other with cigars, bragging about deals from what I could hear, and asking what our most expensive drinks were.

One guy, about 40-50 years old, became obnoxious, and was harassing the girl behind the bar. I told him he was cut-off, and wouldn't be served more alcohol, but was free to stay with his group and get non-alcoholic drinks if he stopped talking s**t and apologized to her.

He said he wasn't going anywhere, and he wanted his whiskey. I told him to leave or I'd help him leave. I guess he didn't like being talked to like that by an 18 year old kid who dwarfed him. He stormed out, threw some chairs around on his way out and almost got hit by a car as he ran off. He want to the taxi dispatch across the street and threw their garbage can into the street, then kicked the garbage around while screaming. Some of the suits went out to try to calm him down as he started beating on the taxi dispatch windows and some of the cars. Cops eventually took him away.


I worked at a grocery store when I was 17. It was 8 am on New Year’s Day and this lady comes through with a few things and it seemed all normal until I rang up a bag of shrimp and she goes “that should be half price.” I said okay but I would have to verify to change it. I called the meat department and they said no, the shrimp was but one get one free not half price. I relay this information to the woman and she says “I don’t want two, I want one for half price.” I being the minimum wage ($5.55) high school student do not get paid enough for those decisions, so I called a manager. He tries to explain it to her, she wasn’t having it. Then the meat department manager comes up because she was telling g loud enough for the whole empty store to hear. Come to find out the shrimp she had picked wasn’t even the one on sale. Frozen shrimp was on sale bogo, not precooked. That’s when she absolutely bonkers. Literally, called me a dumb b***h and threw her bag full of canned goods at me and screamed about calling corporate. The best part was the lady in line behind her had a bottle of ibuprofen and a redbull who had watched the whole s**t show says “happy f*****g new year to you too, b***h.” She said with the driest deadpan I have ever heard. It was surreal.


The worst adult tantrums I ever heard in my life were when I worked in telecommunications call centres...iphone release day in particular will really show you the worst of humanity.

The most memorable example is a 24 year old woman who was literally SOBBING at me on the phone because we sent her the wrong colour iphone and this was literally the worst thing that had ever happened to her. It wasn't enough that we were going to replace it, she really felt like we'd ruined her life. It was amazing to witness and I had to bite my tongue not to tell her I wanted to live her life if this was the biggest trauma in it.


I work at the communications department for an e-bike company and our office is right above the brandstore.

One day I was smoking outside the store and a customer came in with their bike saying the battery didn’t work and demanding a new bike. The sales associate said they could replace the battery under warranty and that the repair would likely be 3-5 days.

The dude completely lost his s**t and said he wouldn’t leave without a new bike as he couldn’t do without go to work without one. After the sales associate offered him a priority repair (battery replaced same day) he literally THREW his bike at the sales associate injuring his ankle. Charges were pressed and the guy spent some time in jail.


Maybe not the worst i’ve experienced but its the only one I can think of at the moment:

I was over at a guys house and they got a new phone delivered, they opened it and it was like a salmon pink colour. He freaked out and started pacing up and down the room saying that everyones gonna think he’s gay now and how he doesn’t want his co workers to think that he’s gay.

I told him to just get a black phone case and he said those were gay too.


Attending to a car versus power pole in North Brisbane a few years back. Driver had gotten out of the car by himself, front passenger was trapped and needed to but cut out of the wreck. cutting through the front pillar to start the process and I feel something hit me in the back. Turned off the saw and turned around expecting to see an ambo or similar and the driver punches me in the face. He then started screaming at me and stomping his foot about me damaging his car. I push him back hard with the butt of the saw and tell him to calm down. He goes to swing again and I tip my head down so he punches my helmet. One of the other fireys grabs him by his hair and drags him away and I go back to cutting the car open to get to the trapped person.

Ambos start working on the passenger and I took the tools back to the truck only to find the driver waiting for me, still ranting that I cut up his car and he was going to kill me. Flagged over the cop and had him assault and death threats. He got done for reckless driving occasioning injury and the other charges. not sure what the punishment was.


My SIL and brother were visiting my parents for the weekend. We live in the country and get brown eggs from our neighbor as good county folk do. Breakfast comes around, my brother and mom are cooking breakfast for everyone. My SIL freaks out and sits in the living room ranting and crying hysterically over the brown eggs. Over 15 minutes worth of drama over brown eggs. She is offered non-egg breakfast options, still freaking out. She ends up storming out of the house and goes to McDonald's for breakfast, coming back about 2 hours later.

We now buy store bought eggs when they visit. The cheapest ones we can find. And they now have 3 children who are all just as irrational as their mother.
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