The Friday Bulletin. June 17, 2022

The Friday Bulletin. June 17, 2022

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I do not like confrontation I am afraid discussions involving personal opinions will turn into an argument, and I can never think of the right things to say because my emotions get in the way. This TED talk is given by a woman who grew up a Baptist, with very negative views about any opinions that differed with the church’s beliefs. She was aggressive about demonizing differing opinions, often picketing with hateful signs, and taking to Twitter to voice her views.  Over time, the feedback she received and the conversations she had on Twitter slowly began to help her be more open-minded. She has four tips on how to better talk with people who do not agree with you:

  1. Don’t assume bad intent or ill motives. That approach will not allow you to be able to understand their beliefs.
  2. Ask questions. It helps breach the divide.  It also helps the other person feel heard.
  3. Stay calm. This takes practice, but I know from experience that it works.  Don’t allow the discussion to escalate.
  4. Explain your point of view. Sometimes we assume our point of view is obvious to the other person when it often isn’t.

For more detail go to Megan Phelps-Roper’s TED talk.


Netflix has done a six-part documentary series called  Babies. I found it fascinating to watch, and think most people will love it, even if they have never had a baby. It follows the journey of helpless newborns to the independent toddler stage. There are scientific experiments and academic research that result in amazing findings about the human body. The experts discover that even the youngest babies know and see much more that was thought possible. The series follows fifteen international families and each hour long episode tackles a different topic.


This website was developed by a jigsaw puzzle addict.  She has 500 puzzles waiting to be done!  She is Canadian, a grandmother, and is semi-retired from a career in financial management.  She describes herself this way – “I read, write, buy, sell, assemble, create and day-dream about jigsaw puzzles.”

Readers can find out the brands she likes best, her favorite jigsaw puzzle lights for puzzling after the sun has gone down, the best puzzle tables, mats, and much more!


Here are a few things over 50 that are still going strong:

Stevie Wonder’s first album debuted in 1950 when he was 12 years old.


The microwave became popular in home kitchens in the late 1960s and never left.


Skateboarding took off in the late 1950s.


The Jeopardy game show premiered in 1964 and currently has over 10 million viewers a night.


                                                                                                   UPS began in 1953


M&Ms hit the candy counters in 1941.


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