Top Gifts for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Top Gifts for Toddlers & Preschoolers

A combination of toys we’ve loved and have withstood the test of time combined with highly recommended gifts from you, these top gifts for toddlers through 5 years old are sure to be cherished not only this holiday season, but for years to come.

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Waterproof, wipeable, and ready for anything your family can throw at it, this 12 piece buildable block set for building forts has MAGNETS in every piece to help ensure a sturdier structure for hours of indoor fun. My kids, at ages 11 and 8, still enjoy building with these!

Melissa & Doug Grocery Cart

A top toy in our house for several years, this durable grocery cart provided endless fun as we filled and unfilled it with play food, baby dolls, blocks, and more. We used it in the playroom, but more than once it also served as a stroller for walks down the street.


I know this is on every single gift guide out there, but for good reason. You will get year upon years of leverage out of these magnetic building tiles. My personal recommendation is to go with these, not the lesser priced lookalikes as in my experience they don’t hold up as well. Also, if you can swing it, I recommend going straight to larger piece set as once your kids get into it, they are going to want to build bigger and better structures. You can also sometimes find these being resold online for a deal!

Hopper Ball with Air Pump

Toddler can’t sit still? What toddler can?! Give them a safer and non-destructive way to get those wiggles out with this hopper ball. They can bounce around during story time or race each other down the hallway.

Air Fort

Continuing with the fun that forts bring, this brilliant air fort design will give your child a magical hideout to play in all thanks to the simple help of a box fan. Comes in several different designs!

Cardboard Coloring Playhouse

I will include this on any toddler gift guide from now until forever because we got 2 solid years of use out of a what is essentially a giant cardboard box. My kids adored this thing. We colored the outside, we drew hanging pictures and shelves on the inside, and we played with this nonstop.

Road Tape for Toy Cars

This is one of those items that is so simple you don’t know why you didn’t come up with it, but for any kid who enjoys playing with Matchbox car size vehicles, this road tape will allow you to create endless options of roadways. On the driveway, on the table, or on the floor, it’s amazing how much fun a real road can bring to the game!

Domino Train Set

What do toddlers enjoy? Knocking down dominos! What do they not enjoy? Setting them back up; that’s usually left up to you, but not anymore with this adorable train that will set them up over and over again for your child with no complaints. Sure to be a hit!

Sticky Mosaics

Great for planes, restaurants, or anywhere else you need your young child to focus and not be running around, these sticker mosaics come in a huge variety of pictures, and are fun and easy to use.

Beginner Kid Knives

Get your kids involved in the kitchen in a way they will actually enjoy- with knives that can truly cut foods without injury. These top-rated kid knives will fill your child with pride as he or she helps you chop the dinner ingredients.

Kid Binoculars

Often it is the most simple and classic gifts that are big hits, like a flashlight or these binoculars. Specially designed so your child won’t hurt themselves as they slam the binoculars up against their face, he or she will love looking at landscapes, birds, and heck, the living room couch through this fun gift.

Magnetic Fishing Pole

An item I would not have thought to include except I saw how much my own kids enjoyed it. We used these off the dock as well as in the bathtub and they would get so excited to “catch a fish” every time!

Kid Microphone with Pre-Loaded Karaoke Songs

Pre-loaded kid songs makes this karaoke microphone a go-anywhere winner, yet it also connects through Bluetooth to tablets and iPhones so it can play any song and make it a singalong!

Stomp Rocket

A great driveway toy, the stomp rocket is such a classic toy that remains a hit because of it’s simplicity and instant gratification it gives kids. Load rocking, jump on the launcher, watch it fly. Repeat about a million times.

LCD Doodle Pad

This mess-free LCD doodle pad is great for the car or a restaurant. I used to keep this in my purse so I could pull it out a moment’s notice for kid doodling or an impromptu distraction, like a game of tic tac toe or hang man.

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