The Most Creative Macaroni Crafts

The Most Creative Macaroni Crafts

Put your noodle to work! Sharing a few Camp-Mom craft favorites using a timeless material.

Camp Mom is in session. While my almost six year old big boy goes to our town's summer recreation program, my little lady bug is stuck at home with yours truly. She loves me and all, but I know my social butterfly would want to be playing and crafting and singing and running with lots of other kids, too. Alas, poor thing is just along for the ride--being dragged from drop off to pick up to drop off to pick up (oh, did I not mention I have to pick my son up for the lunch hour and then bring him back?!?) Yeah, it's a hassle but it's especially hard on my little one.

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And so, every morning when she wakes up and asks if she can go to camp with her brother I enthusiastically answer, "Today, you go to Camp Mom!" That means I've had to get creative with our activities and outings: beach trips, playground sojourns, pool dips, and project galore.

I particularly like the crafts--we can stay home (so I can get more work done!) and she is happy engaged and entertained. I have fond memories of making macaroni necklaces in day camp when I was a kid--so I started with that simple and sweet activity. Plus, it helps that I have an ample supply of pasta in my shelves. Good thing--I've found a few more super awesome and creative macaroni crafts for kids. 

Five Creative Macaroni Crafts for the Kids

July 7, just so happens to be National Macaroni Day, I thought I'd share a few Camp-Mom favorites. It's tough being a full-time mom and counselor, but it sure is fun too!

Macaroni Frames 

Use pasta to decorate painted picture frames! Get the Macaroni Frames instructions via Pink Stripey Socks.

Pasta Suncatchers 

Kids love suncatchers. Turn your pasta into a suncatcher craft for kids; the translucency of the pasta makes it looks especially pretty as light filters through it. Get the Pasta Suncatchers step by step instructions via Babble Dabble Do.

Macaroni Necklace 

These macaroni necklaces are pretty basic and great for  really young children. Get the details on this Macaroni Necklace via Meri Cherry.

Pasta Sculptures

Make crazy cool pasta sculptures to let your kids develop their artistic side. Check out the instructions for Pasta Sculptures via Meri Cherry.

Pasta Fish

The pasta adds awesome texture to our fish and they look like colorful scales so it was a perfect compliment. Get the Pasta Fish instructions via I Heart Crafty Things.


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