Toddler X’s Ultimate Guide: 118 Bay Area Adventures for Families with Young Kids

Toddler X’s Ultimate Guide: 118 Bay Area Adventures for Families with Young Kids

Well, I've posted lists for rainy days and I've posted lists for sunny days. I've posted lists for active families, and I've posted lists for lazy ones (just joking!). I've posted lists of my absolute favorite adventures, and I've posted lists of adventures that I want to try. But, ever more ambitious, I think the time has finally come to pull all of the toddler/preschooler activities I know of into one easy to find, easy to share post.

So here we go: Toddler X's Ultimate Guide. Use it. Share it. Enjoy it.

Happy toddling, my friends.

(Note that these are in no particular order, beyond being organized by city -- I'm just listing them as I think of them, so browse away!)

ü= Been there!

The South Bay
  1. Emma Prusch Farm Park (San Jose) ü
  2. The Children's Discovery Museum (San Jose) ü
  3. Happy Hollow Park and Zoo (San Jose) ü
  4. The Municipal Rose Garden (San Jose) ü
  5. The Rosicrucian Museum (San Jose) ü
  6. The Duck Pond (San Jose) ü
  7. A San Jose Earthquakes game (San Jose) 
  8. A San Jose Giants game (San Jose) ü
  9. Rotary Play Garden (San Jose) ü
  10. The Tech Museum of Innovation (San Jose)
  11. Fountains at Plaza de Cesar Chavez (San Jose) 
  12. Alviso Marina County Park (San Jose/Alviso) ü
  13. Hicklebee's Children's Books (San Jose/Willow Glen) ü
  14. Westfield Valley Fair Mall (San Jose/Santa Clara) ü
  15. Oakridge Mall (San Jose) ü
  16. Fun Factory arcade at Oakridge Mall (San Jose) ü
  17. [CLOSED] Billy Beez at Oakridge Mall (San Jose) ü
  18. Santana Row (San Jose) ü
  19. Rockin' Tots at Rockin' Jump (San Jose) ü
  20. Veggielution Community Farm at Emma Prusch Farm Park (San Jose) ü
  21. Silver Creek Sportsplex (San Jose) ü
  22. Alum Rock Park (San Jose) ü
  23. YSI at Alum Rock Park (San Jose)
  24. Lunch at San Pedro Square Market (San Jose) ü
  25. Westgate Mall (San Jose) ü
  26. Pump it Up (San Jose) ü
  27. Golfland (San Jose)
  28. Play area at Whole Foods (San Jose) ü
  29. Playing at the train or Duplo tables at Barnes & Noble (San Jose -- multiple locations) ü
  30. Play-testing demo toys at Diddams (multiple locations), The Wooden Horse (Los Gatos) or Automobuild (Los Gatos) ü
  31. Hidden Villa Farm (Los Altos) ü
  32. Deer Hollow Farm (Los Altos) ü
  33. Rancho San Antonio County Park (Los Altos) ü
  34. Redwood Grove Nature Preserve (Los Altos) ü
  35. [CLOSED] Play (Los Altos) ü
  36. Bumble (Los Altos) ü
  37. Area 151 Arcade (Los Altos) ü
  38. Linden Tree Children's Books (Los Altos) ü
  39. McClellan Ranch Preserve (including 4H farm and Nature Museum)/Blackberry Farm (Cupertino) ü
  40. Fountains at the Cupertino Library (Cupertino)
  41. Picnic at Picchetti Winery/Hike at Picchetti Open Space Preserve (Cupertino) ü
  42. [CLOSED] Vallco Mall (Cupertino) ü
  43. Vasona Park (Los Gatos) ü
  44. Youth Science Institute at Vasona Park (Los Gatos) ü
  45. Oak Meadow Park (Los Gatos) ü
  46. The Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad and Mason Carousel at Oak Meadow Park (Los Gatos) ü
  47. Fountains in Los Gatos Town Plaza (Los Gatos) ü
  48. [CLOSED] (Saratoga) ü
  49. Sanborn Park (Saratoga) ü
  50. Hakone Gardens (Saratoga)
  51. Hiking at Villa Montalvo (Saratoga)
  52. Shoreline Lake Park (Mountain View) ü
  53. Caltrain ride to Downtown Mountain View ü
  54. Baylands Park (Sunnyvale) ü
  55. Seven Seas Park (Sunnyvale) ü
  56. Safari Run (Sunnyvale) ü
  57. [CLOSED]Full Circle Farm (Sunnyvale) ü
  58. Gilroy Gardens (Gilroy) ü
  59. Mount Madonna County Park (Gilroy) ü
  60. Great America (Santa Clara)
  61. Sky High Sports (Santa Clara)
  62. Pump it Up (Santa Clara)
  63. Meal at Rivermark/Play at Live Oak or Thamien Park (Santa Clara) ü
  64. South Bay Historical Railroad Museum (Santa Clara) ü
  65. The Great Mall (Milpitas) ü
  66. Bounce A Rama at the Great Mall (Milpitas) ü
  67. Great Jump Sports (Milpitas)
  68. Ed Levin County Park (Milpitas) ü
  69. Uvas Canyon County Park (Morgan Hill) ü
  70. Centennial Recreation Center (Morgan Hill)

The Peninsula
  1. CuriOdyssey (San Mateo) ü
  2. Magic Mountain Playground (San Mateo) ü
  3. Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo (Palo Alto) ü
  4. Palo Alto Children's Library (Palo Alto) ü
  5. Magical Bridge Playground (Palo Alto) ü
  6. Ikea (Palo Alto) ü
  7. UME (Menlo Park)
  8. La Petite Playground (Redwood City) ü
  9. Hiller Aviation Museum (San Carlos) ü

The East Bay
  1. Ardenwood Farm (Fremont) ü
  2. Lake Elizabeth/Central Park (Fremont) ü
  3. Oakland Zoo (Oakland) ü
  4. An Oakland A's game (Oakland)
  5. Children's Fairyland (Oakland)
  6. The Museum of Children's Art (MOCHA) (Oakland)
  7. Tilden Park (Berkeley) ü
  8. Little Farm at Tilden Park (Berkeley) ü
  9. The Lawrence Hall of Science (Berkeley)
  10. Habitot Children's Museum (Berkeley) ü
  11. Lindsay Wildlife Museum (Walnut Creek)
  12. Niles Canyon Railway (Sunol)

The Coast
  1. Santa Cruz Wharf (Santa Cruz) ü
  2. The Boardwalk (Santa Cruz) ü
  3. Roaring Camp Railroad (Santa Cruz/Felton)
  4. Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park (Felton) ü
  5. Capitola Beach/Village (Santa Cruz) ü
  6. Seymour Marine Discovery Center (Santa Cruz) ü
  7. Natural Bridges State Beach (Santa Cruz) ü
  8. Wilder Ranch (Santa Cruz)
  9. Monterey Bay Aquarium (Monterey) ü
  10. Coast Guard Pier (Monterey) ü
  11. Cannery Row (Monterey) ü
  12. Dennis the Menace Playground (Monterey) ü
  13. Santa Cruz Children's Museum of Discovery (Capitola)
  14. Forest of the Nisene Marks State Park (Aptos) ü
  15. Harley Farms Goat Farm (Pedcadero)
  16. Pigeon Point Lighthouse (Pescadero)
  17. Ano Nuevo State Park (Pescadero)
  18. Fitzgerald Marine Reserve tidepools (Moss Beach)
  19. Elkus Ranch (Half Moon Bay)
  20. Gizdich Ranch for strawberry picking (Watsonville) ü
  21. Clearview Orchards for apple picking (Watsonville) ü
  22. Big Basin Redwoods State Park ü

San Francisco
  1. San Francisco Zoo ü
  2. Ocean Beach ü
  3. Baker Beach
  4. Fort Funston
  5. Aquarium of the Bay ü
  6. Golden Gate Park (in general) ü
  7. Bison at Golden Gate Park
  8. Koret Children's Quarter at Golden Gate Park
  9. Stowe Lake (boat rentals, island exploration, turtle watching) at Golden Gate Park
  10. The Botanical Garden at Golden Gate Park
  11. California Academy of Sciences
  12. Fisherman's Wharf ü
  13. The Exploratorium
  14. Children's Creativity Museum/Carousel
  15. Cable Car Ride
  16. Ferry Building Plaza/Farmers' Market
  17. A San Francisco Giants game ü

The North Bay
  1. The Bay Area Discovery Museum (Sausalito) ü
I'm always ready to add more (and, as you can see, my knowledge is pretty limited in some areas), so please, make some suggestions and I'll add them to the list.

Happy toddling!
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