Summer Bubble Fun with Little Kids

Summer Bubble Fun with Little Kids

Three cool bubble toys for little kids to inspire creative play and outdoor fun.

Bubbles are a classic source of wonder and amazement. The simple act of mixing soap and water can entertain kids for hours. I took the kids to the country for a week of decompression. We relied on water, grass and sun for most of our fun. A healthy stash of bubble juice from Little Kids greatly added to our enjoyment. 

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Three Cool Bubble Toys for Kids

  • Fubbles: These are not the bubbles that I grew up with. Now they have a (relatively) spill-free experience with the No Spill Bubble Tumbler ($1.99).We took them to the beach to watch them get blown in the breeze. Be warned--sand and bubble juice do not mix. A better bet, hanging out on the porch swings and sending the kids chasing bubbles in the grass. Oh the sweet moments of summer.
  • Bubble Blaster: At night we took out the Bubble Blaster with Light ($9.99). It does require batteries, but the flashlight made it worth the extra expenditure. Evening bubbles are a treat. And I have read somewhere that mosquitos hate them--score!
  • Bubble Camera: Get your kid into an artistic mode, with this cool camera. The toy gives a realistic shutter sound all while blowing continuous streams of bubbles, swirling lights and fun music. Get the bubble camera here

My advice: Make the most of these last few weeks of unscheduled time with the kids. Grab some bubbles and a blanket and get outside.


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