Trendy Toddler Sunglasses to Show Off When the Sun Shines

Trendy Toddler Sunglasses to Show Off When the Sun Shines

best sunglasses for toddlers 2022

Let’s face it, there’s nothing cuter than a toddler proudly sporting his or her stylish sunnies. If you’re looking to bump your tot’s trend factor to the next level, a pair (or 10) of cute toddler sunglasses are necessary.

Here are some of our favorite toddler sunglasses of 2022:

Babiators Polarized Heart-Shaped Sunnies

best toddler sunglasses for girls, babyaitors

Best Heart-Shaped Sunglasses for Toddlers


Babyaitors is a classic sunglasses brand for babies and tots, so consider this your go-to pair for your little one. Offered in several styles and colorways, these shades offer full UVA and UVB protection. Pretty and protective!


Minnie Mouse Sunnies

best toddler sunglasses, Minnie Mouse sunnies

Best Minnie Mouse Sunglasses for Little Ones


This timeless flip-out style of Minnie Mouse sunnies will never go out of style. If your toddler is roaming Disneyland (or running errands with you), this pair offers a feature so the tinted frames will flip out to the side. This means your kiddo can transition seamlessly and stylishly from being indoors to outdoors and back again! Did you know they've been making Minnie Mouse sunglasses in this style for decades?


Clear Sunglasses for Tots

cute toddler sunglasses for girls, clear toddler sunnies

Best Clear Sunglasses for Toddlers


So posh! These clear frames are here only for the fashion statement or photo op. These non-polarized sunnies have over 2,000 rave reviews on Amazon and are the perfect flower-shaped pair the spring and summer seasons.


Cat Eye Toddler Sunglasses

trendy sunglasses for toddlers, cateye sunglasses for girls

Best Pair of Sunnies for Little Fashionistas


Perfect for the little fashionista in your life, these stylish sunnies sport a cat eye style and can be worn with confidence year-round. The best part about these shades is the Polarspex technology which makes them unbreakable. You can literally twist this pair of sunglasses and the rubber-like consistency makes it so they'll just bounce back to perfect form.



Set of Six Fruit-Shaped Sunglasses

best toddler sunglasses 2022, fruit shaped toddler sunglasses

Best Sunglasses Set for Summer


This is the ultimate pack of sunglasses to punch up your favorite toddler's outfits during the summertime. Included in this set of six are pineapple- and strawberry-themed sunnies, each offered in yellow, pink, and red.


Set of Two Aviators for Toddlers

best toddler sunglasses, aviators for tots

Best for Brothers and Sisters to Share


Aviator-style shades are gender-neutral and this pack by Top Flyer comes with a navy blue and a teal option. Top flyer also offers these aviators in pink, purple, and black. These Lil' Aviators feature a silicone frame which makes them comfy to wear and hard to break. By the way, "Lil' Aviators" and "My first sunglasses" are phrases printed on the temple sections of the frames. Reviewers say these frames "look so cute" and are "super flexible!"


Round White Toddler Sunglasses

best toddler sunglasses 2022, round white sunglasses for toddlers

Best On-Trend Pair of Sunnies for Toddlers


This style of sunnies for toddlers, specifically in beige, are so popular right now! Taking over social media streams one Tik Tok at a time, these beige, round sunnies are a must-have for a hot tot summer of 2022. This pair features UV400 protection which means they're more than just adorable to look at.


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