This Parenting Game Inspired by Cards Against Humanity Is Worth the Babysitting Fee

Listen, it's been a year - and, frankly, most new parents would say that exact phrase whether or not the year included a global pandemic. So, if you haven't already, it might be time to call a babysitter and get together with your fellow tiny-human-raisers for a round or two of the Is This Normal? card game.

Inspired by the perfectly inappropriate-for-kids Cards Against Humanity, this party game for adults combines a hilarious collection of images and real-life parenting scenarios to help pin down what it's really like.

Like similarly minded card games, the rules are easy. One person reads from a blue card, and everyone answers with their funniest white card, essentially DIYing their very own parenting memes. For added hilarity, you can combine Q&A cards to create "hilarious, embarrassing, and often inappropriate" combos - you know, kind of like having a toddler. And unlike other versions out there, this new one comes with a 2021 lens. Yep, there are cards about Zoom school and face masks to spare! The goal, sure, is to win, but most exhausted players will stick around for the chance to share the uncensored, unexpected things for which no parenting book accurately prepared them.

The Is This Normal? ($25) card game is out now, and trust us: it's well worth the babysitter fee.