The 15 Best Things Domino’s Editors Bought This Year

The 15 Best Things Domino’s Editors Bought This Year

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Think about it: What’s the best thing you bought this year? Did it make your life easier, cozier, more beautiful, or just extra joyful? Any of these feelings would mean it’s a valid choice. We got to pondering the question over here and found that, across the Domino team, favorite purchases from the last 365 ran the gamut: We’re talking investment furniture, functional decor, incredibly elegant serveware, bedding so soft it divides households, and one impressively high-tech beauty gadget. Read on for the best things we bought this year—and, while you’re at it, shout out yours in the comments section, below.

Heymat Mix Teklan Kitchen Mat

Where do I even begin with how much I love this kitchen mat? Let me start by describing my previous one, which was technically just a 2-by-3-foot rug that slipped all over the place (so I added silicone to the bottom, a messy DIY) and stained like crazy—not that I could ever wash it effectively. Enter Heymat, which has a rubberized bottom and a soft feel under the toes and can go in the washing machine. And while so many mat designs veer too tacky, the color-blocked print magically goes with my apartment’s color scheme. —Julie Vadnal, deputy editor

Hay Mags Soft Low 2.5 Seat Sofa

Mags Soft Low 2.5 Seat Sofa, HAY ($4,095)

The Mags sofa is truly my favorite piece of furniture I bought this year. Covered in ivory bouclé, it’s the comfiest thing in our home and grounds the living room—I do everything from napping to taking work meetings on it. —Kate Berry, chief content officer

Rubbermaid Shelving and Everbilt Brackets

Adding open shelving to the bedroom zone in my tiny studio apartment has been a game changer. Now I can actually display my favorite titles instead of having to pile them under my bed or shove them under my sofa (yes, I have done that). —Lydia Geisel, home editor

Parachute Organic Cloud Cotton Quilt

Organic Cloud Cotton Quilt, Parachute ($259)

The number-one testament to my pick for the best thing I bought this year? My household—this includes my fiancé, our dog, and any guests—is in a constant state of fighting over who gets to use it. This quilt is that near-impossible mix of incredibly fluffy, substantial, and breathable; in other words, it doesn’t belie its name. In addition to cloudlike levels of coziness, the faded clay colorway looks just as smart folded atop our bed as it does tossed over the couch as a makeshift crumb catcher, saving us from and surviving many a red-wine spill.

Our obsession with it led us to purchase the toddler-size version, which we now use as a more permanent throw blanket mainstay in our living room. To summarize: Parachute’s Cloud Cotton Quilt (say that five times fast) covers my perfect-product bases of comfort, durability, and versatility. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s made from 100% organic cotton that’s Oeko-Tex certified. —Liz Buxton, commerce content director

TheraFace Pro

As a TheraGun loyalist, I always dreamed of a smaller version that could be used to massage my neck and jaw. Enter the TheraFace Pro, which not only has three swappable percussive heads to target the areas where I hold most of my stress (yeah, I’m a clencher), but also comes with Microcurrent, Cleansing, and LED Light ring attachments to help deep clean, tone, and reduce both wrinkles and acne. I came for the tension relief, and the bonus of being able to firm and rejuvenate from my couch makes it the ultimate self-care tool. —Andie Diemer, deputy photo editor

Room & Board Parsons Bed

Big-ticket items are always the hardest to say yes to, but this year my husband and I finally purchased this bed frame and love it. I prefer things modern, and my husband loves vintage, and the design of this frame is versatile enough to work with either style. Bonus points: It’s supersturdy, and I no longer cringe when I catch our kids mid-jump on our bed! —Kim Gray, art director

HigherDose Infrared Mat

This mat has been such a savior for me. It is one of the most relaxing ways to cap my day—the infrared heat and pulsed electromagnetic field combo is so soothing and grounding. I unwind on it for about 20 minutes before bed, and it helps lull me into a restorative slumber every single time. —Angela Tafoya, editorial director, talent and branded

Urban Outfitters Bamboo Storage Bench

After struggling to find a console table or shoe rack that wouldn’t eat away at what little space exists between my apartment’s front door and living room, I finally came across the solution a year after moving in: a bamboo bench from, surprise, Urban Outfitters. It’s very affordable (under $150) and neutral enough to blend in (almost a perfect match to my parquet floors)—and it doubles as my secret spot for reusable grocery bags and canvas totes. Plus the cushioned cover makes for an extra-comfy place to untie or lace up my shoes and boots that hang out underneath. Multifunctional for the win. —Morgan Bulman, associate commerce editor

Josephinenhütte Josephine Decanter

Decanters are usually one of two things (or both): kind of cheugy, not very useful. The elegant proportions and quality aeration of the Josephine Decanter have made it a staple on my table this year, whether that’s for a simple red blend or something fancier on Shabbat. It doesn’t hold too delicate, and I love the divot on the bottom that makes for easy pouring. Plus it looks great next to my serving dishes, empty or not. —Samantha Weiss-Hills, deputy commerce editor

FluffCo. Hotel Bath Kit 

FluffCo.’s Hotel Bath Kit comes with a pair of oversize Oeko-Tex–certified hotel towels, which on their own are wonderful. But the fleece-lined, 100 percent cotton robe is, by far, my favorite of the several robes I own. Wearing it immediately shifts me into relaxation mode, like I’m being pampered at a spa. I typically shy away from buying white loungewear because stains show so easily, but this one gets the most use out of my collection. I’m obsessed with the soft microfiber fabric, and if I could make a wear-outside outfit from the material, I would. —Kenya Foy, staff writer

Shark WandVac Handheld Vacuum

Because I live in a house with two dogs that shed, the Shark WandVac Handheld Vacuum has quickly become my right hand in the battle against fur. Now when I notice a scattering of fluff on my hardwood between meetings, I simply reach for this lightweight, wireless, and surprisingly powerful little guy. Plus the superslim handheld is easy to hide out of sight when not in use and you can empty debris with a single touch—you never have to handle the gunk it just sucked up (phew!). —Lindsey DeSimone, senior social strategist 

SodaStream Art

This SodaStream came into my life at a time when I had just about had it with lugging piles of LaCroix cans and Pellegrino bottles to the recycling bin. Not only does creating less waste make me feel like a better human, but the levered design helps me really lean in on my at-home bartender persona as I craft the ideal balance of bubbles with each pull. It helps that I was also able to snag the limited-edition cocktail kit from Dante that the Art launched. I’ve been pouring everything from fancy-flavored water to the perfect spritz ever since. Last call? Not on my watch. —Raven McMillan, assistant editor

Material (Mini) ReBoard

I’m a skittish cook, prone to becoming overwhelmed (I blame a decade in New York City). Almost anything can persuade me to order takeout, but especially lugging out the heavy wood cutting board to simply mince garlic or slice some cheese. And then hand-wash it? Yeah, right. Material’s mini version of its best-selling ReBoard is the perfect size for prepping my fortes: snacks and sandwiches. And you can throw it in the dishwasher. I want it in every color. —Lindsey Mather, digital director

Cultiver Linen Duvet Cover Set

Before this year, I owned a few random linen pillowcases here and there. What I didn’t know was that I was missing out on the otherworldly feeling of being completely immersed in the soft, cooling material. I’ve never looked back since investing in an entire linen set from Cultiver, because I’m too busy snuggling up like the true coastal grandma I am. I went with the sage colorway, which makes my bed even more calming. Might I recommend pairing the set with a Drowsy sleep mask: the second-best thing I bought this year. —Julia Stevens, style editor

Amazon Portable Laptop Monitor

Portable Monitor 15.6inch FHD 1080P Laptop Monitor, MNN ($139 was $199)

I’ve had to do a lot of unexpected traveling this year, and that means a lot of video work calls and spreadsheet time in hotel rooms, at a relative’s, or on the go. This monitor has been my solid and reliable work buddy. Superslim and lightweight, it easily slides into any tote, backpack, or suitcase. The screen presents vivid colors and keeps a charge for a long, long time. —Kim Watkins, managing editor

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