Spotify Playlists for Babies & Toddlers That Parents Will Actually Enjoy

Spotify Playlists for Babies & Toddlers That Parents Will Actually Enjoy

These Spotify playlists for kids and families promise songs everyone can agree on

We’ve all been there: we’ve turned on the radio to the perfect family-friendly song, but before long, we’re overhearing some questionable lyrics faster than we can say, “Alexa, stop!” That’s why savvy parents stick to age-appropriate playlists. No time in your schedule of fussy baby feedings and never-ending toddler nap routines to prep a mix tape? Fear not—the hard work has been done for you. Spotify has countless collections of songs, from nursery rhymes and lullabies to modern classics that even the most Baby Shark-averse adult will enjoy. All you have to do is cue up one of these parent-approved Spotify playlists for kids and enjoy the free concert.

1. Kid Songs That Don’t Suck

Let’s face it—there’s a wide range of kid songs out there, and what constitutes a bop to one parent may sound like nails on a chalkboard to another. Thankfully, this list of 60 songs weeds out the polarizing “hits” and is curated to include more universally appealing classic and contemporary songs alike.

2. Disney Hits

One thing that the Disney vault can’t contain? The catchy soundtracks from its archive of animated movies. This 160+ song playlist has everything from the latest Encanto ear worms to ballads that will take any millennial parent back to their own Disney-movie-watching childhood.

3. Calming Baby Songs

If you’ve ever cried at an Instagram Reel of a newborn baby you don’t actually know, it’s likely because it was set to one of the sweet songs in this calming baby playlist. From Taylor Swift’s “Never Grow Up” to Jack Johnson’s “Better Together,” these simple melodies will warm your heart.

4. Classical Music for Kids

Sure, the “Mozart Effect”—the belief that babies exposed to classical music will have higher IQs—has never been scientifically supported, but it still feels good to switch off the Baby Shark in lieu of some Flight of the Bumblebee now and then, right?

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5. Family Road Trip

Hitting the road? Get ready to sing your hearts out with these family-friendly road trip classics that will make the miles fly by. Bonus: this mix of 80 songs will get you five hours of driving time before you even have to think about what to play next.

6. Girl Power

Who runs the world? Girls! And if you’ve got such a little one running your house, this empowering playlist—composed of all-female artists, from Oliva Rodrigo to Aretha Franklin and Billie Eilish to Mariah Carey—will serve up plenty of girl pride.

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7. The Best of Raffi

Nevermind Madonna, Cher, or Adele. The mononymous singer on rotation in any house with babies and toddlers is Raffi. For millions of fans spanning 40 years, the Armenian singer’s music—”Baby Beluga” or “Down By the Bay,” anyone?—has been the soundtrack of their childhoods.

8. Upbeat Kid Songs

Sometimes waking up after naptime, or doing tummy time, or eating broccoli can feel like such a slog. Why not add some musical motivation to your little one’s routine? This playlist of upbeat tunes is sure to add some pep in their first steps. Seriously. Have you heard the first few seconds of Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop This Feeling,” and been able to stop feeling better? Thought not.

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9. Spring Songs For Kids

Winter weather got you down? Rain in the forecast? Let the lyrics to these springtime songs brighten the most dreary of days. From “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” to a medley of sunshiny hits—there’s “You Are My Sunshine” and “Here Comes the Sun,” to name a few—this playlist will give your family everything but the Vitamin D.

10. Baby Sleep

They say to never wake a sleeping baby, but it takes just one extra-loud song in a seemingly steady playlist of lullabies to startle a newborn out of a REM cycle. This collection of soothing songs, however, promises nine hours’ worth of lyric-free instrumentals to keep your little one conked out.

11. Toybox

Tired of the Top 40? This quirky mix of underrated kid songs will pique parents’ interests just as much as their target demo. From Snoop Dogg rapping examples of positive mantras in “Affirmation Song” to a stream-of-consciousness melody about donkey-shaped piñatas and cupcakes at “Goin’ To a Birthday,” these songs are deep cuts with deeper meanings than the standard nursery rhyme fare.

12. Guitar Lullabies

Guitar lovers, get excited! This playlist features 160 sweet instrumental lullabies that are all performed exclusively on the popular instrument. Trust us, the riffs in ”This Old Man,” “London Bridge,” and “Do Re Mi” just hit differently on the strings of an acoustic guitar.

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13. Kids Action Songs

Sometimes, it takes more than a good beat to inspire your kids to get up and dance. If you want to burn some energy, this playlist includes classic sing-alongs like “The Wheels on the Bus” and instructional ditties, like “Reach Up High,” which will have even the youngest of children following along with every line.

14. Raised on Pop

Your little ones might not know the Backstreet Boys or Britney yet, but it’s never too early to give them a proper musical education on all things pop. Curated by Spotify, it’s part of a series of “Raised on . . .” playlists meant for parents and children alike, and it includes lineups dedicated to Rock, Punk, Country, Hip Hop, and Metal, among others.


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