“The Deep, Dark Rabbit Hole Of Amazon”: 118 Of The Weirdest And Funniest Things Ever Seen On Amazon

“The Deep, Dark Rabbit Hole Of Amazon”: 118 Of The Weirdest And Funniest Things Ever Seen On Amazon

Let’s face it, Amazon is your go-to site for just about anything. With a wide array of about 12 million items across different categories, virtually anything you dream up can land on your doorstep in no time. A giant tub of flaky sea salt? You bet. A headband with mullet hair attached to it? Absolutely! No matter what you look for, there's most likely an item on the mega-retailer that can take care of it for you.

But once you scroll beyond the necessities, things take a different turn. In fact, it gets so weird that you have to see it to believe it. So allow us to introduce you to one entertaining corner of Reddit aptly called 'The deep, dark rabbit hole of Amazon'. This online group is dedicated to finding the most bizarre and unexpected products, reviews, and comments that tend to fly under the radar on the site.

More than 33k members of the community comb Amazon to bring its unhinged layers into the spotlight, and we have gathered some of the most ridiculous things to share with you below. So welcome to the oddest gift guide where you're bound to find something you definitely don’t need, but now desperately want. Be sure to upvote your favorite pics, and let us know what you think about them in the comments!

Psst! For more of the worst things for sale on Amazon, check out Bored Panda's earlier piece right over here.

#1 Pretty Successful Bookkeeper

Image credits: reddit.com

#2 Absolute Agony

Image credits: batataqw89

#3 I Guess I Can Wait One More Day

Image credits: ilikebreakfastfoods

'The deep, dark rabbit hole of Amazon' subreddit has been around for quite some time. Ever since it was created in 2014, it has been steadily growing and gaining a strong foothold on the platform. With over 33k members, it's the perfect outlet to showcase some of the craziest finds ever discovered on Amazon and poke fun at the side of consumerism where the level of weirdness is way above normal.

"Have you ever seen something for sale on Amazon that made you step back and say, 'What the [hell]?'" the moderator asks in the community description. "Link that product here!" Well, hundreds of users accepted the invitation. "Also, general WTF's *about* Amazon, e.g., their shipping policies, their customer service? Share that, too!" People over there always seem to be on the lookout for the strangest, wackiest, and most ridiculous products and reviews to share with fellow members of the group, and they do not disappoint.

#4 My Mum Found This On Amazon For A Turntable

Image credits: golden_drey

#5 Umm

Image credits: fluffywaffles86

#6 The Best Cup

Image credits: Xsythe

Some of the most important rules to consider before sharing something with the group is that the post cannot include any affiliate links, although it should state the price and the description somewhere in the title.

Moreover, one of the most important rules is that the item must be weird. "Your post must contain items on Amazon that are unusual, weird, or bizarre content that, well, you wouldn't EXPECT to find on Amazon," the moderator explained. "Gag gifts must be weird, not just funny. 'Weird' items are subjective, and links can be removed for being too normal at moderator discretion."

#7 Very Funny Bezos - But I Need The Charging Cord I Actually Ordered

Image credits: uhnomuhlee

#8 My Wife Was Looking For A Cat Tent

Image credits: Palleus

#9 I Wanted A Breaking Bad Jigsaw

Image credits: adrianroworth

It’s safe to say that society has become obsessed with discussing products lately. And it’s easy to see why, as today we’re bombarded with legions of stuff that’s available to buy at the click of a button. From genius product design ideas to strange-looking ones, folks are uncovering heaps of original ideas and unnecessary temptations. It seems like the digital world has become a true treasure trove of the ridiculous and the bizarre that certainly challenges the boundaries of imagination.

While Amazon is just one site on the internet sphere that makes online ordering easier, it is definitely a force to reckon with. According to a blog post on Big Commerce, more than 197 million people around the world get on their devices and visit Amazon.com each month. "In 2018, Amazon’s share of the US ecommerce market hit 49%. That’s 5% of all retail spent across the entire country."

"To put things in perspective, this is more than Amazon’s top three competitors combined, with eBay coming in at 6.6%, Apple at 3.9% and Walmart at 3.7%," it states. "Needless to say, Amazon is the leader in online sales, with no sign of slowing down anytime soon."

#10 Why?

Image credits: MeetMeAtTheBottom

#11 Kids Face Mask

Image credits: gingervon219

#12 Paid $180 For Apple AirPods. Got $8 Chinese Inpods 12. Amazon Told Me To Return The Item To Refund Me, And Now They Say I Have To Return "Original AirPods" To Be Refunded. Great!

Image credits: ivnsoft

Small wonder, as Amazon offers us virtually any item we can think of. The function and purpose are debatable, but they tend to genuinely surprise us by being so extreme that they even seem unreal. It’s entertaining to see the things people over on 'The deep, dark rabbit hole of Amazon' share with the world, but featuring peculiar products online seems to have become a running trend. See, their explosive growth has inspired other social media projects that tend to appeal to audiences of all types.

#13 A Billionaire Dinosaur Forced Me Gay [Kindle Edition]

Image credits: chibearscubs

#14 Was Looking For A Camera To Keep An Eye On My Dog And Came Across This

Image credits: Boredguy480

#15 Does This Count?

Image credits: ibsmith0511

Previously, we reached out to an expert in uncovering all the bizarre stuff on Amazon, Drew Fairweather. About 10 years ago, he founded the notorious 'The Worst Things For Sale' (TWTFS) project while simply looking through the site. "[I] realized that there were bizarre, weird, and hilarious items always peeking out from under what I was actually trying to find," he told Bored Panda. "Once you realize the breadth of bizarre things available there, you can't un-see them!"

"Since buying items is the main creative outlet of most people — most Americans, at least — people enjoy seeing unusual items for sale," he continued. Fairweather also notices items "that seem normal — branded waffle irons, pink screwdrivers — that have a strange or sinister subtext hidden beneath the sales pitch." 

#16 "Heart Shaped" Bicycle Safety Light

Image credits: reddit

#17 Does This Belong Here? I Thought It Was Pretty Wtf

Image credits: reddit.com

#18 I Miss My Wife

Image credits: KnucklesMom

Fairweather explained he digs up most of these items on his own, although followers also help with suggestions. "I tend to stay away from novelty items, which are those intentionally created to be 'wacky,' since there's nothing unusual or sinister about these."

"I'd rather write about something like Extylus, which is a stylus for your smartphone that you strap to your finger, so you can use your finger to control your smartphone."

#19 Amazon Wtf

Image credits: ToTheBatmobile_

#20 This... This Is Meant To Be For Children?

Image credits: maroesss

#21 I Was Looking For Work Boots. I'm Not In The Line Of Work That Amazon Thinks I Am!

Image credits: LinceyBaine

"As with any items manufactured and sold, these were all created with the purpose of making money! A lot of these companies, I'd imagine, start with someone having an idea they hope will be popular, a niche product that will become the next Beanie Baby or Scrub Daddy. They're then put through the wringer of marketing to become one of the abominations I write about, like Bumper Dumper, the toilet you attach to the trailer hitch of your truck," he told us. 

#22 S T R E T C H

Image credits: liquidstake

#23 [£45.30] I’m Not Sure Iron Man Is Doing It Right

Image credits: D0NGMASTER2000

#24 The "Daddy Love" Photo Blanket Has A Picture Of Chris Watts And His Daughter Cece. For Those Unaware, Watts Murdered His Pregnant Wife And 2 Young Daughters In August 2018

Image credits: kay_el_eff

The ultimate goal, in Fairweather’s opinion, is to make people think about what they’re buying and why. "These products are mostly made of plastic, manufactured by underpaid factory workers, sold at a premium to people who don't need them."

"They're a colossal waste of energy and material resources, and it engenders suffering from the human cost of manual labor, the occupational health hazards experienced by the workers, and the ecological damage done by extracting these limited resources from the Earth."

"The very richest people accumulate wealth and use their power to strip the rest of us of health and happiness, then sell it back to us, one plastic piece at a time. We don't need any of these things! It's all a symptom of a society which has prioritized the accumulation of the wealthy over all other aspects," Fairweather concluded. 

#25 Relationship Saved!

Image credits: The-Lazy-Lemur

#26 There Is Something Very Disturbing About Having "Special Delivery" Written On The Butt Flap Of A Onesie

Image credits: SchuminWeb

#27 Imaginary Friend, $9.99. Plus Shipping

Image credits: Kresley

But if we can agree on one thing, the things featured in this list are extremely entertaining to look at. We’re curious to hear your thoughts about these ridiculous items. Which of these products did you love or hate most? Did anything in particular stand out to you the most? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments!

#28 Amazon Just Let Anyone Sell Anything On This Site

Image credits: lazybear1718

#29 Amazing

Image credits: orchid_breeder

#30 When You Need Novelty Muscle Arms For Your Chicken, Only Accept The Original. Not A Time To Accept Knock-Offs Made With Foreign Wires

Image credits: cervezaqueso

#31 What Is The Story That Ends With Me Needing These?

Image credits: unique_baseball

#32 I Ordered An Apple Battery Pack From Amazon Pl, And The Seller Was Also Amazon Eu, It Came Directly From Warehouse. How Ever Look What I Got.. I Still Cant Understand How It Happened

Image credits: deliantepli

#33 Casual Friday I Guess?

Image credits: BudgetNinja

#34 Yes This Is What Bodies Look Like

Image credits: cartoonsandscience

#35 Ummm

Image credits: ManSlag420

#36 Ngl, I Admire Her Style

Image credits: speedycat2014

#37 I See Your Big Box And Raise You A Big Box For My Bluetooth Dongle

Image credits: spook30

#38 I'm Pretty Sure I'm On A List Now

Image credits: aedinius

#39 This Appeared In My Suggestions In Amazon

Image credits: Sedorner

#40 This, Uh Strange Halloween Inflatable. Who Wants This In Their Yard??

Image credits: righteousnessandtea

#41 At Least The 18-Month Is Interest-Free

Image credits: VoteObama2020

#42 5x Bigger Than It Needed And Not Even Any Bubble Wrap

Image credits: rollincode3

#43 You Gotta

Image credits: speedycat2014

#44 In The Market For Some Plastic Snakes, Amazon Gives Me Amazing Photoshop

Image credits: ssshhhutup

#45 It’s Not An Invisibility Case

Image credits: cfard

#46 A Putin Shrimp Magnet

Image credits: SchuminWeb

#47 Went Searching For Baby Yoda, Got Bra Pillow Instead

Image credits: neudeu

#48 Ordered Pockys Off Amazon Expecting To Get A Box Of Pockys, Got This Instead ($4.95 Pocky’s Bumper Sticker)

Image credits: Bitter-Tooth-4626

#49 I Kinda Want Taquitos Now

Image credits: that1chikk

#50 Ermmm What!?

Image credits: Grandmasterkool54

#51 Searched For Little Mermaid Clothes For Boys. Did Not Expect This $9.99 Shirt

Image credits: saveitforthedisco

#52 Really Feeling This Customer Service Reps Vibe

Image credits: SimonCaine

#53 The Packaging They Chose To Send My Dog's New Collar In...wtf?

Image credits: Fatheadsmom

#54 So You’re Saying The Reviews Aren’t Real?

Image credits: twig2shoes

#55 Amazon Now Testing Out Time Travel Delivery, First Attempt Didn't Go So Well

Image credits: bpShum12

#56 Great Spot To Deliver My Packages

Image credits: giantturtledev

#57 Uhhh... Amazon???

Image credits: pixelbat

#58 I Was Wondering Why This Hand Sanitizer Had So Many Negative Reviews And

Image credits: hellogoawaynow

#59 I Wouldn’t Know Cuz I’m Too Single, But No Way A Couple Would Need $2000 Of Lube

Image credits: leafyGr33ns

#60 Wife And I Ordered A Bed And Received A Hex Barbell

Image credits: TheZburator

#61 That’s Not What I Call It

Image credits: VDLPolo

#62 There Is A Lot Of Talks About "The Dark Side Of Amazon" Nowadays And I Believe, I Rolled Right Into It By Accident Today

Image credits: Ideal_Jerk

#63 Say What You Will About Poison, 10000 Pairs Of Earrings For $10.57 Is A Deal

Image credits: readit475

#64 Thanks For The Shank

Image credits: spillledmilk

#65 Do You Really Care What I Think?

Image credits: DesertSalt

#66 Two Mouses, Three Boxes

Image credits: c0let

#67 That’s Horrible!.. Wtf

Image credits: I-have-a-pet-dragon

#68 Why Is This Cat Wearing Glasses? (Cat Tracks, $10.99)

Image credits: huxley75

#69 Conquered By Clippy: An Erotic Short Story

Image credits: KONAfuckingsucks

#70 Puff-N-Fluff Dog Dryer, Anyone?

Image credits: pineapplejuice0

#71 This Looks So Comfortable For The Dog

Image credits: majortomhanks

#72 Dad Do You Like My Backpack?

Image credits: coolbeanoh

#73 Here’s My Amazon Search Result That Recommends A Drinking Game In My Sobriety Chip Search Results (At The Bottom)

Image credits: diverareyouok

#74 If I Buy This Are They Shipping Me A Perfume Or Tmnt?? On Sale For $10.99

Image credits: cybersigh

#75 Slough Away Those Pesky Horns?

Image credits: swirlgirl93

#76 Sustainability, Check!

Image credits: tankerer101

#77 That's What I Call A Realistic Scenario For A Great Shower Experience

Image credits: jemus1

#78 Explains The Two Star Review

Image credits: treblecleft

#79 Maybe My Toddler Understands Why She Needs A Knife To Go With Her New Shoes Better Than I Do

Image credits: Ryantacular

#80 Love The Combined Scent Of Carpet, Popcorn, And Vhs Tapes

Image credits: joe727

#81 Looks Perfect For My Toddler

Image credits: kabob3213

#82 So I Bought A Lamp, And Now I'm Not Sure Wtf To Expect On February 3rd

Image credits: data_Squatch

#83 This Portable Children’s Urinal Is Wild

Image credits: cameronsounds

#84 Exactly How Big Is This Glue Gun?

Image credits: tr3vorw

#85 I Can’t Decide

Image credits: reddit.com

#86 An $18 Penguin Shaped Humidifier Gift For Who...?!

Image credits: akinahana

#87 Amazon Sent Me A Picture Of My Order Delivered To A Wrong Home. Impressive What Technology Can Do

Image credits: 83OS

#88 Do You Want...skittles...with That?

Image credits: TheLeftEarOfVanGogh

#89 A Balanced Lunch

Image credits: safarimotormotelinn

#90 Another Efficient Packaging Decision By Amazon, For Two Bike Tyres

Image credits: revrof

#91 Thank You Amazon For Trapping Me In My Own House

Image credits: theb00mking

#92 These Bumper Stickers I Found Hidden Inside One Of The Flaps Of An Amazon Prime Box Containing A Plexiglass Panel I Had Ordered

Image credits: BasementDweller3000

#93 Not The Kind Of Neck Pillow I Was Looking For

Image credits: Reptiliamammalia

#94 Delayed Delivery, Every Week For 2 Years

Image credits: redebekadia

#95 Lots Of Help, Esme. Thank You

Image credits: DifferentRooster

#96 These Were In A Carhartt Coat I Ordered. Amazon Offered A $5 Gift Card

Image credits: rstonessuck

#97 Paperback Is 12 Dollars, But.. Having That Hardcover Is Soo Nice! Should I Splurge?

Image credits: SuperAidsBoy

#98 Baby Toy Looking Box Cutters

Image credits: AnaNg_zz

#99 It’s Crazy That People Misspelling “Bondage” Makes “Bandage Kit” So Far Down

Image credits: reddit.com

#100 Wanted To Look For Books I Can Read With My New Kindle Unlimited Subscription. Wtf?

Image credits: _Doubler_

#101 Xi Jinping Erotica

Image credits: dgdhdhshjs

#102 Just Feeding A Baby Some Unset Gummy Bears Straight From The Dropper

Image credits: gekesh

#103 Guess They Missed That Giant Bin Labeled "Deliveries". That'll Be Gone By The Time I Get Home

Image credits: Meggantastic

#104 This Garden Pool Advertised With Live Fish In It

Image credits: reddit.com

#105 Toy Description: 'I Will Accompany Her In Darkness Night'

Image credits: tallman2

#106 Just Found This

Image credits: 420danger_noodle420

#107 How Did He Expect Me To Get This Down?

Image credits: yourmodernbabe

#108 I Just Wanted Some Shave Butter

Image credits: Gamercat96

#109 I Propose We Find A Better Picture For These Nuts

Image credits: julimagination

#110 Should I Opt For Installation?

Image credits: AffixBayonets

#111 Mama Mia

Image credits: ibiteoffyourhead

#112 These Shoes Are Positively ... Stunning. I Am Stunned

Image credits: reddit.com

#113 I’m Sorry For Your Loss?

Image credits: static010

#114 Grape Scented Tupac Air Freshener

Image credits: Gwenchicken

#115 Racing Possums $22.99–only 1 Left In Stock!

Image credits: ftmgremlin

#116 My Favourite Gaming Mouse

Image credits: SugarOak_576

#117 $8 Kids Knife That Can Cut A Tornato

Image credits: RandaRingberg

#118 Bit Young Even By His Standards

Image credits: jamesgfilms

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