Tinybeans Tested—Pick For Best Baby Gate: the Dreambaby Mayfair

Tinybeans Tested—Pick For Best Baby Gate: the Dreambaby Mayfair

We’ve upgraded our baby gate game with Dreambaby

If you have kids, you have baby gates. The second little ones are even slightly mobile, keeping control over where they scoot, crawl, creep, or toddle is absolutely necessary. Especially if they’ve outgrown pack-n-plays (or are absolutely unwilling to hang out in one for more than 37 seconds), finding a safe way to keep them in one place is a must. I’ve been on a mission to find the best baby gate out there.

And I’m not knocking old-fashioned baby gates, but they pretty much only work one way: a single panel to cut off access from one room to another. That’s great, but that still gives little scooters ample opportunity to wreak havoc and, more importantly, potentially get their hands on something less-than-safe. You can see why the Dreambaby Mayfair Converta 3-in-1 Play-Pen Gate looked like, well, a dream, baby! So I gave it a shot. Could it really be the best baby gate?

Our house isn’t open-concept, so my goal at pretty much any given moment is making sure that my 13 month old isn’t heading straight for the stairs. He’s not a highchair fan, even with snacks and a bottle. The option for him to hang out there and give me some time to get stuff done is pretty much nonexistent. I also have my 3 year old and really needed a safe solution for the baby while I deal with the Preschool Drama of the Day (it can get intense).

The Dreambaby Test

Here’s the thing with the Dreambaby Mayfair: it’s not just another one-panel baby gate. It’s a six-panel design that gives me the option to configure it in a bunch of different ways. I figured I’d give the original round playard setup a shot first (about 4’x3′ of playable area for him), and whoa. I didn’t even get a chance to add any toys in it before my little one was playing peek-a-boo between the slats and giggling. That gave me a solid 7 minutes to make lunches for the day while he entertained himself. I could absolutely see getting 15-20 minutes if he had a book and a ball. And (I seriously can’t believe I’m about to say this), if a snack is added to the mix, I can probably get a full 30 minutes of two-handed work done. Uh, where has this been all my parenting life?

The only time he wasn’t happy was when I walked out of the room for a second and he couldn’t see me anymore. That’s something I expect, though, so I’m not surprised that he didn’t love that part.


What I Love

I’m also loving that the Mayfair gives the option of converting from a playard to a traditional baby gate. When set up as a baby gate/room divider/barrier, it’s 147.5″ long and 29″ tall, so it’s much longer than other gates we’ve looked into. The opening into my kitchen is over 8 feet and the Mayfair more than covered it. It’s also a snap to set up! I did it in under 5 minutes, which is perfect since those 5 minutes are precious in Mom Time (you get it).

I’ll be honest: I was a little nervous about a portable playpen being strong enough to withstand my 13 month old. We call him a linebacker—he’s a rough and rowdy little guy. Would the Mayfair hold up if he were to shake it or lean on it? Turns out, I didn’t have to worry at all. This one isn’t going anywhere. It’s the definition of toddler-proof!

I especially appreciate how flexible the Dreambaby Mayfair is. It doesn’t have to be set up in a perfect circle at all; there are almost endless ways to use it. If you have any odd corners or open areas, this is a fantastic solution.

Also, I’ll absolutely be using the Mayfair to protect my Christmas tree and fireplace this season. Not only is it a smart way to keep kiddos at a distance, it’s perfect for preventing pets from getting a little too close to holiday decor.

Do we recommend the Dreambaby Mayfair Converta 3-in-1 Play-Pen Gate?

Absolutely. I’m actually a little surprised I hadn’t found it sooner! I would 100% recommend this for baby and toddler parents, as well as pet parents. It’s easy to use, flexible, sturdy, and totally helps put my mind at ease while freeing up my hands! What more could you ask for?

Dreambaby Mayfair Converta 3-in-1 Play-Pen Gate ($159.99)—Buy Now

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