These Mini Toddler Charcuterie Boards are the Perfect Inspiration for Lunch Time

It's all fun and games at my house until somebody says, "lunchtime!" Cue the tears, hair pulling, and frustration - from me. Hey, my toddlers aren't easily fooled. They know there's broccoli hidden in that chicken alfredo pasta, and they aren't happy about me trying to trick them. That's why I love these mini toddler charcuterie boards so many people are posting on Instagram! They look like adult cheese-and-wine boards, but made with tiny sandwiches, cut-up fruits, little vegetables, adorable desserts, breakfast foods, and more. Instead of trying to hide the healthy stuff, they just make the fresh food look super appetizing, so your little ones will be begging for more.

If you love the idea of serving your toddlers bite-sized portions of food that they can eat with their fingers, then check out some of these inspiration pictures posted by creative parents. You - and your kids - will never cry lunch-related tears again.